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Chapter 178

Standing by the side of the island, their legs dangling off the edge of the wooden wall, the group could be seen overseeing the entirety of Atlanta, the capital city of Georgia . Unlike Jackson which was covered by an ant mound, Atlanta was still fine and flourishing, surrounded by a thick concrete wall .

On the wall towers, there were large turrets attached to it . A few people were by it at all times, constantly monitoring its condition and maintaining peak performance . Although it's been peaceful for a few months, people can never be sure when a beast will go wild and attack . Maybe even an intelligent beast might decide to migrate into an area nearby .

Atlanta was one of the most heavily armoured cities in America despite it not being one of the most heavily populated . The Land Guardians and Sky guardians both had a base here with plenty of soldiers and equipment, Atlanta was where one of their headquarters were . Some of the other headquarters were based in Las Vegas, Hong Kong, and Moscow . The most heavily populated cities in the world along with having strong explorers and intelligent researchers .

Las Vegas is where the headquarters of Researcher's United is located as well as the other half-human . While Hong Kong is the has the headquarters of the Explorers Guild, having a council of high-level martial artist at the head with groups of martial artists beneath them . Not to mention all the beast tamers, some strong and some weak . Being ranked similarly to certain games and books .

The turrets changed their targets, all of them faced the island with their thick barrels as the people by its side were slightly panicking . Some of them calling up someone in a rush as their faces were slightly red . Finally, once getting the confirmation from their superiors the turrets were let down .

"Huh, so it seems they weren't all that prepared for us," Simon remarked quietly as he sat back down . He was fully prepared to go all out in battle, he didn't care . He didn't care all that much about the Land Guardian's reputation, it wasn't as though they haven't crossed paths before .

"Or, they might have already predicted our flight path and assumed that we were destroyed by the ant mound back in Alabama," Flynn interjected . The group thought about it for a bit and weren't all that surprised by their assumption . An entire city was pretty well wiped out from existence due to those ants . The Land and Sky Guardians must have thought the same .

"Ha, they probably wished we were destroyed back in Alabama," Joe remarked with a slight chuckle . "Who knows, maybe they're still looking for ways to disprove us and even kill us . After all, we did kind of screw with their whole system . The ones in charge probably aren't too happy . "

"So what, their fault for being so incredibly wrong," Lachlan said with his arms crossed, looking down on the soldiers . "As for their leaders, well, soon they'll probably be on their knees, begging for their children or soldiers to be sent and trained on the island . "

"Well, we'll still allow them on the train . However, they won't get any different treatment to anyone else here to train . They'll all be treated as students of the academy, whether they're a soldier, regular civilian, or some child from a wealthy family . Treatment will remain the same," Chloe explained in an annoyed tone . "That way, you won't have people trying to split up the student body by their backgrounds . "

"Sounds like you have some sort of experience with that," Joe said in a questioning tone .

"Yeah, the people in my school were so disconnected with each other . If you were wealthy you wouldn't hang out with the poor and visa Versa . Granted, there were cases of that happening those two people would be pretty much banished from their friend group," Chloe explained with a pouting expression . "This led to many problems that resulted in teachers having to step in . Sometimes even students would be expelled because of their behaviour . "
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"But I suppose our school will have something similar to that," Lachlan said as his eyes rolled up to look at the sky . "Granted, it won't be based on wealth or anything like that . But it would be based on strength, a person at the top probably won't hang out with someone at the bottom and visa Versa . Who knows, maybe we'll also have bullying problems where we'll have to step in . "

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"Well hopefully that doesn't happen, but I suppose it's extremely likely to happen no matter what we do . Maybe they'll even start small fighting clubs, you know, bring a weaker student behind a tree and beat them up," Zoe added on to the conversation . "Maybe we should set up some sort of surveillance before we start accepting students . After all, Anne already has some surveillance set up, I'm sure she wouldn't mind adding a few additional cameras . "

"We'll talk to her about it . For now, we'll need to buy a few things to build the academy," Lachlan said before halting the movement of the island . It cast a shadow upon the city, the residents all looked up in awe and wonder as a group of people descended from the skies .

Landing on the ground they were swiftly met by a small group of soldiers armed to the teeth . Their foreheads were covered in cold sweats and so was their backs . A rough-looking woman took a few steps forward out of the soldiers . "Please state your purpose in coming here Bloodied Wings, also, please move your floating island elsewhere, it blocks out the skies so we're unable to surveillance it . "

"Relax," Lachlan disappeared from his position before reappearing by the woman, his hand lightly patting her shoulder . "We're just here to buy some materials, that's all, no need to be all up in arms . That is, of course, unless you want to give fighting us a go . "

The group of soldiers broke further into cold sweats as their hands were slightly shaking . They had already heard many stories and achievements that Bloodied Wings has under their name, some of which are inconceivable by any military force . It would be suicidal to challenge any organisation with that many achievements, whether it by taking on a group of intelligent beasts and winning, or just straight up taking on the military force head-on and leaving unscathed .

Obviously, although they tried to keep it on the low . When the corpse of two intelligent beasts suddenly appear in the markets, just when the Bloodied Wings were there and fought it didn't take a genius to connect the dots . And as for taking on the military, that was done singlehandedly by Lachlan at the beginning of the organisation's origin . Although the Sea Guardians didn't attack, just the fact that Lachlan was able to escape unscathed after all the damage he had done was enough to prove his strength .

"Yes, that's certainly alright," The woman leader replied as she attempted to keep her calm . However, she felt as though her heart was about to burst out of her chest due to all the blood it was pumping through her body . "Please, follow me . "

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The female soldier was terrified inside but kept herself externally calm, she led the group into the city through the wall . What revealed was a large, flourishing city with people crowding the streets . Some of those people looked like explorers with their well-defined bodies while others looked like the everyday Joe .

The soldier led them through the streets, weaving through the crowd . Most of them had left their weapons behind on the island, however, they were currently fully decked out in the armour . Their unique armour got them the attention of just about everyone they walked past . People halted their movement and turned their heads to catch a better look .

Fortunately, although some of the more rough and unintelligent people wanted to attempt to steal the armour, they swiftly backed off at the sight of the military squad . Bloodied Wings was the only group willing to go up against any military force, everyone else, especially individuals without backing don't want to even attempt it or think about it .

It didn't take long for them to be presented with a large 5 story building by the edge of the city, on the other side of the city from the island . Already, the group could spot the materials lining up by its side . Long metal pillars alongside wooden planks were stacked next to each other under an outside shelter . Workers with their beasts were moving in a steady flow, undisturbed as the production kept working .

These factories are the reason by Atlanta is one of the most fortified cities . With the massive line of material production that makes use of beasts, they were able to swiftly make the large wall surrounding the city along with the tall apartment buildings .

The entire city was fitted into a circle with a radius of 4 kilometres, the wall went around the entirety of it with turret attached to the top while being manned by plenty of soldiers . This military force also brought comfort to the citizens of Atlanta . Waking up and seeing the force that keeps them protected was something that reassured them of their survival .

The workers, although noticing the group just continued to work at a steady pace, leaving the work environment undisturbed . A man from an office just slightly above the workplace walked on out and down the stairs to greet them all .

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"Well, I wasn't told that we would be expecting military guests, you should have given a call so I could prepare some drinks," The man said in a gentle tone . His body was slim, lacking muscles . His black hair combed back with a cleanly shaven beard . He was currently wearing a full suit and tie, along with that were slim glasses that made his eyes look sharp .

"I wonder who you all are?" He said as he finally took notice of the group fully decked out in showy armour . That's how he thought it was anyway, almost no one wears armour like that and for the ones that do they're just a bunch of cosplayers . 'However, since they've arrived alongside the Land Guardians they might not be as simple as they seem . '

His years in the business made his observant enough to determine whether or not someone was a fake . And although he doubted their armours capabilities, just from the fact the Land Guardians were personally escorting them meant they had some fearful backing .

"Bloodied Wings, we're here in search of high-grade materials to build a multi-story building," Flynn stepped forward and took out his right hand . The man met and they firmly shook . "We're building an academy dorm, so we'll need proper materials that won't break after a year . I suppose this should be the right place to get it?"

"You have quite the eye . Indeed, if our company were to claim that we're the second-best material provider no one would claim to be first," The man said proudly as he puffed his chest out and lightly slammed a closed fist against it . "We've been in the business for many years and no one doubts our products . "

Suddenly they heard a mysterious chuckled from behind them, a few metres away . "Haha, you're still quite boastful I see . No one dares to claim first if you claim second? Who gave you that thought? After all, you were and always will be second . "

Looking back the group noticed another person dressed in a vibrant purple suit, her dark brunette hair that reached past her shoulders . Her eyes were dark green, she was currently wearing a bright purple lipstick to match the suit which made her stand out even more .

"Please, stop listening to this bogus and come get your materials from us," The woman said seductively .