The Strongest Gene - Chapter 117

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Chapter 117
Chapter 117: The Gene Reagent with the Strongest Defense!

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Sea City .

It was a mystical city, a city that floated above an inner ocean without any foundations supporting the city .

Several legendary figures had, with their own hands, built a huge piece of floating ice here, enabling the people to build a city belonging to themselves, resulting in the creation of this mystical city!

Chen Feng and the rest got down from the vehicle .

"It’s refreshing and chilly here," Chen Feng exclaimed in admiration .

Under the scorching hot summer, this felt so comfortable it seeped into one’s bones .

"When it’s winter, you won’t be thinking this way anymore," Mu Yuan said grudgingly .

Chen Feng: "…"

Even in winter, this place should be exceptionally comfortable as well, right?

"It’s not as bad as you think . " Zhang Wei laughed . "This is a place that is warm during winter and cold during summer . A very habitable place . Otherwise, it wouldn’t be one of the ten greatest cities worldwide . "

A timid voice traveled to them . "Do you require a guide?"

They turned around and were astonished to find that it was a young lady with a pair of long and furry bunny ears on her head .


Chen Feng’s heart jolted .

"It’s only a weak mutation," Zhang Lin said in a low voice .

There were several categories of genetic mutation . As long as one’s intelligence was not affected and they were able to pass the Genetic Union's test, they would not be considered a dangerous being .

"So that’s the case," Chen Feng muttered thoughtfully .

On the other hand, the eyes of Mu Yuan beside him shone . This is a bunny-ear girl!

Zhang Wei refused her with a smile on his face . "Nope . "

"Then, do you need the information related to the Gene Rookie Competition?"

The young lady narrowed her eyes until they had become a thin line, looking extremely adorable, "Those who arrived for the past two days are mostly here for the competition . We have a lot of information in our hands . "

"For example . . . "

"The most promising producers in this year’s competition," the young lady said with a smiling face .

"How much? I will buy it . "

Mu Yuan waved his hand .

"Hey . "

Chen Feng wanted to stop him . Such a marketing method, wasn’t it the same as the scammers at those tourist attractions in the Earth of his previous life?


However, Mu Yuan had already made the payment . A succession of information was transmitted to his wristband .

The fees: 3,000 yuan .

"This is all insider news . "

The young lady left with a beaming smile on her face .

Chen Feng: "…"

3,000 yuan for some information? Even if you are a producer, you don’t have to be so stupid right?

At this time, those from the Gene Production Association of Sea City arrived to receive them . As they saw the departing young lady, they suddenly asked, "You didn’t buy any of her information, right?"

"I bought a set," Mu Yuan said honestly .

"Is this what you bought?" The staff member turned his wristband on . Surprisingly, an exact same set of information appeared there . Next, he looked at Mu Yuan as if he was looking at an idiot . "This is all public information available on the learning forum . "

Everyone: "…"

Scammed indeed .

"What do you know?" Mu Yuan said with contempt . "This was my true goal . " At that, he pointed at the contact details he'd obtained from the young lady when she transmitted the information to him .

Everyone was speechless .

"Impressive . "

Chen Feng patted his shoulder . 3,000 yuan for contact details . An acceptable amount .

"Producer is too reclusive a profession . " Mu Yuan sighed . "Our networking circle is too small . Furthermore, our rank as beginner producers is nothing glamorous either . I’m already at this age, yet I haven’t even met any girls I’m interested in . Before coming here, my grandfather told me that I must use the opportunity of this competition to get a girlfriend . "

Chen Feng was speechless .

This was the reason this guy joined the competition?

"Let’s go, I will show you around," the staff member said .

Sea City was a very mystical city .

Under the scorching sun, countless ice sculptures could be seen grandiosely arranged on the street . They were cool and refreshing to touch . Beside the street, there was also warm ice for sale, allowing one to experience the winter of Sea City in advance . Chen Feng tried touching them . This ice was indeed warm!

A mystical place, a mystical piece of floating ice .

However, Chen Feng and the rest were, after all, not here for a holiday .

After the initial novelty wore off, they lost their interest . The staff member showed them around randomly for a short time before bringing them back to the prearranged hotel to rest before leaving to receive the next batch of participants .

In the hotel room, after Zhang Wei explained to them what to take note of, he let them off to rest .

The competition would be held early morning the next day .

Tonight, everyone had free personal time .

Chen Feng had originally planned to have a deep exchange with Mu Yuan on production skills . However, he did not expect that Mu Yuan had actually hooked up with the young lady that sold him the information and was now nowhere to be found .

"This is truly…"

Chen Feng shook his head and couldn’t help but to laugh .

After the meal, Chen Feng started his preparations for the upcoming competition .

There was not much point in practicing last minute . Chen Feng did not bother wasting his spiritual energy . Instead, he entered the learning forum and started looking over the information regarding the Gene Rookie Competition .

The top hundred promising producers…

The top hundred beautiful producers…

The contents of this particular thread were very thorough and detailed .

There were a total of 9,600 participants in the competition . In this thread, approximately a thousand of them were included . As long as there was something special about the producer, the producer would be included in this thread . Instead, it was those like Mu Yuan who, despite having rather good production skills yet mediocre results, normally weren't included in this thread .

What was interesting was that Chen Feng had even found himself in the thread . His name was included in a list called "Future top hundred candidates…"

"Is it due to my age?" Chen Feng contemplated .

He started seriously cramming in additional information and only went to rest after he started feeling tired .

The night passed quietly .

On the next day, Zhang Wei brought the three of them to the competition venue .

At a huge compound belonging to the virtual world company was one huge 300-story building after another . All of them were rented by the Gene Production Association as the arena for the competition .

The 263rd floor of B Block was the arena Chen Feng was assigned to .

Zhang Wei patted Chen Feng’s shoulder . "Just try your best . "

Chen Feng smiled . "All right . "

He is so unconfident with me? No worries . Soon, I will prove my worth!

He had to emerge from this Gene Rookie Competition!

As he entered the building, Chen Feng walked to the arena he was assigned to .

The arena was extremely huge with all sorts of equipment he never seen before . This equipment appeared much more delicate and fine compared to those at Gold City . Icy-blue rays of light filled the sky, causing one to feel relaxed and comfortable .

At ten sharp, the competition officially began .

"The second round hereby officially begins . "

"The rules being: producers are given free rein to choose their formulas and materials to produce the strongest defensive reagent! The final scores will be decided in accordance to the degree in which the defensive reagent was able to resist the aurora energy attack . The top 1,000 scorers will pass the first stage . The rest will be eliminated . "


Light swirled before everyone’s eyes .

The gene bank of the Gene Rookie Competition was shown to Chen Feng .

Within was an endless amount of gene formulas!

From F class to E class, 1 star to 5 star, all sorts of formulas, everything was available . If one wanted to, one could directly choose a 5-star E-class formula right now .

"Is this the reward for passing the first round?" Chen Feng exclaimed in admiration .

Indeed, at the very start of this round, a major formula was already awarded to them by making this gene bank available to them .

A lot of participants who did not intend to pass the second round of the eliminations would choose an expensive formula that suited them before leaving . However, as for Chen Feng…

This stage, he had to make his choice carefully!

The first stage’s requirement was to produce the strongest defensive reagent?

However, there were no restrictions on the gene bank . If one were to choose an attacking gene or a fusion reagent, there would be no way for one to pass the stage .

The competition had begun .

What should he choose?

Chen Feng looked on only to feel that the sight before him was extremely dazzling .

There were only brief introductions for each gene . Gene name, gene function, and main materials . One needed to be able to make a judgment on its power with a single glance . One needed to chose a defensive gene reagent from among all these attack, support, fusion, and all other types of genes .

This was only one of the aspects of this stage .

Apart from that, one also needed to chose the level of the difficulty .

The difficulty levels ranging from 1-star F class to 5-star E class were all available here . Which should one pick?

The strongest defense?

Without a doubt, the harder the difficulty of the reagent, the more powerful it would be . However, could one really produce a 5-star E-class gene successfully?

Even for intermediate producers .

One needed to know that this was the first time they had obtained access to the chosen formula .

Only one day was available for them .

How many times could they attempt their productions?

Higher difficulty also signified a higher amount of materials .

If one were to painstakingly work for one whole day to end up with insufficient materials, or only gaining sufficient materials for a single production, could one guarantee success in that single production?

Once one failed, one would be eliminated .

"This stage…"

Chen Feng had a solemn mood .

Despite Gold City’s round being on one’s foundations, they were still considerably simple . One only needed to follow the rules . Those with solid foundations would be able to easily pass the round . As for this second round of competition, from the very beginning, everyone was faced with a difficult choice .

This was only a single production .

A single production to determine one’s success or failure .

"Which to choose?"

Chen Feng’s gaze started sweeping through the screen before stopping at the very front of the list, the extremely powerful formula that one would immediately see the moment one entered the gene bank .

"You, then . "

Chen Feng’s eyes shone .

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