The Strongest Gene - Chapter 34

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Chapter 34
Chapter 34: Blood Devouring Metamorphosis

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Currently, at the opposite bank far away, both black-clothed men had noticed what had happened opposite them .

"Interesting . Dragon 1, it seems like we have been found," a black clothed man said, smiling .

"What’s there to be afraid of, Dragon 2?"

Dragon 1 smiled calmly . "A few E-class wild dogs . Although it is regretful that the D-class fellow managed to escape, with these guys as offerings, it is still sufficient to produce a seadragon blood essence . "

"Oh, we are making our move now?"

The corners of Dragon 2’s mouth curled up in a smile .

"Mhm . "

Dragon 1 nodded . "I’m starting to have an ominous feeling . To avoid having something unexpected happen, I will start refining the seadragon blood essence while you go and deal with those wild dogs . While you are at it, you can destroy that bunch of students as well . "

"Understood . "

Dragon 2 shook his head . "Fresh students . I am looking forward to it, ah . "


The pitch black figure disappeared in a flash .

"Ah . "

Dragon 1 shook his head .

He looked at the whirlpool in the sea . The whirlpool was twisting crazily and had actually condensed the power of the whole sea to its core . The color of the nameless sea became clear while all the blood-red color was drained to the core of the whirlpool . Dragon 1 pointed midair and the whirlpool suddenly inverted, releasing the D-class mutated beast .


The D-class mutated beast was thrown off, its body dyed red with blood .


With a bellow, the mutated beast dashed forward . Its red-colored eyes were fixed on Dragon 1 and filled with greed . On Dragon 1’s body, it smelled a familiar smell .


It dashed toward Dragon 1 .

"Haha, I have been waiting a long time for you . "

Dragon 1’s gaze was sinister . "Let me have a look . Are you capable of bearing the power of a dragon?"


Dragon 1 cut his own finger and a drop of blood essence flew into the body of the blood-colored mutated beast . There was only a weak trace of dragon gene in Dragon 1’s body . However, this drop of blood with a weak trace of dragon gene in it was sufficient to complete the seadragon gene that was formed by the power of countless bloodlines .


A bizarre light beam soared toward the sky .


Light swirled around Dragon 1’s hands as he anchored the mutated beast in midair . He needed to completely destroy this mutated beast, turning it into a drop of seadragon blood essence .

For this drop of blood essence, they had sacrificed too much!

This time, they couldn’t afford a single mistake!

At the same time, on the ring-shaped island, Chen Feng and the group that were preparing to leave were stopped . That black-clothed man had quietly blocked everyone’s path .

"Dear children . Don’t be in too much of a hurry to leave . " Dragon 2 smiled faintly .

"D class . " Xu Fei’s expression turned unsightly .

He had originally thought peak E-class was enough to be considered an expert in this tiny Gold City . He did not expect that he would encounter so many D-class warriors in just one exploration alone .

"What are we scared of?"

Zhou Ling sneered . "I refuse to believe that, even with so many of us, we still can’t kill him . "

"Hehe . "

Dragon 2 smiled lightly .

His clothes burst apart as his slim figure suddenly grew, swelling up like a balloon . A gush of terrifying power emerged from his body . The amount of muscles on his body was increasing greatly . Shockingly, barbs started growing on his body as well . Under the sunshine, they gleamed with a sharp aura .

Two meters . . .

Three meters . . .

Dragon 2 grew larger, and his body became extremely terrifying .


Xu Fei punched down on him, yet his whole fist became blood red .

Couldn’t move him!


The ice crystals shot by Zhou Ling only served to tickle Dragon 2 . As for Tie Shi, it was worse . He was good at defending; however, he did not have much attack power .

Raging Flames Storm!

Xu Fei activated his 2-star secret art!


There was no use!

Xu Fei stared at his bruised fist, his expression turning unsightly .

This fellow’s body was filled with blood thorns and poison . Even after punching him, he would injure himself instead . This, how to fight? Was a D-class genetic warrior powerful to such an extent? Three peak E-class warriors joined hands after using all sort of power-boosting gene reagents and they couldn’t even resist him?

"What damnable genetic ability is this?" Chen Feng was equally shocked .

"This is a 2-star secret art—Blood Devouring Metamorphosis . " A somewhat timid voice drifted over . Chen Feng turned his head around; it was actually Su Jin .

"Blood Devouring Metamorphosis?"

Chen Feng had some impression of it .

Blood Devouring Metamorphosis, 2-star secret art . A formidable secret art that was a research result using mutated blowfish as the core!

Two genes were required for its formation:

F-class blowfish gene, supplying the morphing ability and a weak poison ability .

E-class mutated bloodwolf gene, supplying a body enhancing ability and self-heal ability .

Such a secret art was extremely powerful .

Even more so when facing Xu Fei and the group that was one whole class lower than him .

"This is somewhat troublesome . "

Chen Feng looked on .

Xu Fei and the rest could only resist with great difficulty and were not his opponents at all . At this speed, they would get killed one by one after no more than two minutes!

Monkey opened his mouth suddenly . "Chen Feng, do you still have that thunderstorm reagent?"

"Yes . " Chen Feng nodded slightly .

He had prepared a total of three thundersnake gene reagents . There was still one left .

"Although the mutated blowfish is a very strong beast, it is like a balloon . Its body swells, but within, it is empty . Although the bloodwolf gene has greatly enhanced the body and given it the self-heal ability, becoming the Blood Devouring Metamorphosis, the bane of this type of genetic ability is still string-shaped attacks . "

Monkey said solemnly, "I will attack him later . You can throw the gene reagent into his body . "

"Sounds feasible . "

Chen Feng thought for a bit . "However, at the very least, a cut that can fit the gene reagent is required . "

"Leave this to me . "

Monkey sneered . "Although I don’t have attack power as strong as them, a mission like piercing a balloon, I am still very good at it . "


Light suddenly radiated out of Monkey’s eyes . An azure-colored radiance covered his pupils as his whole eyes turned a blue color . This was his genetic ability .

However, it only lasted a moment .


Within one of his eyes, a blazing flame suddenly appeared . In a flash, it expanded, and his whole eye turned a gold color . A dreadful power converged there .

2-star secret art!

Chen Feng was awed . Monkey had a 2-star secret art as well?


The gold color flickered within Monkey’s eye .

A streak of terrifying gold-colored radiance pierced through Dragon 2, who was still feeling proud of himself, leaving behind a fist sized hole . Somewhat amazed, Dragon 2 looked in Monkey's direction .

"2-star secret art Golden Fire Eyes?"

"Interesting . "

Dragon 2 laughed heartily . "It was unexpected that a scout like you had actually fused with a combat gene . However, do you think there’s any point in this?"


On his chest, the hole was slowly closing up .

The reason for Blood Devouring Metamorphosis ability being a 2-star secret art was due to it making up for blowfish’s weakness of being easy to destroy by possessing a formidable healing ability! As long as it did not exceed his limit, it would be able to self heal without stop, not suffering from any sort of injuries at all!

The wound was healing rapidly .

However, at the same time, Xu Fei and the rest started to attack crazily . Dragon 2 knew this was their final struggle, so he intercepted their attacks with all his power . Chen Feng, who had prepared himself, charged forward and pushed the final bottle of thundersnake gene reagent into Dragon 2’s wound .

"What is this . . . "

Dragon 2 was distracted .


Chen Feng activated it without the slightest hesitation .


A terrifying power immediately exploded within Dragon 2’s body .

He was very powerful!

As a D-class warrior, he possessed a power far surpassing ordinary people . However, with Chen Feng directly causing an explosion within his body, regardless of how powerful he was, he would not be able to survive!


Dragon 2’s enormous body was heavily damaged from the explosion .


Just like a pierced balloon .

Dragon 2’s body returned to normal . His eyes lose their color . Even in death, that pair of eyes were fixed on Chen Feng, as if unable to believe that he would actually die in the hands of a F-class warrior .