The Strongest Gene - Chapter 428

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Chapter 428
Chapter 428: This Fellow Is a Fraud

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Beneath the dark starry sky, Chen Feng had finally gotten some time to inspect his Luck Aura . He remembered that the first time he had touched Spirit Sea wood, Luck Aura had upgraded to a certain extent, making it much better at inferring . If Luck Aura was described as a product, then the upgrade could be described as the product's function becoming stronger and more optimized, yet without a complete transformation of any sort .

This time, he had obtained so much more Spirit Sea wood than the previous times . He had obtained a thick and solid trunk with countless branches .

Chen Feng inhaled deeply . "Hopefully you won't disappoint me . "


Luck Aura, activate . Instantly, Chen Feng entered the illusory world of Luck Aura .


The initially illusory world was now lifelike and filled with an ice-blue luster . Numerous screens hovered in the air, giving this space a somewhat modern feel . There did not seem to be any other changes here apart from the hovering screens . As Chen Feng checked his recovery rate, he noted that his luck value still generated one point per hour .

No upgrade to the regeneration?

Chen Feng felt somewhat disappointed . What he looked forward to the most was an increase in the regeneration rate of his luck value . Even if it increased to merely two points per hour, he would be satisfied . As his strength increased without stop and the level of the battles he participated in increased, the current luck value was clearly insufficient for his usage . Unexpectedly, even after this huge upgrade, it still remained the same . Everything seemed the same .

Chen Feng felt somewhat disappointed . Is it merely an upgrade to the user experience?

Suddenly, an ice-cold voice resounded . "Hello, master . "

Instantly, Chen Feng's pupils shrunk . On one of the hovering screens, a ripple similar to a sound wave appeared . Evidently, the screen was talking .

Chen Feng was amazed . "Who are you?"

"Spirit," the voice answered . "When the power of luck accumulated to a certain level, the luck stone obtained sentience—that sentience can be called Spirit . You can consider me the spirit of the luck stone . "

Chen Feng gasped . This sounds so mystical . If this understanding was applied to divine tools, then this so-called spirit was what one would call tool spirit . Based on his experiences, such tool spirits were generally incredibly amazing existences, even newborn ones .

"Will you listen to my orders?" Chen Feng asked .

"Yes," Spirit answered . "I was constructed by luck and your consciousness and spiritual energy . As such, I belong only to you . My existence, my destruction, these depend on your whims . "


Spirit started emitting its power . Instantly, Chen Feng gained comprehension . He could clearly feel the existence of a clump of unique life . With a single thought, he could destroy that life at any time . Without a doubt, that life was precisely this Spirit, the Spirit birthed by the luck stone . Despite the fact that no changes were apparent in his Luck Aura, Chen Feng was sure that, in the future, regardless of what function of this Luck Aura he wanted to use, he would not need to do it himself . Instead, he could hand them all to this Spirit .

Chen Feng spoke forthrightly . "I need a genetic ability capable of increasing my strength greatly . Choose one for me . "

He released all the databases of the Mysterious Organization and Genetic Union to the Spirit . This Spirit should be able to choose a better ability for him .

"All right . Please wait a while . "

Spirit started flickering .


Light swirled around, and a short moment later, a single ability popped out: Selective Enlargement .

"What?" Chen Feng's expression darkened . "What I want is to increase my strength, not my little brother!!! Moreover, I do not need that! My current size is sufficient!"

Spirit: "…" It paused before saying, "Based on the information I have, you are good at melee combat using Energy Equipment . Therefore, Selective Enlargement is the best ability for you . When you are fighting, you can selectively enlarge a part of your body to greatly increase the strength there . That will give you an ability to deal an astonishing amount of damage . Moreover, this ability will work well with Myriad Illusions as well . For example, by using a certain flame-related ability from Myriad Illusions coupled with Selective Enlargement and Energy Equipment, when you are blasting your enemy, your arm will enlarge, achieving the same effect as the Qilin Arm . A single punch from this arm will be incredibly astonishing . Your combat power will increase by more than tenfold using this ability . More importantly, you can use it in conjunction with Myriad Illusions to create Qilin Arm, Spiral Kick, Divine Buddha Palm, Iron Head Technique, Ding Dong Drill, and all sorts of other astonishing abilities . "[1] 1

Spirit explained seriously . Not only that, various data was shown on the screen to prove this to Chen Feng . For example, the might of Qilin Arm, its effects, attack range, damage, estimated damage dealt, and so on .

Chen Feng: "…"

What the f*ck?

He started picturing the scene where his head enlarged suddenly to charge at his enemy . Chen Feng was instantly mesmerized . But then, what was the Ding Dong Drill mentioned toward the end? During melee combat, his ding dong would suddenly enlarge?

Cautiously, Chen Feng asked, "That last ability…" He was hoping that he had guessed wrongly .

"That's right . It is precisely what you think . " Spirit continued explaining in a serious manner, "Based on the information I have, at this point in time, such a battling method is unprecedented . In real combat, it will most certainly achieve an inconceivable result . You can use it as your sure-kill skill to be used at the crucial moment . Your opponent will most certainly not see it coming . If you can use this ability to attack your opponent's weak point, it will work even better . "

Chen Feng: "…"

Attacking the weak point? What else would the weak point of a human be? That scene… as Chen Feng pictured the scene, he became speechless .

Do you want to transform a proper battle into a porno?

At this point, Chen Feng was already wondering if Spirit here was female . Furthermore, while this might work against a human, what if the opponent was instead a beast? Would he then have to…

"Choose a different ability . " Chen Feng did not feel like explaining any further .

Spirit did not hesitate . "All right . " Soon, a new ability was chosen: Flexibility Restructuring .

"This ability I am suggesting, when used on a human body, will allow your tongue to be transformed into a terrifying weapon . Your tongue will be upgraded greatly, and it will become pliable and tough! More importantly, due to the unique nature of this ability, it can be fused with three other abilities easily! It can be perfectly combined with Myriad Illusions . For example, you can transform your tongue into a three-meter-long weapon that is thin yet sharp . When battling, you can insta-kill your opponent by the mere act of opening your mouth . Or perhaps you can also produce three different types of poison and keep them within your body . When attacking your opponent, just lick his body . He will most certainly die from the poison . This ability will have an astonishing result!"

In a serious manner, Spirit analyzed all the data .

Shua! Shua!

The screen flickered without stop as the data was shown . Various data was shown by Spirit . At this point, Chen Feng had already lowered his head helplessly .

"What do you think?"

Only after Spirit finished its analysis in an excited manner did it notice the grudging gaze of Chen Feng that was staring straight at it .

Spirit paused . "What… what's up?"

"This won't do," Chen Feng grumbled . "None of these can be used . "

"Why?" Spirit was curious . "Isn't the point of battle to eliminate your opponent, regardless of the cost?"

Chen Feng: "…"

He felt that his definition of the saying "regardless of cost" was somewhat different than that of this Spirit .

"Do you know who, in real life, are the ones using this Flexibility Restructuring ability?" Chen Feng asked with a sigh .

Spirit appeared puzzled . "Ah?"

Chen Feng sighed . "It's used by people in a certain industry where their flesh is what's offered . They use this ability and fuse it with three minor abilities, giving them unique effects, such as increasing the chill, increasing warmth, giving them vibrating effect, and so on in order to provide better service to their customers . "

"But doesn't that signify how powerful this ability is?" Spirit stated with a strange expression . Instantly, Chen Feng became speechless .