The Strongest Gene - Chapter 731

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Chapter 731
Chapter 731: The Somewhat Awkward God-Slaying Process

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Spirit had returned . In a way, this version of the Luck Goddess was incomplete . However, it did not matter . As far as Chen Feng was concerned, this was the true Luck Goddess, since she was Spirit . This alone was sufficient for him .

"Will she still return?" Chen Feng asked softly .

"Mmm…" Spirit gave it some thought . "I guess so?"

No matter what, the Luck Goddess was the Luck Goddess . Just as the Misfortune Goddess had mentioned, even if it would take a very long time, a day would arrive where she once again descended upon this world .

"Mhm . "

Chen Feng sank into contemplation . Spirit had only remained because the Luck Goddess had thoroughly separated and sealed the emotions belonging to Spirit . If, the next time the Luck Goddess returned, she fused with Spirit, any death would probably result in Spirit's death as well . That was because the two of them were essentially one .

"Let me think about it . " Chen Feng regarded the Spirit before him as he vowed to think of a solution for this . He had no intention of keeping a time bomb by his side at all times . It would be way too dangerous for his liking . Mhm… Perhaps he could use a simple method capable of solving everything, such as… making a bunch of babies?

This method was incredibly attractive . However, Chen Feng was sure that the moment the Luck Goddess returned and found out, considering how ruthless she was, she would do everything in her power to kill Chen Feng . Therefore, he needed to focus on suppressing her return .

"Let me think . If your consciousnesses were essentially one to begin with…"

Chen Feng had a pensive look as he contemplated . Spirit and the Luck Goddess were unlike those clones . The two of them were essentially one, and therefore, so long as Spirit was alive, the Luck Goddess could return at any time . This was the most terrifying aspect .

This signified that… the Luck Goddess was in fact contained within Spirit? Or perhaps… Chen Feng sank into yet another round of contemplation .

Spirit opened her eyes wide and regarded Chen Feng . "Little master?"

"Yes, I have an idea . " Chen Feng had thought of an extremely simple solution: filling her up! Essentially, if the Luck Goddess was a consciousness that had transformed into countless particles after being destroyed and was hidden within Spirit's consciousness, what if Spirit's consciousness was all filled up? In his previous world, this had been one of the methods that could be used to prevent the recovery of deleted data .

In his previous world, anything deleted from a phone or computer could be easily retrieved . This had also been the source of all those leaked xx videos . Those tech noobs hadn't known that the so-called deletion of data was in fact not true deletion, even after emptying the recycle bin . This was similar to the eventual recovery of Luck Goddess .

However, if, after deleting the data, one filled the storage with lots of dummy data… depending on the circumstances, the previous data could be truly irrecoverable . This could similarly apply to the Luck Goddess . His intention was to stuff Spirit full so as to thoroughly erase the consciousness of the Luck Goddess .

"Let me transmit some data to you," Chen Feng muttered . "However, do not try reading or understanding it . Within, there will be lots of repeating data . Just ignore it all . And don't delete it either . Let it fill your mind for now . "

"All right," Spirit agreed blankly .

"Only start deleting data when it gets to the point that you can no longer hold any additional data," Chen Feng said .

Spirit nodded . "All right . "

"Well then…" Chen Feng pointed at her forehead . "Let us begin . "


A huge volume of data surged into her mind . All of Chen Feng's experiences, everything he had seen and read, all the movies he had seen, numerous truths, imaginations, and illusions—everything was stuffed into Spirit's mind . Within was also a huge amount of repeating data . Instantly, everything was unleashed into Spirit .

"Ah—" Spirit clasped her head, an expression of pain on her face . However, a goddess was still a goddess, after all . She was still able to resist the pain . Chen Feng had pushed his spiritual energy to the maximum and duplicated all the data a thousand times, yet Spirit was still able to endure and did not seem to have reached her limit .

Chen Feng: "…"

So strong? He had initially imagined that Spirit would not be able to take in all this . Surprisingly, he had instead failed to fill her up . Exactly how strong was the consciousness of a god?

"In that case…" Chen Feng took in a deep breath . Earlier, he had transmitted only half of his life to Spirit . After all, there was still a huge amount of data that he felt was unsuitable for Spirit's eyes . However, it no longer mattered now . At a time like this, he had to give it everything he could .


The other half of his life was duplicated a thousand times, then dumped into Spirit .


It entered Spirit like a storm .

Spirit grabbed at her head in pain . "Ah—"

Apart from the pain, there was also an odd expression on Spirit's face . That was because, this time, there was a lot of messy data being transmitted to her, including a huge amount of data with "unique labels . " Fortunately, after this trump card of Chen Feng's, Spirit's consciousness was finally stuffed full . Endless data filled every corner of Spirit's mind in a chaotic manner, not leaving any empty space .

With this, the data—or perhaps imprint—of the Luck Goddess that was hidden within Spirit's consciousness was finally erased by the huge amount of data Chen Feng had flooded Spirit with . And thus, the Luck Goddess was officially dead .

"Very good . " Chen Feng was extremely pleased . "Done," he told Spirit .

"Mhm…" She covered her pained expression and said, "Deleting repeating data . "


Out of the thousand copies, 999 were deleted . Instantly, a huge portion of Spirit's mind and consciousness were cleared, freeing her from the pain .

"Repeats?" Chen Feng had a bad premonition . "Hey, Spirit, delete everything . "

Spirit pouted . "No way . Hmph, now, let me take a look at what you sent me earlier…"

Chen Feng tried stopping her . "No, don't look!"

"Huh?" Spirit's eyes went wide as she saw the special labels Chen Feng had sent her earlier . Mhm… Western, Japanese, Korean…??? What… Chen Feng had actually sent her this ?

Spirit was infuriated when she saw all this . "You…"

"Cough, cough . " Chen Feng had an awkward expression . "I had no choice . I didn't expect a god's consciousness to be so powerful . "

"Even so, why do these occupy half of all the data you have?" Spirit asked with her eyes wide open wide, glaring at Chen Feng .

Chen Feng coughed . "I'm a man . A hot-blooded male youth will always have numerous fantasies…"

Spirit snorted . "Hmph . "

In fact, Chen Feng hadn't just sent the videos he had actually seen . In order to truly erase the Luck Goddess, Chen Feng had also included the scenes he himself had imagined and dreamed up . Mhm… For example, back when he had seen the prettiest girl in his school, numerous fantasies had cropped up in his mind . He had acted as a director, producing numerous lovely scenes, from romance to "action," all played out in his mind alone . On top of that, there were numerous cuts from various point of views as well .

This was what he was most embarrassed about . Compared to these, his Western, Japanese, and Korean collections were nothing . Mhm… As Spirit explored the collection, she found numerous imagined scenes with Wang Yao… Huh? Why… was even Ming Yue in there??? Spirit found this unbelievable .

"Erm… that… was only there due to my adoration toward beauty," Chen Feng explained . "Yes, that's why . "

"Hmph . "

Spirit continued browsing, and next, she saw it: herself! From their first encounter, when she had been naked, until their final moments in the dark room . Mhm… Numerous scenes were available . Although Chen Feng had always maintained a dignified and calm expression during the training sessions in the dark room, the truth was that he was, after all, still a hot-blooded youth . As such, during that period, he had also self-directed numerous "scenes" in his mind .

Chen Feng: "…"

Spirit: "…"

The Misfortune Goddess: "…"


The world seemed to have sunk into silence . The mood had become extremely awkward .