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The Strongest System - Chapter 713

Published at 12th of October 2018 01:31:41 PM

Chapter 713
Chapter 713: Formation Of The Revolutionary Army

Translator: Lam_ Editor: Hitesh_

At this moment, Lin Fan was in the spotlight in everyone's eyes .


Sovereign King Thunder was completely incensed right now . To think that he would be subjugated by a living being! Not only that, he was even stripped of his powers entirely and relegated to be a trash!

"Bald monk, give him two tight slaps and have him shut up . " Lin Fan puffed his chest high with an outstanding aura . Anyone who caught sight of him would even feel some butterflies in their stomachs .

Piak! Piak!

Now that there were no more powers to him, Sovereign King Thunder could not even endure these two tight slaps as his cheeks began to swell instantly .

"To think that the Sovereign King Thunder would be subdued by that person! How incredible is that?"

"That's right! This is horrifying!"

"Big news! Big news! Sovereign King Thunder has been subdued!"

"That man from the Buddha race is pretty domineering, isn't he?! That's the Sovereign King Thunder over there!"

"Just the sight of this is giving me the chills . "

Everyone stared at the scene fixatedly . They were way too startled by everything before them right now . In their eyes, everything seemed so surreal that it didn't seem like reality at all .

Very quickly, Lin Fan came to the place he had gone to before .

"Chick, Big Brother here has returned! There are 10,000 Contribution Points here . I can create a party now, right?" Lin Fan chuckled .

"Sure! To think that you could earn 10,000 Contribution Points this quickly, Big Brother! So strong!" The cute chick replied .

"That's for sure!" Lin Fan grinned .

At this moment, Lin Fan had long been surrounded by a group of people . All of them looked at him with a sparkling gaze . They all wanted to be a part of Lin Fan's party .

"Party creation approved . Please name your party . " The cute chick smiled .

"Name?" Lin Fan pondered for a moment . This name had to be tyrannical .

Lin Fan's Party? The King's Party? Human Party?

One by one, these names passed through Lin Fan's mind . However, none of them seemed all that domineering in the end .

"Chick, must I really have the word 'Party' in them?"


"Alright then . Call it the Revolutionary Army . " Lin Fan came to a conclusion as he decided upon this meaningful name .

"Revolutionary Army?"

The moment the crowd heard this name, they could not help but wonder what the meaning behind it was . Initially, they had thought that for someone as powerful as such, the name of his party should be something abnormally domineering such as, Slaying Heavens, F*ck the Heavens, Break the Heavens, Poke the Heavens, et cetera . The name Revolutionary Army did not come across their minds at all .

"Alright . As for the image of your party's emblem, please draw it out with magic . " The cute chick said .

"No problem . " Lin Fan did not have to hesitate at all . Something as important as the party emblem was naturally required to be as domineering as possible . And, what was the most domineering thing in this world? Of course, it was none other than Lin Fan himself .

Very quickly, Lin Fan constructed an image of himself .

"Domineering! Cool!"

"This is the coolest emblem I've ever seen upon entering the Guarded Ground!"

"That's right! If only I could have an emblem as such, I would die without regrets!"

At this moment, everyone began to bootlick fervently .

Upon hearing these praises, Lin Fan nodded his head in satisfaction . Seemed like there was quite a number of people who were tactful here .

After creating this party, the 10,000 Contribution Points no longer belonged to him . However, none of this mattered to Lin Fan .

This was the place to create parties . As for the Heaven Tiered Middle Graded mission of the Sovereign King Thunder, the submission of that mission was at another place .

'Ding…Congratulations on forming your first party . '

'Ding…Name of party: Revolutionary Army . '

'Ding…Activating party BUFF . '

'BUFF: Party leader's halo . Unity halo . '

At this moment, Lin Fan was surprised . He hadn't expected notifications to ring out from the system upon the creation of the party .

Not bad, not bad! To think that something like this would gain the recognition of the system!

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After he was done with forming the party, Lin Fan left the area under the escort of the masses .

"Benefactor, are you done with creating the party?" Reverend Shakya, who was pulling the Sovereign King Thunder along, asked curiously .

"Yes, it's done . " Lin Fan smiled .

"Bald monk, are you going to join or not?" Lin Fan asked .

"Benefactor, do you need to say more? Of course, I am!" Reverend Shakya replied hurriedly .

'Ding…Congratulations on adding new member to your party . '

'Vice Party Leader: Reverend Shakya .

Cultivation State: Divine celestial level 7 .

Loyalty: 100 (Full marks . )'

Lin Fan was stunned for a moment . To think that the system would add this new function in! How bloody awesome was this?! To think that there would even be a column for loyalty! But, this was good as well . This would save him trouble in the future .

At this moment, Lin Fan turned his gaze towards the crowd and took in a deep breath before shouting out, "Today, the party 'Revolutionary Army' is officially formed!"

Piak piak piak!

All of a sudden, a booming applause rained out across the crowd . Countless people were squeezing all around, trying to get into this Revolutionary Army .

All of them gave off a thirsty look as they stared at Lin Fan, who was standing on an elevated point right now .

"May I ask when the Revolutionary Army is recruiting!?"

"May I ask if there are any requirements for the Revolutionary Army's recruitment?"

All of a sudden, a series of questions were yelled out from the crowd . These were their pressing concerns .

Lin Fan looked at the dense crowd of people and let out a smile . He then opened up both his arms, "Yours Truly's Revolutionary Army will never judge based on one's cultivation states or looks . We don't discriminate between men, women, the old, or the young . As such, the recruitment for the Revolutionary Army is now open! Anyone who wishes to join us can sign up now!"


"I want to join!"

"I want to join the Revolutionary Army!"

"Me too!"

At this moment, the crowd went wild . They hadn't expected there to be no requirements for joining the Revolutionary Army! For the crowd, this was way too unimaginable!

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"No hurries! Slowly…!" Lin Fan waved his hand as a tremendous pressure swept out, causing everyone to calm down .

'Ding…New member recruited . '

'Ding…New member recruited . '

The crowd gushed as a large group of living beings joined Lin Fan's Revolutionary Army . All of these living beings were party-less, and looked down upon by the other parties .

Very soon, Lin Fan realized that he had already recruited a hundred members .

However, all of the cultivation states of these living beings hovered around Divine celestial level 4 and 5 . At the same time, their loyalties weren't all that high, and was just around fifty on average .

"Is there anyone else who wishes to join the party?" Lin Fan looked at the scene right now . No one else spoke up .

Seemed like the others who had not joined were just waiting right now . After all, Lin Fan's party was just newly formed up . Even though it was true that Lin Fan had suppressed the Sovereign King Thunder, they still felt that there wasn't much of an influence of this Revolutionary Army .

As for some of the others from other parties, they were just observing right now .

"Alright, since there's no one else who wants to join, then let me say a few words as a party leader . I'll give out the party emblem at one go later on . " Lin Fan hollered out .

All of the members who had just joined the Revolutionary Army raised their heads and looked at Lin Fan . While their hearts were pretty excited right now, the main thing they were looking forward to was having a firm support . Towards Lin Fan, they did not feel that much of an admiration and love just yet .

"Everyone, quieten down . Yours Truly here is Lin Fan from the Human race . Ever since I had ascended into the Ancient Saint World, I battled across lands and slew many Ancient race beings . The moment I entered the Guarded Ground and found the masses of you living here, I heard a small voice talking to me in my heart . It told me that I had to form a party to bring everyone together and forge a future! Now, I want to pose a question to everyone out there . Do you guys know why Your Party Leader here chose to name the party as the Revolutionary Army?"

Everyone exchanged glances . They truly did not know . After that, they shook their heads together .

Lin Fan looked at the crowd, "This is so that we can all stand up together! Bearing courage in our hearts, we shall uphold justice as a whole, and overthrow that cruel, inhumane Ancient race! It's time to create a revolution against the tyrannical ways of the Ancient race!"

"Do you guys know just how many beings of the thousands of races are being tormented cruelly right now under the repressive regime of the Ancient race?! All they can do is wait for the light of hope to dawn on them!"

"Guys, think! What if one day, your wives and daughters are caught by the Ancient race beings while treading through the Ancient Saint World? After that, they would be violated, ravaged, tainted, and toyed with! Can you guys endure that?! Tell your party leader here! CAN YOU GUYS ENDURE THAT?!" Lin Fan bellowed .


"Think about it! You're sitting with your loved ones under the moon, talking about affairs of the heart right now . Just as your emotions are getting to touch base, the Ancient race beings leap out of nowhere to snatch away your lovers, your wives! With that, they destroy that perfect life of yours! CAN YOU ENDURE THAT?!"


At this moment, the living beings who had joined the Revolutionary Army were gradually feeling a sense of displeasure over the words that Lin Fan had just said . They, then started growling out .


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At this moment, the feelings in the depths of their hearts were being roused up by Lin Fan, as the living beings started shouting out as well .

"Chicks over there, raise your hands and cheer! WE WANT TO SNATCH BACK OUR MEN!" Lin Fan pointed his finger at a group of chicks in the distance .

The chicks suddenly felt their hearts bubbling with emotions, "WE WANT TO SNATCH BACK OUR MEN!"

"That's right! Everyone, remember this now! Our Revolutionary Army was created for love and freedom! We fight for our dignity!" Lin Fan cheered .

All of a sudden, the loyalty of everyone from the Revolutionary Army rose .

"Follow Your Party Leader to a bright and beautiful life!" Lin Fan yelled .

"Follow Our Party Leader! Our Party Leader will lead us to a bright future!"

"We want to join the Revolutionary Army and walk towards a bright future too!"

At this moment, some of the surrounding observers without a party were sold in by that emotional speech by Lin Fan as well, as they clamored to join the Revolutionary Army .

"Alright, no hurries now . One by one! The mantra of our Revolutionary Army shall be this: Mutual love and care! Do not abandon or give up! Join the Revolutionary Army! We're a big family here! We shall enjoy blessings and endure misfortunes together! For the sake of freedom! To battle for our dignities!" Lin Fan shouted .

"Long live our party leader…!"

"We want to join the Revolutionary Army!"

With this sharp tongue of his, Lin Fan used his superb skills of blowing hard to brainwash the masses . The result was absolutely fantastic as well .

"Good! Now that our Revolutionary Army has been formed, we shall conduct an initiation exercise! Everyone, take a look at this fella before you! This is the Sovereign King Thunder of the Ancient race! However, he has been subdued by Your Party Leader and his cultivation state is now completely trashed! Anyone who wishes to join the Revolutionary Army, come before him and give him a tight kick between his crotch! It's time to let him know that our chicks are not to be toyed with by someone like him!" Lin Fan rallied with a high tone .

Everyone present knew that the Ancient race beings were really vicious and cruel . This was especially the case if the ones captured by them were women . Basically, they would just be ravished and toyed with . After that, they would be eaten up . This was a deep-lying pain in the hearts of the beings of the thousands of races .

"Might be to our party leader!"

"Our party leader is the best!"

"Our chicks are not to be toyed with!"

Everyone yelled out .

Looking at the high strung atmosphere right now, Lin Fan was heartened . He then howled out his final sentence .


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