The Strongest System - Chapter 999

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Chapter 999
Chapter 999: What's Up With This Situation?

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Those high and mighty Remnants had long been scared silly by Lin Fan .

Elder Huo was being trampled under the feet of this guy right now . This was something that had never ever happened since the founding of the Heaven and Earth Sect . Even though there had been instances of disciples taking down elders, it was just a mere defeat .

It was just like Dao Wentian defeated Qing Yangzi; he had merely knocked the latter out of the arena instead of stomping him down with his foot .

But, something such as the situation right now whereby the disciple refused to leave the elder with even a single shred of dignity and suppressed him entirely? This was a first for the sect .

At this moment, all of the Remnants were cussing out at Lin Fan in their hearts . How could this person by this tyrannical? Not only did he want to take the limelight for everything, he was still trying to find trouble with them!

Even that hard boulder had been smashed, so what was he trying to do by squeezing out weak persimmons such as themselves?

One mustn't be beastly to his extent!

If Elder Huo hadn't been defeated by the other party, they might still have had some backbone left in them . But, given the current situation, how could they still stand tall and firm?

However, if they were to bow down and cower, that wouldn't seem right either!

Right now, all the disciples of the sect were present here . If the nine of these great Remnants were to bow down and surrender, they would definitely end up as the laughing stock of the other disciples of the sect from now on!

The second Remnant following Dao Wentian was called Jian Cangqiong . He was the number two Remnant in the sect, and was ranked number twenty on the True Immortal Substitute Roll .

All the gazes of the other Remnants landed on Jian Cangqiong, as though they were waiting for him to start bowing down . He in turn glared back at the other Remnants and started scolding their mothers in his heart .

What were this bunch of mother*cking dogsh*ts looking at him for?

He was the only Remnant amongst the sect who had an almost equal standing as Dao Wentian .

Normally, he was haughty beyond anything else as well . If this were any other normal disciple who had dared to ask him about being convinced like Lin Fan did, he would have long killed the other party with his longsword .

But right now, he didn't dare to even move an inch . This was a disciple who had even taken down Elder Huo!

If he dared to still act brazenly before the other party, wasn't he just simply courting death?

"Why are you guys not speaking now? Could it be that all of you guys aren't convinced?" Lin Fan's eyes shone with a glint . Initially, he had not wanted to waste any more of his breath on these Remnants after taking down Elder Huo . But on second thought, all of these Remnants acted so high and mighty, thinking that they were unrivaled in this entire world . He had to give them a good walloping so that they would know just how powerful he was .

That would save him from future trouble if they knew to behave themselves properly from now on .

"Alright! Since that's the case, I'll come and challenge you guys one by one then! The first one will be Ling Wuzun . " Lin Fan spoke up .

When Ling Wuzun, who had been trying to hide inconspicuously, heard these words, his face changed entirely . His next course of action took no hesitation on his part .

"I'm convinced . " Ling Wuzun spoke up immediately, "Senior Brother Lin has taken down the number one Remnant, Dao Wentian . I, Ling Wuzun, am convinced . "

Ling Wuzun had purposely placed emphasis on the words 'number one' .

It was as though he was telling the other disciples out there that it wasn't that he was a coward, but that he had no choice other than submitting down in defeat if even the number one had fallen .

At this moment, Lin Fan turned his gaze towards the other Remnants .

"I'm convinced . "

"I'm convinced as well . "

At this point, all the Remnants started lowering down their heads one after another; they were truly convinced . The tyranny of this fella was something that was totally beyond their expectations .

Disregarding the fact that he had defeated Dao Wentian, he had even defeated Elder Huo . Those methods were just earth-shattering, something that gods and ghosts would cry over if they witnessed them .


At this moment, Lin Fan roared out in laughter . Soon after, it seemed as though he had suddenly recalled something .

"Oh, right! Elder Huo is still being trampled down beneath my feet!" All of a sudden, Lin Fan snapped to his senses . He then helped up Elder Huo with his arm .

Right now, Elder Huo no longer had any bit of authority to him . He was withered like a dried up corpse .

This was the result of expending too much of his Essence Blood . If there were no Universal Elixir or something that could help him recuperate from this loss, he could be considered to be a cripple for the rest of his life from this point forth .

Lin Fan flicked his wrist and threw Elder Huo off the arena . Sweeping his robes with his hands behind his back, Lin Fan walked down the arena and came beside Qing Yangzi .

"How was that?" Lin Fan asked .

Right now, Qing Yangzi had recovered from his wounds . When he looked at Lin Fan, his face was flushed red with his blood cruising through his body thoroughly . He was emotional right now, extremely emotional!

It seemed as though all the indignance in his heart had been poured out at this very instant . He felt that everything he had done so far was all worth it .

"Great! Extremely great!" Qing Yangzi replied emotionally .

For the life of him, Qing Yangzi would have never imagined that a scene as such would ever happen before his eyes .

To think that a disciple he had selected outside would be this formidable! Not only had he taken down those Remnants, he had even taken down that Fire Mixed Breed!

An achievement as such was truly and inconceivably rare .

At this moment, be it Inner Sect or Outer Sect disciples, everyone knew that there was this number one tyrannical disciple in the Heaven and Earth Sect .

As for the remaining Inner Sect and Outer Sect Grand Competitions that took place afterward, all of them just seemed completely insignificant in the face of such an amazing spectacle .

These two matches of Lin Fan could only be described as exciting! This was the epitome of excitement!

The disciples who had witnessed the two matches could only feel that the Grand Competition this year was way too tyrannical .

When he looked at the look of ecstasy on Qing Yangzi's face, Lin Fan did not even know what to say anymore .


Right at this moment, a long streak of light suddenly appeared within the void, and an extremely authoritative voice boomed over .

"Huh? What has just happened?"

When Lin Fan heard this voice, his face turned serious as he turned his head over to look . All he saw was a brilliant glare that burst forth from the void . There was a figure that looked like a heavenly being standing upright between the Heaven and Earth .

When he looked down at the situation below, he revealed a look of surprise as well . It was as though he could not understand what had just transpired .


Everyone was stunned .

But, if the one standing in the void was the Grandmaster, who was the person seated there then?

Suddenly, some of the disciples realized what was going on .

"The Grandmaster on that elevated platform is a Puppet Substitute of the real Grandmaster!"

"The Grandmaster has been roaming around the world with his consciousness again!"

When Qing Yangzi caught sight of this, his heart was confused for a moment before he too realized what had happened .

From the start of the Grand Competition until now, the Grandmaster that he had witnessed was not the real Grandmaster! The Grandmaster that had appeared now was the true and real Grandmaster!

Han Juntian was the Grandmaster of the Heaven and Earth Sect . He was someone who loved roaming the world with his consciousness . Each time he did so, he would arrange for a Puppet Substitute to stay guard over the sect . This time around when he was roaming outside, he had suddenly recalled that the Grand Competition was about to start . Because of that, he rushed back .

But upon his return, he realized that something was up with the tension of the atmosphere .

At the same time, he caught sight of two people lying on the ground .

Dao Wentian and Elder Huo .

Han Juntian came to the seat of the Grandmaster and kept his Puppet Substitute . The surrounding elders looked at their Grandmaster as though they were telling him to settle this issue himself .

"Everyone, what has just happened here? Why are Dao Wentian and Elder Huo in this state?" Han Juntian asked in bewilderment .

With that, one of the elders beside him spoke up and spilled the beans about everything that had happened earlier on .

When Han Juntian heard the story, his face was filled with a look of shock .

At the same time, his heart broke down . To think that everything would have been caused by this Puppet Substitute of his!

Instantly, Han Juntian blamed the many elders nearby for not stepping in to prevent something like this from happening . As for those elders, they naturally looked for excuses for themselves .

Who in the world would know that this was a Puppet Substitute of the Grandmaster? Since the Grandmaster himself had said that there was no problem, what else could they say?

After hearing the explanations of the many elders, Han Juntian's face was stunned as well . This was too damned messed up!

Then, he looked at the extremely wretched looking Dao Wentian and Elder Huo and shook his head . As he flicked out his finger twice, a mysterious aura healed up the wounds of those two men immediately .

When Lin Fan caught sight of this, his heart was startled as well . Such formidable methods!

After Dao Wentian and Elder Huo recovered, their hearts burnt with rage immediately as they sought to fight it out with Lin Fan again .


"That's enough . " At this moment, Han Juntian spoke up . That single command of his was something that no one would dare to resist .

Elder Huo looked over at the Grandmaster, and then at Lin Fan vengefully . The burning rage in his heart was not extinguished; it was only concentrated and suppressed deeper and further .

He would not live happily until he could smite this brat to death .

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