The Sweetest Medicine - Chapter 81

Published at 30th of October 2019 06:55:06 AM

Chapter 81: 81

Yu Gangan’s face turned so red, it looked like it was dripping blood .

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As she regained her consciousness, she furrowed her brows in surprise and panic . Immediately, she lifted her hand and pushed Fang Zhihan away before she ran out of the room as though she was running for her life .

After returning to her room, Yu Gangan closed the door and leaned against it with her back . Her heart continued to thump quickly .

It seemed, just a moment ago, she had accidentally kissed Fang Zhihan on the lips…

This was her first kiss! She was planning to leave it for the one she loved . How did she just…

It was all the stupid photo’s fault!

Yu Gangan rolled the photo in her hands until it scrunched up into a ball and couldn’t be seen properly . She then threw it in the bin .

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She remembered, the first time she saw Fang Zhihan, she thought he looked like the typical demon that a Taoist master hunted down . Now that she thought about it, she was definitely right .

He was smart like a demon…

Yu Gangan curled her lips and lay down in bed to get some sleep, but the scene of her lips touching Fang Zhihan’s lips kept replaying in her mind .

She pulled up the blankets and covered her head .

Only after rolling around for some time did she finally fall asleep .

When she saw Fang Zhihan in the dining room the next day, Yu Gangan thought of her first kiss again and her heart began to race . She was particularly nervous as she dipped her head, almost dunking it into the bowl of congee in front of her .

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From her peripheral vision, she secretly looked at the man .

Unlike Yu Gangan, Fang Zhihan ate his breakfast slowly on the opposite end of the table as though nothing had happened .

As usual, he was indifferent, calm and classy .

Realizing that Yu Gangan’s gaze was focused on him, he lifted his head and looked at her . He then asked calmly, “Is something the matter?”

His mellow voice was like a strong electrical current that caused Yu Gangan to shiver .

Yu Gangan lowered her eyes and shook her head .

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The room was silent, neither person saying a word . All that could be heard was the intermittent sound of chopsticks .

At this time, Yu Gangan demolished the bowl of congee in front of her as quickly as possible . She then picked up her handbag and left .

Her day was busy so she had no time to think about her matter with Fang Zhihan .

During her lunch break, her auntie and uncle came looking for her again .

It was because of Yang Tianyou .

“Gangan, no matter what, Tianyou is still a man that you once loved . Don’t you think you’re acting too ruthless?” the old aunt’s voice was full of blame .

“How am I ruthless?” Yu Gangan couldn’t understand .

The old aunt sneered, “You don’t consider this ruthless? We’ve visited the police station so many times, yet they’re still unwilling to let him go . They insist on detaining him . Gangan, a person can’t be heartless like that . ”

Yu Gangan was surprised that Yang Tianyou was still detained at the police station .

She thought he had already been released . After all, he had simply caused a normal disturbance . Under circumstances like that, weren’t offenders usually released with a small fine?

It was because of this assumption that she kept Fang Zhihan by her side in case Yang Tianyou bothered her again .

“I don’t know what’s going on . After he caused trouble at Yueming Hall, the police took him away and I haven’t seen him since . You shouldn’t be talking to me about this matter, you should be speaking to the police,” Yu Gangan replied .

Filled with blame, the old aunt said, “Come with me to the police station . If you tell the police that Tianyou is your fiance, they would have no reason to keep him detained . ”

Yu Gangan let out a cold laugh, “But, he isn’t my fiance . Auntie, I’ve already had an examination done, I never lost my memory . So, I would like to ask, why have you been lying to me?”