The Sweetest Medicine - Chapter 94

Published at 5th of November 2019 07:00:07 AM

Chapter 94: 94

When Yang Tianyou was first notified, he thought He Wanxin was inviting him out for a date . Seeing that the location was the most famous seafood restaurant in the city, he specifically arrived wearing a suit and tie .

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But, now that he saw He Wanxin and her father’s reaction, he realized he wasn’t invited by them .

Since they weren’t the ones that called him, then it must have been Yu Gangan .

Yang Tianyou immediately said to Yu Gangan, “Gangan, were you the one that told me to come here? I knew you loved me . You were simply tricked by this man, right?”

Yu Gangan almost spat out the bird’s nest that had just entered her mouth . Yu Gangan turned and looked at Fang Zhihan, “Where did this barking dog come from? He’s made this entire table of delicacies smell like dog . ”

Yu Gangan’s cold insult made Yang Tianyou’s expression change .

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This woman thought too highly of herself . Who did she think she was? If it wasn’t because of her lousy clinic, he wouldn’t even take a glance at her .

Although he was angered, Yang Tianyou did not show any displeasure on his face . He simply continued with his act as he looked at Yu Gangan with deep love and heart ache .

But, He Wanxin couldn’t endure it anymore .

She opened her eyes wide and glared at Yu Gangan; her gaze was so fierce that it looked like she would eat Yu Gangan alive, “Yu Gangan, stop taking things too far!”

Yu Gangan supported her chin with her palm and asked with an ambiguous smile, “Didn’t you hear a dog bark? Or is that your dog, perhaps?”

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He Wanxin stood up and started yelling out loud, “Who are you calling a dog? Yu Gangan, you are the dog! You’re a stream of abuse and complete rubbish!”

Since Yu Gangan was already married, everyone understood the situation without going into detail, so there was no longer a need to put on an act between them .

Yu Gangan’s lips curved upwards slightly, “I’m talking about this fake fiance of mine . Why are you so upset, my dear cousin? Is he really your dog?”

After being called a dog, over and over again, Yang Tianyou began to boil with rage .

He could no longer continue with his act . Seeing the way that He Wanxin opposed Yu Gangan directly and how her parents didn’t stop her, he could tell that they had already laid the cards on the table .

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If that was the case, then there was no need to act nice in front of Yu Gangan .

“You b*tch, who are you calling a dog?” Yang Tianyou glared at Yu Gangan . “Did you really think that I was interested in you? Have you taken a look at yourself?”

He Wanxin immediately backed him up and said with ridicule, “That’s right, based on the way you are, which man would be interested in you? This Fang Zhihan has plenty of rich women to choose from . He’s simply with you because of your clinic . If you didn’t have your clinic, he wouldn’t even pay attention to you . ”

At that moment, Fang Zhihan suddenly stood up .

His tall and strong body paired with his cold presence made He Wanxin jump in fright .

Yang Tianyou’s lips curved slightly as he laughed at Fang Zhihan with ridicule, “What are you looking at? How are you any different to me? You are exactly the same . You’ve even picked up a pair of my old shoes 1  . How can you compete? Let me tell you, this woman isn’t attractive at all . Even if she stripped herself naked and lay on my bed, I wouldn’t even take a glance…”

Fang Zhihan’s cold, dark eyes suddenly flickered with danger .

He then picked up his wine glass and smashed it on Yang Tianyou .

The glass accurately hit Yang Tianyou on the head with a loud ‘clang’ and the red liquid dripped down from his head .

All of a sudden, he was thrown into an extremely helpless position .