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Chapter 23

Draig woke up slowly, his frail appearance remained as he reached for a pill of rejuvenation . Visible to the naked eye his body went from emaciated to healthy looking in minutes as the pill took effect, sighing to himself as he started feeling a bit better physically his energy still felt empty .

'I used too much Mana last night, but was it worth it' thought Draig as he picked up the crimson object he had created .

"Equip" stated Draig as the object disappeared and was replaced by the pen that Sylvie gave him .

'Equipped: Pen Head- Formed from a unique material containing different skills, this pen is able to produce the effects of these skills when in use . Added Effect enchantments done with this pen are forty percent faster . Added Effect Elemental attacks done with this weapon are more effective'

Draig looked at the name and felt it was lacking but the explanation seemed to do it justice allowing for him to hold his head high .

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Sending the pen away Draig looked at the gear he had prepared for himself and the Dread Knights, slipping himself into it he was a bit uncomfortable from it looking so form fitting despite the plates of metal in plain view, throwing a cape around the back he let a silver ring on his finger glow which collected all the gear for is troops .

The young Feratu made for a terrifying sight, looking as if he was one of those fearsome commanders from the north who were constantly fighting the worst of demons .

Draig found Kira and his troops at a makeshift camp that had been set up nearby and presented them all with their gear which received a round of thanks in unison . Dressing quickly with Kira at the lead they were truly intimidating .

Kira stood at the front with an ebony colored armor and a sword at his waist that contained a Blood gem in the hilt, in his other he held a massive shield . It seemed that the rest had decided to follow in this likeness and carried a shield in one hand and a embedded sword in the other . Though there were some that opted to completely forget the shield and wished to march forth with the large two handed swords .

As the young Feratu looked over them he couldn't fight the pleased smirk that was rolling over his lips .

"They won't wait on us forever, lets move" called Kira starting the men in a march to where they would be competing with Draig taking the lead .

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As they walked through the streets of the city the eyes of the crowd looked at the Knights in their dark armor and couldn't help but remark at them . Children were looking and pointing in desire .

Warren who was aware of what would happen on this day showed up intending to see how Draig had prepared and felt his blood boil upon seeing the Knights in the dark armor . He was aware of how Draig had managed to find strong fighters, obviously through the use of Limit Breaker but to call them Knights . He felt slighted to an extreme degree and had intended to walk up and demand answers but Kira turned towards Warren and his eyes pierced into the old Knight's from underneath his helmet freezing Warren in his spot and even causing sweat to climb down his back .

Gritting his teeth Warren stayed silent for a moment before turning back to his abode and leaving, his granddaughter on the other hand felt wronged even more so than her grandfather . She had been lucky enough to receive one of the extremely precious Blood Gems that had come from Draig and knew what kind of effect it would have . She felt wronged because all those precious Blood gems had been hoarded by Draig and used on his own troops .

Draig saw the girl but said nothing, what would a young girl like her understand about his issues .

Soon enough Draig and his entourage had made it to a large coliseum like building that covered a large area of forest, this was a popular place where Guilds would compete in Olympic fashion against each other in combat oriented events .

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Unexpectedly the stands were full, it seemed there was no denying how big this had become . One being versus all of the city's guilders, as much as people wished to defame Draig they couldn't help but respecting this person who actually had the audacity to challenge so many people at once .

The people didn't even take into account the Dread Knights as their force was still insignificant against such insurmountable odds .

"Everyone, spill as much blood as possible" stated Draig causing the Dread Knight to clang their swords against their shield or armor respectively while crying out .

This scene had gained the attention of the crowd but the Guilders continued to laugh at the display .

It didn't take long after their arrival for Zarra to appear and officiate the contest, sparing no words for a speech for any of the sides he merely said begin and left .

"Kira, take half of the Knights and go to the left . Take out any opposition in your way, we will meet where there people stand the thickest" stated Draig as his he felt a familiar sensation surge across his body .

'Your a vampire'

'Survive by feeding on life essence'

Draig's eyes seemed dilate as he sprinted with Knight's following him closely, their pace had increased by an amazing degree for them to keep up even this much .

Soon the young Feratu stopped, in front he saw a large group of Guilders . He intended to finish this quickly and thanks to his special enchantment on the weapons he had supplied to the Knights he would be seeing his tome grow resplendently .

"Wait for my mark" stated Draig

While the young Feratu was prepped to strike he would never realize the casual wave of a hand from a dark robed man sitting high up in a booth with the other Guild Leaders .