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Chapter 629

Chapter 629: Everyone Looks Like Her, After Losing Her

Xi Jin looked at Feng Tianlan for a long time . After some time he said, “Xiao Qing has caused the bother . It won’t happen again from now on . ”

Dai’er was really dead!

There was no doubt about it!

He should accept the reality, but he had to investigate Xiao Qing’s broken horn no matter what .

Feng Tianlan knew he would not completely believe it and was also not afraid of him looking into it . She had long instructed the people in Flying Frost Pavilion to not breathe a word of what happened at the time . Later on she did not let Xiao Qing reveal itself much around her . Other than the time it helped her block a blow, it had been staying in the Pill Scroll Realm all this time .

Feng Tianlan pulled Luo Yunzhu to one side and asked in a low voice, “Why are you together with him?”

Luo Yunzhu explained, “When I first came here, I was chased and killed by treasure hunters . It was Supremacy Jin who came to my rescue and then I told him about Tu Xiupei . So, he stayed . ”

Feng Tianlan stared at her for awhile . When she saw that her expression was normal, she then said, “Stay away from him and don’t fall for him . He’s about to get married . ”

As if her words had hit the mark, Luo Yunzhu was a little uncomfortable as she said, “I won’t fall for him . ”

She just could not help but want to glance a couple more times when she looked at him . It was as simple as that .

“Yunzhu…” Feng Tianlan wanted to dissuade her but did not know how to plead her case . She only said earnestly, “Yunzhu, he’s not husband material . He’s a prince who’s destined to have a harem of thousands of imperial concubines . You’re impetuous and fiery . Your directness in the harem is equivalent to a death sentence . Not to mention he already has someone in his heart . Liking him is like being assigned to eternal damnation . ”

It was not to say that Xi Jin was not good . But, no matter how good a man was, as long as the person he liked was not you, it would be useless regardless of how good he was .

“I know . I really don’t like him . ” She just could not help looking twice at him and wanting to stay with him a little longer .

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“In fact, Supremacy Jin is rather pitiable . Dai’er is dead and everyone he sees, looks like Dai’er . ” Luo Yunzhu thought about someone like Xi Jin and how he still had a beloved in his heart . He did not give up even if she was dead .

Everyone looked like her after he had lost her, except that no one actually was .

Such devotion touched her and also caused her to be envious . She truly wished she were Dai’er .

Feng Tianlan uttered with a heavy voice, “Yunzhu . ”

When she saw that she was displeased, Luo Yunzhu hurriedly said, “I only feel a little rueful for awhile . Besides, I won’t think of such things as long as my hatred remains unavenged . ”

Feng Tianlan looked at her and sighed . She wanted to persuade her not to go to Xuantian Continent, but it was impossible to do so . Although she did not bring it up, she had always wanted to avenge Dean Luo in her heart, so she would certainly go to Xuantian Continent .

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“Chuling . ”

Hearing the call, Chuling came up and said, “Miss . ”

“You and Shang Chengle stay in Holy Pill City . Don’t follow me to Xuantian Continent . ”

Hearing this, Chuling’s face immediately changed and looked at her with hurt as she asked, “Miss, is there something that your slave servant didn’t do well?”

“No, you’re doing great . It’s just that you and Shang Chengle manage Holy Pill City very well, so I want you to stay on to keep going,” said Feng Tianlan with a gentle smile as she touched her hair . “You’re working for me wherever I am . Holy Pill City is very important to me . ”

Chuling nodded and said, “Your slave servant obeys your orders . ”

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“Shang Chengle is a good man . You two get along well together . I hope to see a family of three the next time I return . ” She could see that Shang Chengle liked Chuling very much .

“Miss . ” Upon hearing this, Chuling bowed her head and blushed .

Feng Tianlan chuckled and called Shang Chengle over to leave Chuling with him . She lay into him for a bit before she felt at ease .

“Let’s go . ” Feng Tianlan returned to Si Mobai’s side and held onto his arm . She had settled all matters in Guiyuan Continent so she could rest assured and leave for Xuantian Continent .