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Chapter 77

Chuling couldn’t finish her sentence and started crying . She was too scared to think about whether she had failed again or not . She felt like she was a stupid person who’d failed at marrow cleansing, failed at finding her element, and failed her Miss .

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Feng Tianlan helped Chuling up and wiped away the blood from her mouth with a handkerchief . She said, “Your element is Fire, but you were too immersed in it, so it nearly consumed you . Don’t worry . Just take your time . ”

It wasn’t easy to control the absorption of the elements in Spiritual Forces . Anyone who took in too much would be consumed by the elements, resulting in the body exploding and, finally, death .

“I…I…” Chuling looked at her with eyes full of tears . She’d seen her Miss covered in blood and was afraid that she was too weak to protect her .

“You can start training already . I’ll find a skill that’s suitable for you in due time . First, you can work on building your foundational skills . ”

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The skills she’d learned back on the Xuantian Continent were not suitable for anybody below the Spiritual Grandmaster level . Each person should start at their level and slowly advance . Chuling was only a beginner, so she was most suitable for low-level skills . Chuling looked at the floor and kept nodding without saying anything . She didn’t want to drag her Miss down .

“Gosh, don’t just keep crying . You’re too fragile . ” Luo Yunzhu squeezed Chuling’s shoulder and pledged her allegiance, “Don’t you worry, Tianlan and I will protect you!”

She had a good impression of Chuling . She found her to be a loyal servant who treated Tianlan well . She would take care of whoever treated Tianlan well .

“Miss Luo…” Chuling was touched, and tears started rolling down her cheeks again .

Feng Tianlan and Luo Yunzhu could only laugh as they really didn’t know what else to do with this crybaby . Since they had identified elements to train with, Feng Tianlan taught them how to absorb Spiritual Qi and to remove all the toxins from their bodies so that they could train faster .

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These moments made her think of her time on the Xuantian Continent . Back then, she had also possessed extremely high levels of understanding about techniques . She had been able to teach Jiang Ying and Shen Yunya from a young age, and they had been able to become more skilled than their peers, which had made them famous as geniuses . But, in the end…

Feng Tianlan looked up at the two ladies in front of her . Luo Yunzhu was strong on the outside but gentle inside, whereas Chuling was weak on the outside and strong on the inside . They were two extreme types . Because she trusted these two, Feng Tianlan was confident that she would not make the same mistake as before .

At that moment, a maidservant called out, “Miss, someone from the Feng residence has come to ask Miss Feng to go back . ”

Luo Yunzhu and Chuling opened their eyes and stood up . Feng Tianlan raised an eyebrow at this, thinking that the people back in the Feng residence must be itching to get at her after just a few days of peace . Just as well, she thought, since my body has recovered and can fight them now .

“Yunzhu, I’ll go back first, then . ”

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“Tianlan, I’ll go with you,” said Luo Yunzhu . If she went along, perhaps Feng Xiang would be less likely to attack Tianlan .

Feng Tianlan laughed and shook her head . “No need . They won’t dare to touch me now . ”

“Okay, then . Let me know if you need anything!”

Feng Tianlan nodded and brought Chuling back to the Feng residence . From afar, she could spot the maidservants busying themselves as if there were a guest in the house .

“Tianlan, come quickly!” Xu Jiayi quickly ran over to fetch her like a loving mother .

Feng Tianlan ignored Xu Jiayi’s attempt to hold her hand and asked coldly, “What are you up to now?”

“Come along and greet General Wang . You’re already such a big girl, but you don’t have any manners,” Feng Xiang chided Feng Tianlan .

Feng Tianlan sarcastically replied, “I have a mother who gave birth to me, but my father never taught me anything . Then again, it’s fortunate that he didn’t teach me anything . Heaven knows how terribly I might have turned out if he had!”