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Chapter 91

For the time being, Luo Yunzhu’s actions could be set aside . Xu Jiayi swore that she would settle the score between with her in the future: Just wait until Feng Tianlan’s gone and the Luo family falls into other hands! Let’s wait and see who else Luo Yunzhu can rely on when that time comes .

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Luo Yunzhu shook her palm and stuck her tongue out at Xu Jiayi in cheeky arrogance . It were as if she were taunting Xu Jiayi to come at her, if she had the guts .

Xu Jiayi inhaled long and deep as she tried to suppress the volcano of fury about to explode within her .

“You have insulted Yu’er time and again . I will never forget this . ” Xu Jiayi helped up Feng Xiuyu, who was drenched in blood and trembling with fear . She glared at Feng Tianlan with eyes filled with hatred . “This time, no matter what it takes, I will drive you out of Feng Manor . ”

And the Feng Family Treasure? She no longer cared . So long as she could expel Feng Tianlan from the manor, was there anything in the Feng Clan that couldn’t become hers?

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“Let’s wait and see . ” Compared to Xu Jiayi, who was on the brink of bursting, Feng Tianlan was a lot calmer . She laughed lightly and scoffed, “Did you think that Feng Xiang, a man who married into his wife’s family, can make than final call? Do you think he will do it now?”

Feng Xiang was only a man who’d taken up residence in his wife’s family’s house and, therefore, had no right to expel her . Furthermore, there was something about her that he still needed . So long as she showed any intent of softening, he would give in for sure instead of expelling her .

“Get out . ” Xu Jiayi bellowed as she pulled a long face . It was apparent that Feng Tianlan had stabbed her where it hurt . Feng Tianlan knew Feng Xiang all too well . This was something he would do .

“My mother built the Heavenly Phoenix Court for me, so this is my turf . You two are the ones who should get out . ” Feng Tianlan took light steps and slowly walked toward Xu Jiayi, stopping right in front of her . She stared icily into her eyes . “Xu Jiayi, we’ll see who will be expelled first from Feng Manor . ”

With the Feng Clan Seal securely in her hands, she would reclaim her rule over the Feng Clan!

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Xu Jiayi could not help but shiver . An expression of horror crept into her face as she involuntarily fell back two steps . Despite Feng Tianlan’s mild tone and the fact that there was no hatred in her eyes, her chilling gaze and calm tone had drilled a sense of fear into her .

“If you’re not leaving this instant, then I’ll have to throw you out by force . ” Feng Tianlan slightly smirked as she raised the whip in her hand . Pa! She flung the whip away, sending dust flying with a crack of the whip .

The whip’s sudden crack shocked Xu Jiayi and Feng Xiuyu, who were both still knee-deep in fear . They quickly regained their bearings and fiercely glared at Feng Tianlan . “Just you wait . I will make your life hell from now on . ”

Just as they were about to leave, they saw a fuming Feng Xiang rush over from afar . Feng Xiuyu quickly exclaimed in joy, “My husband . ”

However, Feng Xiang, now blinded by anger, could only see Feng Tianlan . The instant he saw her, he began to berate her with the most meanness he could muster .

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“Feng Tianlan, you are a jinx! An evil star! Not only did you bring death to your mother, but you have also brought death to so many within the Feng family . Now, you have even brought death to the men who have asked for your hand! You’re the reincarnation of an evil star . If I allow you to stay, how many people do you intend to bring misfortune to? What misdeeds have I committed in my past life to deserve a cursed daughter like you…”

Luo Yunzhu stared at Feng Xiang, her mouth agape . She could hardly comprehend Feng Xiang’s seemingly endless scolding without the need to pause or take a breath . Well, well, wasn’t his stance awfully similar to a shrewd wife scolding her husband on the street?

She turned to glance at Feng Tianlan, who simply stood up without being affected . She didn’t look like the one being scolded . Luo Yunzhu could not help but feel respect for Tianlan’s coolness .

However, for a father to lash out at his daughter in such a manner, it was still…

Well, she couldn’t say that it was surprising . After all, Feng Xiang had done much worse things . A furious scolding like this could be considered one of his lightest treatments .

Feng Tianlan waited for him to finish . Then, she picked out the crux at once . Reading between the lines of what he’d said, only a single possibility remained . “Is the Shizi dead?”

“This time, everyone at the Duke of Dingguo’s manor was killed . ” Feng Xiang’s mouth had gone dry from all the scolding . He swept his surroundings and finally noticed that his wife and daughter were both present . One of them was even injured from head to toe . There was also the issue of the corpses splayed all over the ground . To his shock, even Butler Zhu was dead .