The Third Prince - Chapter 53

Published at 10th of January 2019 10:15:16 PM

Chapter 53

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The next morning, In the Prime Minister's mansion

Everyone in the mansion did not care what happened inside the Capital City, Anna and Audrey were preparing for their second day of work, They were sure that thanks to yesterday's advertising, Today would be much better .

Alexander was also looking forward to going back to the store . Yesterday he was in the midst of making some changes to his room but was interrupted by the men who tried to imprison his mother . which made him pissed as when he was still staying in the castle, he couldn't do anything in order to avoid people from getting some weird ideas and realize something about him so he had always controlled his urges and maintained his facade but now that he got his own room he can't wait to go and finish were he left from yesterday .

So, like the day before, the three of them went to Anna's store .

A few streets before arriving at Anna's store, they saw a very long line that stretched across several streets .

It was only until they approached the store did they realized that the line was to enter Anna's shop . as the housewives have very much appreciated the quality of their clothes and bragged about them spreading the news all over the capital city which resulted into this long line of customers waiting to purchase some outfits .

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Alexander did not care much about that, While his mother was enthusiastic as she opened the store so was Audrey as they both started tidying up the store getting ready to welcome the customers .

as for Alexander, he went directly to his room which looked like an ordinary room from outside but once you stepped inside you will know how wrong you are . Within the space of the room, gravity was altered to xx times of normal gravity which helps in the process of cultivation especially to those in the realm of body refinement .

Many do not know that only when you take your body to the limit would you relate to your potential and increase your capacity to a whole new level . and the pressure of increased gravity is perfect for this process .

Due to Alexander's poor cultivation, he could only bear the increase in gravity by 0 . 1G, but this was not to be underestimated . suppose he practicing the six animal forms a 100 times inside this room then it would be equal to practicing it 110 times out of the room . This was a time saver, and that was what most martial artists lacked . which is time .

Alexander's previous life can be a great example . He died of old age, as his time was up before he can increase his cultivation realm which would have extended his lifeline . There were two things that cultivators and even some rich people would always look out to buy at any cost . One is the spirit crop resources, with help in increasing the rate at which they improve there cultivation making it much faster than the people who only gathered qi from the atmosphere .

The second was much more valuable than the previous and even results in a bloodbath . They were the Objects that prolong the life of people .

People always want to live a little longer and wouldn't even hesitate to scale any heights as nobody wants to die . it's true as the more you live the less you want to die

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So if we assume that Alexander takes five minutes to do a repetition of the six animal forms . then by practicing inside this room, each day he can train for 50 minutes more than the others . If you train for one year in this room, you will earn more than 304 hours of training .

So just thinking about it, Alexander could not help but smile to himself . Entering the room, He began his training .

A month has gone by without any incidents, During this month Alexander routine continued as follows, Every morning, Alexander would lock himself in the room and begin his training routine, While at night he would establish formations to defend the mansion of Frey .

During this month, Anna's store was an all-time high, no one could exceed its quality . their merchandise has been selling like hotcakes making other merchants filled with envy as they watch Anna became rich . Many thought that their merchandise would soon be out of stock . but they did not know that Audrey had robbed Walter's whole warehouse, adding up to everything in the space ring, they had tons of clothes to sell .

Meanwhile in the Sea Palace .

A middle-aged man was running down the hall . In his right hand, he held a letter . While his expression was not good at all . He looked worried and incredulous .

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When he finally reached his destination, which Surprisingly was the Office of the sect master .

Without any further hesitation, he began to knock on the door .



After the second knock, a hoarse voice said: "come in," hearing this the middle-aged man entered the room, then made a small bow as he prepared to break the news .

Nicholas, upon Seeing he middle-aged man asked: "What is it you want to report?"

Upon hearing those words the middle-aged man said: "Reporting to the sect master, The Elder we sent to protect the parents of Nathaniel Alba, was crippled"

Upon hearing those words, Nicholas was mute He wrinkled his eyebrows as he asked: "Are you joking with me?"

The man shook his head quickly: "No, I would not dare to joke with you", After saying those words, He approached the sovereign and continued: "This letter has the seal of the royal family of Alba, In the letter they described the whole event," saying so he extended his arm leaving the letter on the desk .

Nicholas still suspicious took the letter and proceeded to read it . While reading the letter, His face did not change . It was as if whatever stated inside the letter did not affect him at all .

After a few minutes, he finished reading it and place it on the desk . then he placed his elbows on the desk with his fingers interlarded, immersed in thinking remaining silent for a few minutes .

The middle-aged man waited for his orders uncomfortably, but there was nothing he could do but to wait for the sect master to speak .

Nicholas, who was previously silent, finally opened his mouth and said in a stern tone: "Issue an arrest warrant . "