The Tiger Within - Chapter 608

Published at 11th of September 2019 01:10:11 PM

Chapter 608

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"They could not . They can see the future, they are the keepers of the past and future of our clan . With that knowledge they must not be careless . Think about what they said . " Kyera whispered as she brought the tea to her lips but did not drink .

"They said so much and yet nothing at all . " Clovis sighed as he settled back into his chair . His mind was whirling through what had been said . All he wanted right now was to hold his wife and daughter safe away from all of this .

"They had a choice to make . Raina or what's to come . What's to come is a death that I can not stop . Finally there is a well meaning traitor in my midst . " Kyera listed these things out and swirled the untasted tea in her glass . "The question is why . "

"Why warn you if you can not do anything to stop it?" Clovis asked frowning as he looked at Raina who was dancing with her uncle near the stage . Kendrick wasn't taking his eyes off the child unless Talis or Kan had her . Kan however, was resting in tiger form at Kyera's side .

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"Because there is something I can stop . A part of the scene that doesn't have to happen . Something that will happen if I try to save everyone fated to die . " Kyera replied as the tea touched her lips . The moment the bitter liquid touched her tongue Kyera felt her senses spring to life, she set the cup down and spit the tea out… It was too late . The oil was costing her tongue .

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"Kyera whats…" Clovis began to ask .

"Healer… send for a healer . " Kyera demanded and he barked an order as Cora materialized near by .

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"The tea . " Kyera whispered motioning to the glass . Cora snatched it and looked at the oil slick layer . Rubbing it between her fingers to warm it, then sniffing it .

"Its Shining Snare… I am sorry Princess . " Cora whispered knowing there was no cure .

"Speak plainly, Cora what's going on?" Clovis demanded as several healers arrived the commotion had drawn the attention of crowd and royals alike . Kyera was beginning to breath heavily . Sweat on her brows .

"Its Shining Snare oil . Beautiful flowers that shine in the daylight, great for tea unless wilted in the moonlight then condensed to oil . It becomes a poison . " Cora explained as Half Eye shoved the Healers away . His eyes were determined as he knelt at her side .

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"We aren't going to just give up . " Half Eye growled as he began hunting things in his robes, pulling herbs and such from the depths of containers and little pouches .

"Kyera… stay with me . " Clovis whispered holding her hand and Kyera closed her eyes . His words broke her heart .

"I am not the one in danger, love . " She whispered softly . There was a sense of confusion then excitement for the briefest moment as he realized he would not lose Kyera . Then her words set in . Even Half Eye would not meet his gaze as he handed Kyera the tea he had prepared . She drank it dutifully, the bitterness barely registering to her .

"Is there anything we can do?" Eve asked and Kyera smiled weakly as her mother in law took her other hand .

"Nothing more than we already have . " Kyera replied with a weak smile .

"Take her back to the palace, get the wet nurses in place . We have beat Shining before . We can beat it again . " Eve demanded as the Empress within her took charge . In 50 years in this palace, she had never lost a child . She was not about to start by losing her own grandchild .

"You have no right to order anyone here . " Kira growled getting into Evelin's face . Eve's eyes widened as she shoved Kira aside . Kyera saw it as if it was in slow motion . Eve threw herself at the Emperor .

The arrow pierced her side and buried deep in his chest . The screaming pierced the air and the battle began .