The Tiger Within - Chapter 609

Published at 11th of September 2019 01:10:10 PM

Chapter 609

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The sudden fear response was pure chaos as people tried to get off the street, locate the attacker, or simply run by instinct . Terror in its raw form was exactly what they wanted . The peace was broken and now, everyone knew .

Kyera . The princess sprung into action on the dais . Even pregnant, she was more useful than these human women . She guided the royal children off and a man at her side… who was he? He wasn't That weaselly prince… too much power in him .

Before he could further investigate, the man disappeared behind a barrel and a tiger emerged . One of their own . Of course, no human could defend her . He helped with the children, at her order no doubt . Something inside him itched to attack this creature, to test his strength but he dare not . He couldn't risk being seen . Not now, and not by her . With a bit of regret, he cast one last look at the Princess and disappeared into the woods .

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This was the choice she had to make . She realized it the moment the arrow had dug into them both . Kyera could save the Emperor but she would lose the child and perhaps her own life . The poison in her system was warded off of the baby, the tea her aunt had given her saw to that . However, that didn't stop her body from trying to cleanse it . She had so little energy left she had to make a choice . Just then she noticed Little Dryn crying .

Kyera picked up Drynala and grabbed Melania's hand . "You and Lalia get the kids and follow Kendrick . The Emperor is gone . There's nothing we can do but get you out . " Kyera ordered as she tucked the child into a stunned Melania's arms . Kuera's eyes Fell on Nathaniel .

"You two boys help my brother, all of you . North gate . " She ordered and The two boys nodded, taking hold of their cousins they ran . Kendrick parted the sea of people so the children could pass through . Kyera took the Zither from her hair and began to play, she knew the sound had carried far enough when the Roars responded .

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Mordakai picked up Eve and ran after the children while Empress Vivian stayed kneeling by her son . The queens having ran already to seek safety . She didn't want to leave her son .

"Vivian, please . There's nothing more we can do . " Kyera plead, taking Vivian's hand . The Empress looked at her, the pain of a mother hidden beneath the power of an Empress .

"Kyera, go . Take the children . Leave here . Take my Grandsons and keep them safe . 6 years . I can not leave this throne to them until the mourning is over . Until then they will plot, they will fall to harm, and you may even lose the baby if they stay here, among the temptations . Go, and come home when I call . Be safe, Princess Kyera . " Empress Vivian demanded as she held her son's lifeless body . Kyera nodded and turned to find Clovis at her back . He looked panicky and she could feel the sweat pouring off her .

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Kyera was fairly sure if she had a mirror her skin would be deathly pale . She leaned on him, and he swept her into his arms . His expression warned her against arguing . There were tears in his eyes as he ran toward the gate . The safety was just beyond there .

She looked at the people near her, and understanding dawned .  
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I am sorry they said . So was she .

Kyera saw the carriages and the Pair of Dragons ready to take to the sky . "Is everyone inside, Ember?" Kyera asked and the dragon nodded .

"All but you, Master Clovis and the Empress Dowager . Shade and frost in one, the Forest Gate in the other . " Ember replied looking down at her .

"Raina?" Kyera asked and he lowered his head to show the child on her back .   "Thank the Gods . To the Frost lands . " She ordered before she and Clovis slid into place on Ivory's back .