The Tiger Within - Chapter 610

Published at 11th of September 2019 01:10:10 PM

Chapter 610

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The dragon's flew high into the air, a storm roaring and spitting lightning upon the ground . A tunnel within the cloud was calm, though humid . The air almost stuck to the skin, as they flew through the dense thunderhead . Raina had fallen asleep from her tears shortly before her body was nested in a saddle bag, comfortable to sleep .

"Clovis… I need you to stay on Ivory with Raina in case she wakes up . " Kyera whispered gently . He looked down at her in his arms and tightened them around her waist . She got the distinct feeling he wasn't going to let her go anywhere . She smiled and kissed his cheek .   "I need to check on your Mother, and figure out who exactly got into the carriages . We don't have Frost Royal Permission to bring these people to the capital love . " Kyera pointed out, her voice loving and coaxing .

"I will go . " Clovis replied and Kyera raised an elegant eyebrow .

"You are going to undo your restraints, walk down the saddle, scoot down the tail and use hand rails to cross the carriage harness before slipping in the front window?" Kyera asked knowing he hadn't ridden without a harness till today and even now his legs were strapped in .

"I can try . " He replied reaching for the buckle wich her hand was already on . A small silver key was then slipped onto a chain around her neck .

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"I love you, but Raina needs her father and I have more experience on the Storm twins . " Kyera explained as she pulled her feet under her so she is crouching . Her lips brushed over his before she looked at Ember and Ivory . "Still the Storm, My Loves . "

Clovis then felt the true power of the storm dragons as the wind and rain froze in place, potential energy suspended in the breath of time . Their focus was entirely on the storm as they made it safe for Kyera to move .

"Heading to the Carriages . " Kyera announced before she began making her way down across Ivory's back . The frost dragon assisting Ivory held level, so that Kyera didn't have to climb at an angle .

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In a total of 15 minutes and 4 near slips that stopped Clovis' heart Kyera slid into the first carriage .

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"Its Ky, help her . " Bryson ordered as he reached out to take her hand . Morden moved aside and gently took her by the waist so she could slide into the seat .

"How is Mother and Grandest Mother?" Kyera asked, panting softly from her climb . Her hair was wet but the leather riding cloak from the saddle bag kept her inner layer dry .

"I am fine, dear . Empress Dowager Evelyn however…" Crystalsa glanced at the Lady laying quietly on the opposite bench, her head on Mordakai's lap, and Shaman Half Eye asleep on the floor .

The Great Warrior King's dress tunic was coated in blood . It was a fine fabric that was ruined but the sickening taint came from being not an enemy's blood but a friend . He caressed her hair and spoke softly to her occasionally to soothe her tense brow . Her cheeks were clean of blood, her tears had washed it away .

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"Mordakai?" Kyera questioned, trying to get his attention . He looked at her, there was a fire in his eyes, tears burning to be shed . "May I?" She gestured to Eve's body . He nodded and Kyera began looking over the wound . It was almost healed, it just needed a little nudge, Kyera placed her hand to it and finished the healing with what little power she could spare . "She will be okay…"

"Good because I might strangle her for being so stupid . Risking herself for that Emperor . It's like destroying a perfect gem over a misguided lump of stone . " Mordakai growled as he carefully moved the hair from her face and readjusted the dress to hide her skin . "Mordrin, my cloak . "

His son took the fabric and laid it over her, knowing his father's intentions before it was spoken .

"She is a wife first, and she dedicated herself to doing right by that vow . You know that better than anyone, Dad . At least now, she is no longer bound to the stone and is free to fly . " Vella offered with a soft smile . There were no tears in her eyes, only a soft regret .

"How are you holding up?" Kyera asked turning to see her holding the baby . Vella smiled .

"Kyera, I am fine . More worried about you than myself .   Honestly I'm not sad he is gone, too many suffered for his blindness . I do regret that he died without knowing what real love was like . " Vella replied stroking her son's hair tenderly . Kyera smiled and looked at Eve .

"I think, perhaps that was your mother's last gift to him . Knowing the truth of love . " Crystalsa offered, and Bryson pulled Kyera onto the seat beside him .

"Now then, where are we headed?" Bryson asked,  wanting to change the topic .

"I was hoping home, to the Frost Lands, if you would be so gracious?" Kyera asked  bit nervously .

"Of course, granted I don't know how well Bastil and his lot will get along . " Bryson pointed out, having a definite feeling on that matter .

"Don't worry about him . His wife and son are on board but Bastil refused to leave . He's with the Empress Vivian . " Mordren offered, folding his arms as well . Something told Kyera he wanted to strangle the First Prince .

"Any luck he's with the emperor . " Half Eye mumbled in his sleep and no one acknowledged how true that was .