The Tiger Within - Chapter 611

Published at 11th of September 2019 01:10:09 PM

Chapter 611

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After several long arguments, it was decided that Bryson would help Kyera cross to the other carriage safely . She was looking tired and none of them really felt good about sending her into the other carriage with people that did not really like her much . However, there was no convincing her otherwise, they needed contact, after all they had no idea where they were going and only 3 of them had ever flown before .

Kyera slipped out the window and traced her way across the edge of the carriage . The Dragons were aware of her motion, and Ember began adjusting his placement so he was underneath the other carriage . Seeing this, Bryson laughed and shook his head slowly .

"I should have known the Storm Twins would take care of their Mistress . My apologies for being an old worried hen . I leave you to your Knights . " Bryson took her hand and she slowly slipped off the beam, and he lowered her into place behind Ember's head .

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"Thank you Ember, My dear . Careful now I need to make my way back to the carriage . " She kissed the dragon's neck and then started making her way back . It only took about 4 minutes for her to slip in through the window . Alexi and Damar stared at her both having knives pulled and fierce expressions .

Kyera couldn't help but laugh . "I surrender, Dear Princes . Please spare me . " Kyera teased as they put their swords away . Dryn hugged Kyera and the boys looked to her for support . "It's fine dears, I know it sounds scary out there but we are alright . " Kyear tried to sooth the children, hugging Dryn with one hand and touching Nathaniel's hand before moving to Daniel's cheek .

"What's going on, why did we leave?" Damar asked, he was uncertain and held Melania close to his side . The mood in this carriage was much more somber and a bit frantic to be honest . No one was truly at ease .

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"I was ordered to take you all away from there . Empress Vivian has requested that we not return until she has deemed it so . I think she realizes that the Dark Ones can come after any of you, but can not touch her . " Kyera explained shaking her head . The truth of the matter had only hit her after they had been flying for a while .

"What do you mean? Is Grandma in Danger?" Nathaniel asked as his eyes flashed with realization . They were well aware that their grandfather was gone .

"No, She is not . She is the only royal in your family that can not be touched by the Dark Ones . That is why she sent you with me . Because the Dark Ones can't touch me either . " Kyera replied with a gentle smile that soothed the children who stayed close to their mothers .

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"My dad will kill all those evil shifters . He's the best fighter of all!" Keen told her arrogantly and Kyera couldn't help but smile softly at him .

"Keen, your father is an amazing fighter, and I hope he wins this fight . However, I am afraid that if he faces Verone as he is now, your father won't survive . " Kyera replied with an apologetic seriousness . It was the truth . She and Verone had both been formidable fighters but their honor kept them from being animals .

"And why is that?" Damar asked "What makes that warrior more dangerous than the others?" Having heard that name on the wind and the way she said it bothered him . She seemed to feel a blur of pain and sadness just from saying the name . Kendrick gently squeezed his sister's hand .

"Imagine a tiger, loyal to his people and the forest crown . Imagine a tiger who loved the land and a woman so fiercely he was willing to die for their people alongside her . " She spoke looking at her hands in her lap . The training scars were still there, thin shimmery white skin to remind her . A painful reminder .

"Loyalty is admirable as is the willingness to die but it does not make one too fierce to match . " Damar pointed out but Melania's hand came to his stopping him . There was recognition in her eyes . He glanced at his wife who was staring at Kyera intently .  
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"No, it doesn't . Then imagine the hatred that heart holds if it turned on every loyalty it ever held . Even to go as far as to spit in the eye of the god that he knows exists . Imagine the ferocity of a beast with the pain of a man . " Kyera looked up and met Damar's eyes and he saw a reflection in the watery pools . The pain and devastation clawed at his heart . He could hardly keep her eyes .