The Tiger Within - Chapter 612

Published at 11th of September 2019 01:10:08 PM

Chapter 612

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"I see . " Damar replied and it was true . He had seen men like that, with nothing but hatred and sheer need for revenge face off against ten times the odds and win . If this man was as she said… Bastil had little chance . Brute strength and skill could never beat that passion of one with nothing left to lose and nothing to gain . It would only be killing to dull the pain .

"My Daddy will kill all of them and if they kill him I will kill them in his place . " Keen growled and Kyera looked on the boy with pity . She could see the fear in the child's eyes .

She reached out and pulled the boy into her arms and hugged him despite his slight struggles . He froze in shock as the emotions hit him like a train . Once he gave in she recognized the familiar shaking as the boy broke into sobs . Kyera let him cry on her chest, holding and rocking him . When he was calm enough to hear her, she whispered into his hair "Don't let revenge be your life goal . Revenge is the root of hatred and hatred consumes everything in its path, the good and the bad . Instead, put your effort in making the world a better place for your family, young one . " Her voice was gentle and soothing as he dried his eyes . "Don't let hatred consume you . "

"But it's hard . " He whispered the arrogant boy suddenly looking like a lost child . Kyera smiled and kissed his forehead .

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"It is, but I will tell you a secret . I have known that pain, and lost people dear to me . The key is, remembering you are more than the hatred . You want justice, not revenge . " Kyera told him patiently and the boy looked confused .

"What's the difference?" He asked softly .

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"Justice is punishing the person who did the deed, revenge is punishing him, his family, and his people . " Kyera explained and the boy suddenly looked guilty . She knew he had realized his mistake .

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Kyera then realized Alexi and Damar both were staring at her in shock . No one had expected her to open her arms to the boy, not like this . He was calling for the death of her people and yet, she calmed him . She let him go and he sat next to Feya again, leaning back against his sleeping mother .

"Please know I did not leave Vivian unprotected, but she gave me an order . You are my charges . I agreed to get her grandchildren to safety . So, I am taking you to the safest place on this planet, SnowDrop Palace . We will decide on further plans from there . " Kyera explained to everyone and Lalia grinned, she was excited as she scooped up Drynala and giggled .

"I get to introduce Dryn to my family . I am sure they would love to have us stay, and Melania and the boys can stay in the guest house!" Lalia smiled as she looked at Alexi who looked a little pale . He had not seen his in laws in a long time .

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"That being said, many snow shifters live in The Frost Lands . Behave, and treat them no different than you would yourself . They will respect you because they respect the crown, but they are not required to accept you . That is up to you . " Kyera explained, her eyes a warning to each of them . Melania and Lalia smiled happily . They had liked their visit to the kingdom .

"What of Keen and I?" Feya asked looking a bit bashful . She knew she had left a bad impression on the Frost Royals… who knew she would rely on them again so soon .

"Feya, you and Keen will he welcome to stay with me and Clovis at the Royal Palace . If you prefer, we can try to send you back with Mordrin and Mordakai when they return to Shadow Veil but you will be putting yourself and your son at risk . " Kyera warned as she sat back on the bench beside her brother . Kendrick held her lightly so she could rest .

"What of Empress Dowager Evelyn?" Lalia asked, and both boys looked at Kyera carefully blank faced .

"She… she will be fine once she recovers . She did her best, let's not bother her about it from now on . " Kyera suggested moving to the window .

"Where are you going?" Kendrick asked, raising an eyebrow . Kyera flashed him a smile .

"Back to my saddle for a nap . " Kyera replied innocently .

"Remember to stay low, keep on your toes too . Your center of gravity is off . " He reminded her before helping her out of the window . Kyera returned to her seat and snuggled into Clovis's arms . Everything was about to change… forever .

"What are we going to do, My Love?" Clovis whispered kissing her forehead . Kyera offered a gentle smile that turned glum, her eyes grew in depth as though the abyss was at her heart .

"The only thing we can do, finish what they started . " Kyera whispered looking out at the black clouds around them . "This is war . "