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The Trembling World - Chapter 102

Published at 16th of September 2016 07:34:37 AM

Chapter 102

Chapter 102: Top of the Building

“Brother Liu, thank you so much for rescuing us once again in our time of need . ” Zhang ShengLi walked over to Liu Gan to express his gratitude, but his expression was full of pain and misery .

“I’m so stupid! It was all due to my stupidity . I caused his death…” Zhang ShengNan said to Liu Gan while she burst into tears .

If only she had listened to Liu Gan’s advice and not argued, then it wouldn’t have escalated to the point where she felt like she had lost self-respect . There was no medicine to treat regrets . The fact was, Hu Rong had died, her eyeball had been ripped out, her face scarred and torn, and her body severely wounded, so sooner or later she would die . Everything was too late to regret .

Liu Gan ignored Zhang ShengNan and walked around to investigate . He had to make sure it was safe, and then he headed back to the doorway . This result was just as he had suspected . He just hadn’t realized that she would bring them down so soon, but he wouldn’t say such things during this time .

“Brother Liu, don’t go!” Zhang ShengNan shouted at Liu Gan .

Liu Gan stopped in his tracks, turned his head around, and coldly stared at Zhang ShengNan . Since this was caused by her stupidity, he did not have a hint of pity for her .

“I know it was my stupidity, naivety, and stubbornness that caused all of this . I am unforgivable! So thank you for saving my brother . I know that I have no right to ask you for anything, but please, I beg you to bring him along . He has always listened to you, so he isn’t stupid like me . ” Zhang ShengNan begged Liu Gan in her final moments .

Only after this tragic accident, did Zhang ShengNan finally wake up . She knew that her stupidity caused the death of her beloved boyfriend . So, she didn’t want to drag down her brother too .

“ShengNan don’t say anymore . No matter what happens, I won’t leave you . ” Zhang ShengLi interrupted his sister .

“I am guilty of everything! Brother, you have to listen to Brother Liu from now on and don’t be stupid like me . ” Zhang ShengNan replied to her brother . Then, she pulled out a hidden knife and cut open her neck .

“ShengNan!” Zhang ShengLi suddenly shouted and rushed over, but it was all too late . She had cut open her carotid artery, so fresh blood spewed out from it . Now it was impossible to save her .

“NO! NO!”

Zhang ShengLi screamed loudly and applied pressure onto ShengNan’s carotid artery . But, the blood didn’t stop pouring out from the opening . After a few minutes, the blood stopped pouring, but Zhang ShengNan’s eyes were gray and lifeless .

Zhang ShengLi kneeled on the ground unable to lift his head . He could only helplessly cry . Even though he knew that his sister was at fault, regardless he would still love her because she was all he had left . Seeing her die this way in front of him, he couldn’t accept it . It was too painful .

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“Maybe she was forced out of this game, and she returned to the real world . My condolences, so you don’t need to worry . ” Liu Gan couldn’t bear to see Zhang ShengLi so grieved and tried to console him .

“Really?” Zhang ShengLi suddenly had a glint of hope in his eyes .

“With this type of game, no one can be sure?” Liu Gan shook his head .

Zhang ShengLi didn’t continue the conversation, but he only sat on the floor and stared at the bodies of ShengNan and Hu Rong . He still felt that this was all too surreal . Did they really die? Or did they return to the real world?

“I’ll give you ten more minutes to mourn . During this time, I want you to think carefully if you want to follow me . I will bring you, but if you choose to stay and continue mourning, I will respect your decision . ” Liu Gan patted Zhang ShengLi’s shoulder a few times as he prepared to leave .

If Zhang ShengNan hadn’t died, Liu Gan definitely wouldn’t bring Zhang ShengLi along . Now that she was dead, Zhang ShengLi didn’t have any more deadweight . Previously, Zhang ShengLi’s performance was spectacular . In addition, his sister’s death served as a reminder that Liu Gan was right . So, Liu Gan was definitely willing to give Zhang ShengLi another chance .

Liu Gan really wanted to takeover a Serenity aircraft . However it was hard to control a large aircraft with only him and Yin He . So he had to recruit more people .

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“No, I will leave with you right now . ” Zhang ShengLi wallowed in his misery and stood up . From the nearby room, he found a few white cloths that were used to cover instruments . He used that to cover up the bodies of Hu Rong and Zhang ShengNan . Then, he silently stood for half a minute . He turned around and left the laboratory, closing the door behind him .

Liu Gan wanted to remind Zhang ShengLi that he should separate their head from their bodies, just in case they reanimated as zombies . After thinking about it for awhile, he decided not to open his mouth . The reason was because he was curious if the two would actually become carriers of the virus and turn into zombies .

After he was done searching through the building, Liu Gan would eventually have to pass through the floor to get down . By that time if they did become zombies, it would only verify his idea .

Of course, judging from both of their wounds, Zhang ShengNan had the highest chance of becoming a zombie . Hu Rong might not have had that possibility since his skull had been cleaved and crushed into parts . It would be very unlikely for him .

Liu Gan waited for Zhang ShengLi to leave through the door and then headed towards the stairs of the fire escape . Zhang ShengLi quickly caught up in a few quick steps . Even though his expression was miserable, he was calming down .

Around 2AM in the early morning, Liu Gan led Zhang ShengLi with Yin He to the top of the building .

From above the 90th floor, there were no more strange events . They didn’t encounter any type of variant zombies . However, there were still some straggling regular zombies . Liu Gan and Yin He were able to mow down all of them without resistance .

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It wasn’t raining tonight; however, the wind was very strong on top of the roof . A helipad was at the top of the building, but there was no helicopter . Zombie corpses were scattered everywhere . The repugnant smell of rotten flesh was lingering in the air . It seemed that someone had been here before, and they had been fighting . According to Liu Gan’s hypothesis, it must have been players that had just entered the game and left behind these clues .

A lightning rod was on top of the building . It stood around half-a-meter tall . It was strapped down by a couple of sturdy wires at the sharpest tip of the rod . Stairs were located beside the lightning rod, and repairs could be made by climbing up them .

However, Liu Gan wasn’t interested in climbing up .

While standing on top of this hundred floor building, he overlooked the entire Nanjing city . Even though a large portion of the city was shrouded in darkness, you could see a faint shimmer of light at a far away location .

It seemed like there were more local survivors and players around like Liu Gan and Zhang ShengLi . They were scattered throughout the city, struggling to survive .

Liu Gan was standing at the top while the gusts of wind breezed past him . He was deep in thought, thinking back on his journey and all that he had been through to get here . He could finally collect his thoughts .

This was truly a horrifying and dangerous game . There were ambushes everywhere, so every step had to be cautious .

The Trembling World, the name very accurately described the game .

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