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The Trembling World - Chapter 151

Published at 18th of December 2016 05:03:23 AM

Chapter 151

After they allowed some time to pass, everything calmed down – the building stopped shaking, and the terrifying sound of the strikes ceased .  However, outside one could hear the anguished wails of zombies .


At this moment, fear and tension disappeared from the face of the people who had just experienced the dozen or so minutes of the purgatory-like ordeal,  replaced with feelings of heavy exhaustion and despair .  When would this kind of never-ending dread and trembling come to an end?


At the very least, they survived through the tornado .


Liu Gan did not immediately open the door to let everyone out .  Everyone stayed in the room for about twenty more minutes .  Only after sensing that everything had stabilized, did he push aside the cabinet blocking the door, and pulled open the door to the junk storeroom, peaking out .


There were indeed several additional zombies present in the living room outside .


Moreover, the living room was in complete disorder .  The window panes had all disappeared .  Outside of the somewhat deformed anti-theft metal door, the door to the balcony and all the other doors to the various rooms had disappeared . The furniture in the room had collapsed and was smashed into the ground .


These randomly appeared zombies all had suffered heavy injuries .  Some had their chests and stomach cut open .  Others had suffered broken legs, broken feet, broken backs .  One didn’t need to think to know where they had come from .  These zombies were definitely blown away and brought along by the tornado, they had entered the living room through the pane-less windows that had been blown apart .


Just like how Liu Gan stayed on the billboard after he entered the game and a half body zombie had been sent flying onto the billboard by an exploding helicopter .  One could not help but admit that these zombies were extremely tenacious .  They had somehow survived being swept up by the tornado into a high altitude and spun around at high velocity, and smashed into the living room .

Liu Gan charged into the living room and quickly took care of the heavily injured zombies .  Afterwards, he examined the entire room .

The northern wall of the building was badly damaged and had several holes .  The parts that weren’t broken open had many cracks .  A piece of roundwood that was about a meter long and twenty centimeters in diameter was in the floor about a meter away from a hole in the wall .  Without a doubt, the half a meter-wide hole in the wall had been made by this roundwood .  One could not know where the tornado had swept this wood from to smash into the room’s wall at such high velocity .


If you stuck one’s head out from the smashed windows and the holes in the walls, one could see that the wall on the northern side of the building was covered with blood, holes of all sizes, and cracks .  This was all the masterpiece of the tornado .

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Although the tornado had passed, wind did not stop blowing outside .  However, the force of the wind was a lot weaker compared to the wind when everyone had first entered the building .  Below the building, the residential neighborhood was filled with massive quantities of junk, which included the wrecked remains of vehicles .  It should be the junk that had been swept up by the tornado and intercepted by the building, and smashed into the building before sliding down the wall to the ground .


Aside from this building, the condition of the other buildings in the small residential neighborhood were also shocking, all of them were riddled with scars .  As far as the eyes could see, there was desolation .  One of the buildings had even entirely collapsed to the side .  It was likely that it had been struck by a large vehicle that had been swept up by the tornado and been knocked over .


As he witnessed the scene before him, Liu Gan felt that the previous thunder and torrential rain, and the tide of corpses were just simply child’s play .  This present situation was the real end of the world .  The prologue of the fear and the trembling of [The Trembling World] had probably just begun today .

Some of the broken legged, broken footed zombies had been squashed underneath the junk beside the building, and were shouting and struggling incessantly .  Some of the especially tenacious zombies had even torn up their own bodies in order to crawl out, and dragged their spilled intestines along as they crawled forward using their two hands .

Aside from the zombies buried under all kinds of accumulated junk, the small residential neighborhood was actually relatively abnormally clean .  Whether the zombies that roamed everywhere or the corpses of the dead zombies, or even the damaged and wrecked remains of vehicles parked on the road in the neighborhood, all had vanished without a trace at this moment .  


“We’ve … survived!”  After everyone walked out of the junk storeroom, they walked towards the broken and damaged wall, and joined Liu Gan and gazed out .  Aside from the look of rejoice from having gained a new lease on life, their faces were filled with deep helplessness and despair .

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Facing the zombies or the variant zombies, and even the zombie tide, one could still charge forward and risk one’s life to find the opportunity to live . Facing the formidable devastating power of nature however the only idea that came to mind was to hide in a somewhat sealed room, and continuously pray and submit to the will of heaven .


But finally, they had survived .


At that moment everyone slightly relaxed, the barely just restored bright sky suddenly once again showed anomalies .  First, the sky suddenly darkened .  Looking out the window and up at the sky, one could see a dense mass of what seemed like a black cloud that floated towards their location .  Very quickly, these black clouds gradually approached the ground .  Moreover, it fell rapidly to the ground .


After several minutes, everyone could distinctly make out what these black clouds were made … They were unexpectedly composed of those zombies that had been swept up into the sky by the wind .  Somehow, they were falling down on a block near the small residential neighborhood that everyone was hiding in .


Looking at the earth-shattering situation, the number of zombies could number as many as tens of thousands and even hundreds of thousands!  The small neighborhood was very likely to be on the fringe of the impact location of these black clouds .  However, the subsequent matters would be sufficient to cause everyone to be panic-stricken .

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Very quickly, these zombies fell to the ground in the small neighborhood . The noise of melancholic sounds began to ring out .  The sounds of bones breaking and viscera rupturing was extremely horrifying .  These zombies, one by one, fell just like raindrops from a high altitude, and directly fell on the small residential neighborhood’s cement ground .  

Some had their brains completely smashed, some had their bodies smashed completely to pulp, and some had their limbs broken by the fall . Lastly some had fallen into trees before they slid down and left branches and leaves in their wake .  Those fortunate enough to have fallen into the trees first before falling to the ground, only had their clothes ripped apart and became naked .  Afterwards, they shakily began to stand up .


These zombies that had just stood there had just only taken a few steps before a great quantity of zombies began to fall again from the sky .  By chance, one of these falling zombies smashed directly on a zombie that had just risen to his feet .  The two zombies once again collapsed to the floor, and no longer moved .


The rain of zombies from the sky just fell like this, wave after wave of densely packed zombies .  Very quickly, the ground of the small residential neighborhood was covered by layer after layer of zombie flesh . The subsequent zombies dropped on this thick layer of flesh, and the injuries that they suffered were not as severe as their predecessors .  Not long after they had fallen, they rose to their feet before being smashed by the subsequent waves of zombies .


Furthermore, many of the zombies smashed onto the roof of the building where everyone was bunched .  As they watched the rain of zombies, everyone could distinctly hear the melancholic sound of bangs and thumps come from the roof .  This even caused the building to slightly shake .

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