The Trembling World - Chapter 152

Published at 18th of December 2016 05:32:27 AM

Chapter 152

Some of the falling zombies fell through the opening of the broken windows of the room . Even as the bottom half of the zombie was cut off, it relentlessly revealed the desire to eat as it bared its teeth at the players . Looking at the sickening view, a player took his axe and ended the creature’s life .  

This rain of zombies that covered the floor of this small district soon spread throughout the larger region . The border where the zombies haven't fell was nowhere in sight . On the ground at least ten layers of zombies were piled up .

“You said after you earned enough money, you wouldn't do express delivery anymore and spend time with me to watch meteor shower . Well not that we are finally spend time together, we can watch this rain of zombies . So romantic . ” Said Zhou JingJing to HuJun .

“Us being able to stay alive is the most romantic . As long as we stay alive, anything is possible . We might even get the chance to watch a real meteor shower . ” Replied HuJun .

After hearing these two flirt and the way they look at each other, even the most desperate person can't hold back their smile . Temporarily, they forgot their worries . Zhang ShengLi and Lee Miao also looked at each other . Lee Miao gently slid her hand into Zhang ShengLi’s palm . Once Zhang ShengLi felt her presence, he closed his fingers interlocking with her fingers .  

Yin He seemed to have comprehended that from observation . Then she looked at Liu Gan by her side . She also attempted it by lifting her cold small hands over at him . However, Liu Gan didn't notice . He was deep in thought as he frowned by looking outside at the zombie rain . So Yin He could only retract her hands back .  

After the rain of zombies finally stopped, the zombies on the floor all stood back up . After surviving through the torment of the tornado, they were like wounded beasts and started producing terrifying roaring sounds .

If it were a normal human or him that fell from such high heights onto the meaty layer, they will die . If they don't die, they will be heavily injured . Without hospital care, death was inevitable . So these zombies that were able to stand up are truly resilient . Even after falling they were able to move smoothly as if nothing had happened .  

“Maintain silence, don't talk anymore . Try not to make any sound . ” Liu Gan said and made a hand sign to move back closer to the room and away from the windows .

While the players were staring at the lovey dovey couple, they all stopped and moved back toward the wall when they heard Liu Gan .

As more zombies got up off the ground, they started stacking in layers at the more dense locations . So if any one of them in the apartment above made any loud noise, they will attract the attention of the zombies . Once that happens, they might swarm up the building . Either by zombie ladder or forced entry into the building openings .  

Trapped within this destroyed building isn't similar to the time when he was trapped on the billboard . Since that billboard was a very slippery pillar so even with a zombie ladder it is quite difficult to reach the top . However with this building, every flight of stairs leads to the top .  

Once a zombie starts climbing close to them, it might trigger a special type of roar that will alert the others . By that time, the players and survivors are doomed .  

After the rain of zombie died down, the sky finally cleared up . The wind also got weaker . If a person was looking from afar at the scene, it is possible to tell that the tornado was dying down . While the tornado was in the process of dissipating, the fallen zombies in this district stayed in the district as the wind power wasn't enough to sweep them up again .  

Within the district and the district outside, more and more zombies stood up from the pile . The ones that stood upright were the ones that weren't as injured and the ones that were stepped on were the ones heavily injured . This posed a huge problem for Liu Gan and his group . As they were trapped in within a room of a heavily damaged building . They had no means of escape .

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Now that the entire district had zombies roaming around, the zombies that were stepped on didn't give up . As long as it could still move, it would fight and claw its way to the top .  

Within the meaty layer on the ground, there were large amount of intestines and stomach laying around . This caused the air to become increasingly stinky . The pungent fragrant was enough to cause some people to pass out . This world was stinky enough without the street maintenance, but with this rotten smell of flesh adding to that mix, it gave Liu Gan and his group a whole new traumatizing experience .

With this scene, the whole district seems to be a living hell . Not mentioning the scene of countless zombies walking around, there were the bodies of flesh that they were walking on . If the player had less courage then they won't even dare of walking on it . It was more than enough to scare them to death, if not then to the point of vomiting .

“Elder Liu, what should we do now? Should we just remain here?” Zhang ShengLi whisper gently to Liu Gan as all others stared on . There was no doubt that they were trapped here without any means of escape .  

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This stench is not any ordinary stench . As long as it continues fermenting it will produce more poisonous gas and spread to the areas that supply clean air for normal people to breathe in . Even if the group doesn't move a muscle, they will slowly die from the fermenting poisonous gas emitting from the rotting flesh .

Liu Gan didn't make a sound, he was quietly thinking . This is his third time in game being trapped . This time it was clearly worse than the first two times .  

The first time was when he was trapped on the billboard . Even on the billboard, if he continuously screamed the zombies couldn't climb up the pillar to attack him . The second time, was when he was on the hundred of meters high bridge . As long as he sat still, there wasn't much danger .  

This time is different . Liu Gan and his group were completely trapped . The moment they make a noise upstairs, then the zombies below will start crawling toward the source and there was the problem of being slowly poisoned by the air .  

He must think of a quick way to escape from this living hell . Otherwise, with this many people they were bound to create a noise and attract the attention of the zombies and by that time trying to escape would be difficult .