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The Trembling World - Chapter 153

Published at 18th of December 2016 08:19:26 PM

Chapter 153

Chapter 153 - One chance of survival

TL: xDh20, LifeisaJourney

ED: NoriPixel

 This is a sponsored chapter! Thank you for reading and for your support! Happy Holidays, Eric Spencer! P . S . I didn't want to wait one a day . No one likes to wait when it's full of suspense .  

While on the billboard in the plaza, one of the nearby districts continuously generated explosion noises . The zombies would then move in that direction . That was how he had a chance to escape from the billboard . This time, however, his luck wasn't like before, where a distant explosion could lure all the zombies away .  

This area was the center for this district, therefore, Liu Gan believed that his group was the only surviving group within this district .  

Without anyone else to save them, they could only rely on themselves to leave this district .  

This was such a desperate scenario . Even though he had become level 6, even though Zhang ShengLi was at level 5 and the rest of the players were at level 4, they couldn't dream of fighting against thousands and thousands of zombies, standing or crawling .

However, if Liu Gan decided to abandon these teammates and escape with Yin He, there might be a certain probability in his survival rate . If he did that, then every player in this room would be left to fend for themselves . Even though this was his best option for escaping and was a basic survival tactic, but doing so will add to the self guilt and psychological burden on Liu Gan . Thus, he didn't want to make this decision so easily unless it was the last resort .

If he had tried to take them along, however, he would do his utmost within his capability . Although the moment the situation takes a turn for the worst, he wouldn't be able to defend himself . That was the moment he would choose to abandon them and escape with Yin He .  

As Liu Gan was quietly thinking, other players also felt the tension in the air . Their usually calm and quick-thinking leader was no longer there . In addition, no one had a good idea to help at this crucial time, so they remain quiet . However, this quietness created more tension in the air .

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The players that survived to this point in [The Trembling World], as well as the local survivors that survived the catastrophe, both knew of the severe consequences that will occur if the zombies were lured over .

Liu Gan was pacing carefully in the room to ensure that he wasn’t making any noise . As he walked over to every window to peek outside, he observed the movement of the zombies and the surrounding environment in the district as well .

He believed in one aspect of life . There was always a way if you don’t give up hope . If he could only proactively think about it, he would be able to find a way in this seemingly hopeless environment . Right now, Liu Gan was working hard . He was deep in thought, thinking of a method for everyone to safely escape this situation .

In that spur of the moment, Liu Gan looked that the area behind this district—a large river . He saw the hope that he was searching for through the thousands of cracks his building . He gazed from a certain angle, then above for two floors, sweeping his view horizontally and then passing a few windows . There . He saw it faintly at first, but it was that exact thing he needed to escape .

Right by the river was a shipyard in which a yacht was docked . It wasn’t flipped over!

Since this yacht was docked by the river at a shipyard, the anchor must still be underwater . At the same time, there must be several chains at the tail end to lock it up tightly onto the dock . Even though the shipyard had been blown down to the metal framework by the wind, it was still held in place by the steel framework . It wasn’t blown away or overturned!

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This was the one chance for survival . Being pushed to this point by the game, the situation seemed very grim . If there was a chance to survive, it would be to escape with the yacht .

The yacht was around 20 meters long . It’s frame wasn’t considered too large or too small . It could fit more than a couple dozen of people with ease . The monster in the river was around 2-3 meters long, so the yacht could withstand the monster’s attack, unless there was an even larger monster lurking in the waters below .  

Since this district and the nearby districts are covered with zombies, it didn't make sense to escape on land . Thus, if they could start up the yacht it would at least have a higher chance of survival .  

The question was how would these 20 something people reach the yacht? Going down to the ground by foot was not possible . So if it wasn't possible by foot, then maybe it would be possible by traveling through midair? As he saw a thick tree on shore near the yacht, Liu Gan suddenly thought of an idea . Since going by foot would mean having to fight through the horde of zombies, it was terrifying just to think about . If they traveled through midair, then everyone could possibly make it there alive .  

One of the zombie on the rooftop saw Liu Gan's shadow and started drooling . It was dangling on the building exterior as it tried to reach the interior where Liu Gan was . However, Liu Gan was too quick and easily dodged the drool . He swung the axe and chopped its head off . Then, in a vertical jump with a wall assist, he was back into the other room with the others .  

Even though this time, his situation was a lot worst than when he was on the billboard, he still had an advantage . Firstly, he was level 6 so his capabilities were far superior than before . Secondly, he has Yin He, who could help him do many of the tasks that he couldn't do .  

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The most important factor was that Yin He didn't have fresh blood and meat scent, therefore she lacks any sign of life . If she turned off her function to create heat, she would be ice cold just like a rock .  

This way, the zombies definitely wouldn't attack her if she didn't attack first . As such, she could meander her way through the horde of zombies .  

Liu Gan took out the biochemically created, special rope that he got from the laboratory . He spread it out on the floor of the room and told Yin He to hold one end and rappel off the building . Once she landed on the meaty ground, the zombies took no notice of her . Yin He grabbed the rope and started walking further away to the river side in between two buildings closer to the yacht .

Then, Yin He climbed up the thick tree trunk and tied the rope onto one of the sturdiest branch . This way, it formed a downward slope from the room of the building to the trees .  

In the building, Liu Gan secured the rope tightly in the apartment . Then, he used regular rope to create rope segments and called for the members to come over .  

“I will zip down the rope onto the tree first . Once I am secure on the tree trunk, you guys will, one by one, take turn to slide down to me . I will be there to catch you . Make sure you don't make any noise in this process . If you feel that you can't hold onto the rope tightly, then tie the ropes to your wrist . If that's still not enough, then take another segment and tie it to your waist . Otherwise, there is a possibility of falling down . If you fall, you know the consequences yourself . ” Liu Gan whispered the instructions to them .  

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