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The Trembling World - Chapter 255

Published at 14th of July 2017 04:07:28 AM

Chapter 255

Chapter 255 - Charge

TL: xDh20, LifeisaJourney


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Liu Gan was thinking of how many more variant zombies it would take to level to 7 . An accurate number was impossible to pinpoint, so Liu Gan could only come up with a rough approximation .


Wang Chao and his group were able to kill their 3rd variant zombie, meanwhile Liu Gan and his group had already finished several minutes earlier . The garden was completely cleared of variant zombies!


Liu Gan’s and his group had killed 8 variant zombies, on the other hand the group of 6 were only able to kill 3 variants . What a big disparity in ability!


If it wasn’t for Liu Gan’s group drawing the attention of most of the variant zombies, then the other group might have perished early on . There were moments that Liu Gan and his group had to fight 3 variant zombies at the same time . The variant zombies were drawn to the sounds from Liu Gan’s group, otherwise, they would have probably ventured off in Wang Chao’s direction .


“The last time I was here, the mysterious guard appeared as I was walking up to the building in front of us . His strength was completely overwhelming . I don’t know if he will still be there today . If he appears, then we must work together to kill him . Once we kill him, I can open up the steel door that it was guarding . ” Wang Chao explained his strategy to Liu Gan .


It was first time for most people coming here, so naturally there wouldn’t be any objections . Everyone followed Wang Chao towards the building . When they came within a dozen meters of the doorway, a monstrous looking man appeared from the back of the building, completely blocking off their path .  


The face was monstrous looking because his complexion was dyed in bluish black color . It was very different from a normal person . The color was also different from grayish complexion of the normal zombies . From afar the mysterious guard looked as if his face was smeared with paint . The most disturbing aspect was that his eyes contained sparks of awareness . Regular zombies have all lost the capability of being aware, and they only have murderous looking blood-red eyes . This mysterious guard had the look of a normal person, and the movements of a normal person .


“Who are you?” Zhang ShengLi asked the mysterious guard .


“I am the gatekeeper here . My responsibility is to protect my master’s fortune . Who allowed you to be here? Leave at once!” the mysterious guard replied . His voice was at a very high pitch that uncomfortably pierced the ears .


“Leave? Who do you think you are? This is the post-apocalyptic world . Whoever has the strongest fist is the master! I suggest you move aside, otherwise don’t blame me for being rude!” Zhang ShengLi said aggressively to the mysterious guard .


Zhang ShengLi had told Wang Chao that he was level 6 when they had first met, which was just big talk . Now that he was really level 6, his [Whirlwind Slash] would be a lot stronger than before . Including the primitive [Mist Armor] as defense, Zhang ShengLi could be called a strong player now . Zhang ShengLi could speak with much more confidence now .


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The mysterious guard revealed a sinister laugh . “You think you can just bully me around? I would like to see you try! Ignorant fools!”




Wang Chao took the opportunity that Zhang ShengLi had created by talking to the mysterious guard . Wang Chao suddenly activated his [Charge] ability . He charged forward in a flash of bright light with his thick machete in hand .


Wang Chao had proven that he was lying about his ability previously . That farce about having a skill called [Decode] was just him hiding behind a facade . In reality, all of the computer terms he spouted were common knowledge that he had learned online . However, his real skill was actually [Charge]!

Whenever Wang Chao activated his skill within such a close distance, he had never missed his target . The last time he came here, Wang Chao had lost his teammates and was surrounded by three of the variant zombies . At the last moment, he could only use his skill to escape from impending death .


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This time because there were so many strong players by his side, he wouldn't have to worry about any variant zombies coming up from behind him . A favorable opportunity presented itself, as the mysterious guard happened to be within the radius of skill . After Wang Chao made a split-second decision, he decided to reveal his real skill to everyone .


No one would've thought that Wang Chao could move so fast with his ability . The speed helped add to the force of the downward slash . Even if it was a thick slab of rock, it would be cleaved in half!


Wang Chao had never used his ability before now, so the mysterious guard would be caught off . If by chance, he killed the guard, then he could showcase how powerful he was to the teams . Later on, it could be used as a bargaining chip for more loot because of how much he contributed .


As for lying about the ability… Wang Chao could tell that Zhang ShengLi and his group weren't honest . Well, everyone was openly lying, so no one side could blame the other since both sides were never honest to begin with .



Zhang ShengLi felt a cold sweat from the back of his neck . He could tell that this attack would've killed him if he were still level 5 . It would've been impossible to dodge that attack! He would've been severed into two parts .


Liu Gan's eyes also lit up . It was a very useful ability . It was so aggressive that it was perfect for a warrior! Especially when two opposing groups were lined up against each other . The ability could overcome the opposition and break through .


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Liu Gan had [Mist Armor] and [Psychic Shock], but he was still missing an ability that was cool and reliable like [Charge] . Liu Gan couldn't help but feel regret that he didn't get such a skill .



The most unanticipated outcome was produced from Wang Chao’s sneak attack . As Wang Chao flew closer, the mysterious guard reacted by easily retreating a few steps back . Like a spring, the mysterious guard pounced forwards with dagger in hand to counterattack . The dagger was aimed at Wang Chao’s chest!


Zhang ShengLi was within the vicinity and used his fire axe to block the attack . Wang Chao was livid . Not only did his attack not work, but he would have died if it wasn't for Zhang ShengLi’s help . Now they had an idea of how powerful the mysterious guard was .



Zhang ShengLi saw how strong this guard was, so he reached out with his axe to save Wang Chao . After that attack, the mysterious guard also took a few steps back .


As the three were exchanging blows in mere seconds, aside from the participants, Liu Gan, Yin He and Yan Su knew what had happened . All of the others that were level 5 were oblivious to what happened .


“Whoever dares to take on the challenge, step forward! If you don't dare to come forward, then just leave! Run far away! Don't remain here and embarrass yourself!” The mysterious guard taunted everyone around him .

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