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The Trembling World - Chapter 275

Published at 17th of August 2017 11:02:28 PM

Chapter 275

Chapter 275 - Ambush

TL: xDh20, LifeisaJourney



TL: Go to chapter 125 for reference of what Yin He is referring to .

Even though there were stuttering between every other word, Liu Gan was able to make out the meaning behind the sentence .


“How could…this be?” Liu Gan was shocked .


“The other two armored warriors are almost finished rebooting their systems . I will tell you everything when we get back . Do we need to kill these people?” Yin He asked Liu Gan . As Yin He was speaking, her voice program wasn’t on the right frequency, so her pitch would shift from high to low and occasionally switch between male and female . It was very weird to listen to .


Liu Gan looked at the group of men apathetically .


“We surrender! Let us live!”


When Liu Gan glanced over, the group of men had already placed their weapons on the ground and were on their knees .


This group of players had previously sent scouts to survey the situation, so they already knew the overwhelming difference in power between players and the armored warriors . It was impossible to win a fight against the warriors . They had also just witnessed how Yin He had killed multiple soldiers with her laser in a few seconds .


Aside from that, there was also Liu Gan . with his enhanced Mist Armor that could withstand the concentrated attacks of firearms . At the moment he killed Yan Su, Liu Gan revealed his superiority amongst the players in the area . So Raincoat was hoping to pit Liu Gan against the armored warrior, then escape in the confusion . Raincoat would never have thought that the armored warrior and Liu Gan were together .


What to do with this situation? There was no way to resolve this, no matter how they thought about it! They were still unsure how the armored warrior was working with Liu Gan, but that didn’t matter . It was worth the try if they tossed down their weapons and surrendered now, instead of getting obliterated by retaliating .


“Leave them, they may still have some use,” Liu Gan replied .


 “Okay . ” Yin He replied as she retracted the sharp blade and walked to the motionless bodies of the other two armored warriors .

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This peculiar armored warrior declared herself as Yin He, and she even obeys Elder Liu . This confused Zhang ShengLi . For the moment, Zhang ShengLi decided to follow Liu Gan, there were too many questionable situations and this was one of those moments, but Zhang ShengLi never asked . Once all the sniper rifles, rocket launchers, and assault rifles were on the ground, they were bundled together and tied up with rope .


Zhang ShengLi secured all the firearms, then kicked every one of the soldiers over to check for magazines, hand grenades, handguns, and any other useful items .


Raincoat and his soldiers had no idea how it was possible that the awakened warrior had teamed up with the two surviving players . It was just something unfathomable to them . The worst part was that Zhang ShengLi was violently manhandling them during the search . Zhang ShengLi even kicked them down onto the ground . Discontent was brewing within the soldiers hearts, but not enough for them to revolt .


Liu Gan’s power was not to be messed with, nor his pet warrior . The soldiers were thinking about how unbearable the treatment was, it was as if Liu Gan wouldn’t allow the group to continue playing their way .


Raincoat thought that he’d made an ingenious move to sneak a healer player in the mix, so that he could ambush Wang Chao’s group . In the end, all the sneaky planning was useless . The healer was the first to lose his life and now all their firearms and explosives were handed over .


In the end, whom had ambushed whom?


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The makeshift knapsack that Zhang ShengLi had on his back was filled with seized firearms, magazines, hand grenades, and two packages of C4 explosives . What a rewarding harvest! With these powerful weapons and large amounts of explosives, the prison compound would be better defended .


“Where did you get these firearms and ammunition? Where is your base camp?” Zhang ShengLi started interrogating the soldiers .


As Zhang ShengLi was doing his interrogations, Yin He walked back toward Liu Gan . She had tried to pry open the armor of the other two unconscious warriors for several minutes, but was unsuccessful .


She was trying to rob all the photon nanites from the two warriors to replenish herself, but discovered that there was a special authentication required for the procedure . So unless the armored warrior voluntarily opened up their body armor, no one could forcefully pry it open .


“Their helicopter will arrive here any moment! We need to leave now! Follow me!” Yin He whispered to Liu Gan as she sensed the presence of the enemy .


Liu Gan was silent . He was hesitating whether or not to follow this peculiar armored warrior that called herself Yin He . The difference in appearance caused discomfort in his heart . In the end, he was glad that she was still alive and that was most important to him .


Yin He started running a few steps and discovered that her pace was very slow . Her speed was not worth speaking about . After thinking briefly, she turned on several sequences that hid away all the heavy body armor within the dimension space in her chest .

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After storing away the heavy armor, Yin He’s body was glistening with a metallic glow . Her first few steps were very clumsy, but she adapted to the change quickly . This was another body form of the Warriors of the Future . By storing the heavy body armor into another dimensional space, speed and range of motion increased tenfold .


The price of losing the heavy protective armor would mean that their defense was drastically lowered . It wouldn’t be like before, where the warrior was invulnerable .


The full set of body armor didn’t have any weak points, the only downside of wearing it was the heavy weight . Movement would be limited, so running wouldn’t be an option . With their powerful laser attack, they could simply snipe their targets from afar . As long as the target was within viewing range, it would be hard to escape unharmed, so there was no need for the warriors to stash away their armor .


Right now, Yin He’s priority was to lead Liu Gan and Zhang ShengLi to escape . To guarantee that their speed wouldn’t be slowed down, it was necessary to stash away the heavy armor . If she wore the heavy armor, even a normal civilian could catch up to her .


Zhang ShengLi kicked the group of soldiers a few more times, then caught up to Liu Gan and Yin He, heading toward the large gate exit .


When Yin He arrived at the large gate, her fist retracted and in its place was a sharp object . She aimed it at the gate lock and the lights changed from red to green . The large gate smoothly opened up, and the three of them rushed out of the small courtyard into the large courtyard .


The moment the three players passed through the gate, it closed behind them . Zhang ShengLi looked back at the gate, and found it was now camouflaged with the surrounding wall . It was impossible to tell there was a gate there!

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