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The Trembling World - Chapter 276

Published at 22nd of August 2017 12:47:54 PM

Chapter 276

Chapter 276 - Memories

TL: xDh20, LifeisaJourney


After the three of them left the small courtyard…


The leader looked at the two armored warriors . Hesitating on the decision of whether or not to take the warriors back to base, the leader thought for a short while . If he didn’t take the chance, then this trip would be a total loss, as all their firearms were confiscated by Zhang ShengLi . With several soldiers left, they can still secure one of the warrior without problem . If they descended the mountain, he had an escape van waiting .


The problem was, what would happen if the warriors woke up?


There was a solution! It was to tie them up so tightly that they can't move to fight . Then carry them back to base and they can experiment as much as they want . Surely, their electric saw will be able to crack it open? Or…there would be experience after the kill?


The leader explained the plan to his followers and the more they found out, the more afraid they became . They were going to walk up to the armored warrior and tie it up, while praying that it wouldn’t wake up . For safety’s sake, they were going to use all the ropes to prevent escape .


The leader couldn't open the large gate exit after tying up the warriors . So the only way out was to leave the same way they came in . A few soldiers climbed back up the wall to escape . The rest of the soldiers were below the wall and moved the warriors closer to the wall .


With the soldiers’ combined strength, they lifted one body halfway up the wall . The rebooting sequence of the armored warriors finished about that time, and it woke up . The armored warrior discovered that it was suspended in the rope, so it opened up a hidden compartment . Out from the compartment came a flexible electric saw, that quickly cut out all the ropes .


At that moment, when Raincoat realized he had messed up . Quickly he ran in the other direction . The soldiers on the top of the wall jumped off onto the side of the large courtyard and were the lucky ones since they were able to escape .


The soldiers that remained within the wall were all inside the small courtyard, the quicker ones were able to hide behind the collapsed Research Building . The two armored warriors shot lasers aimed at the slower soldiers . One by one, the soldiers fell .


Raincoat and the rest of the soldiers were on the wall, so they were able to rush out to the side of the large courtyard . They only took a few steps, and heard sounds of an engine roaring through the night sky . The heavyweight helicopter aircraft was right above the large courtyard . They had discovered Raincoat and his soldiers . Down came a shower of lasers from the helicopter .


Sadly, Raincoat and the soldiers were just regular humans when it came to receiving a laser attack head on . Little did they expect that from their own ambush, they would pay with their lives and weapons .


It was at this moment that Raincoat finally understood why Liu Gan had allowed them to remain alive . It was… to use them as decoys . These decoys will struggle for their lives as long as they could and buy time . Even if it was just a minute or two, it would help Liu Gan escape .


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They had done their duty of being a cannon fodder diversion .




Right about then, Liu Gan had a more personal issue he had to worry about . He really wanted to ask Yin He about everything . But, the situation wasn’t the right time for it . First, they had to leave this sticky situation .


Liu Gan, Zhang ShengLi and the self-proclaimed Yin He escaped from the small courtyard through the camouflaged door, then rushed out of the large courtyard into the woods before the helicopter returned .


Whether it was the rain clearing up or the sun setting, night was drawing closer .


Meanwhile, while Yin He was running down the mountain, she kept pressing on the miniscreen on her chest . It was to turn off all traces of tracking-related services on her body . Evidently, some signals were harder to turn off than others . In the end, she was only able to extend the frequency between each signal to every five hours .



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“Yin He, what happened? How did you become like this?” Liu Gan finally asked, as they reached their starting point, where they parked the car within a cave .


Even though these issues were discussed privately, Zhang ShengLi was there . He wasn’t an outsider anymore, so Liu Gan and Yin He didn’t feel the need to keep him in the dark .


“There is something I have been hiding from you . It’s not like I wanted to hide it from you, but it’s because I haven’t figured it out myself . So that’s why I haven’t mentioned it,” Yin He finally replied to Liu Gan . By now, she had figured out the voice modulation for the armored warrior and spoke more clearly .


With the right modulation, she tried her best to match her previous voice from her former body to make it more recognizable to Liu Gan .


“What is it?” Liu Gan quickly asked .


“Today, I remembered my former life . Memories were sealed deep within my spirit . I can only remember fragments of it, but I was not a biochemical android originally…


“My precious life…I was the plasma within the universe nebula storm . I don’t know how I wandered all the way onto this planet, where I was captured and placed into the body of the biochemical android . At least, that was until the thunderstorm . The lightning strike of a hundred billion volts that shattered my cage…

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“The moment my plasma spirit was released from that body, I followed the current of a hundred billion volts of electricity to invade into the body of the warrior . I quickly took control of their control center and that is how I became like this,” Yin He explained .


“A Plasma Spirit?” Zhang ShengLi was shocked, as it was his first time hearing this .


“Yes, according to my fragmented memory . A plasma spirit that was able to wander the galaxy . When I have a lot of spirit energy, I can wander through the galaxies easily, but when I have little, I have to leech off of biological creatures and electrical machines .


“Right now my spirit energy is very weak, I can only rely on this body to survive . It was fortunate that when when my android body was shattered, there was a connecting voltage tunnel to transfer my spirit over . Otherwise…,” Yin He continued .


“If you hadn’t been able to successfully take control of the body, what would you do?” Liu Gan interrupted .


“If I wasn't successful in taking over, then my spirit would be scattered into the wind . With a major part of my memory destroyed, I would take shape as wandering plasma until I extinguish my energy . I would simply vanish from the endless universe,” Yin He replied .


“So when you were telling me that the lightning strike wouldn't hurt you, was that a lie?” Liu Gan sternly asked .

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