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The Trembling World - Chapter 324

Published at 6th of November 2017 07:03:17 AM

Chapter 324

Chapter 324 - Lover

TL: xDh20, LifeisaJourney


Even though the PDA now held an extra metal container, the electrical wiring was held in place by fast-acting white glue to fasten it . It looked relatively neat even with all the wiring .


Since there was an expert on the scene, Liu Gan decided to attach the detection device onto the PDA to test it out . This was the PDA’s best function .


To his disappointment, the PDA didn’t display any readings . After trying several times unsuccessfully, Liu Gan had to ask Su Nina for help .


“The microchip detection device is broken,” Su Nina responded after a short inspection, reporting the bad news back to Liu Gan .


“Broken? I’ve been keeping good care of it when I carry it by my side . How could it be broken? Is it fixable?” Liu Gan was disappointed . The purpose of fixing the PDA was to use this detection device . Who would’ve thought that now that the PDA was fixed, the detection device was broken .


“You didn’t break it . It is just that the microchip is installed into an auto-degradative system . It only allows three days of use . Every three days it requires the installation of a new microchip, since the the microchip will start degrading after several hours of usage . Once the microchip is damaged to a certain point, it is irrecoverable . ” Su Nina handed the detection device back to Liu Gan .


A loss of the detection device, but a gain of a robotic dog, which could scan and fight . In Liu Gan’s heart, the scale of loss and gain was balanced . The detection device itself was a huge cheat . If it could be used successfully, Liu Gan suspected the checks and balances of the game would bring him more trouble .


“The PDA has a microchip with personal information . His name was Jiang Jinyuan . Is that your friend?” Su Nina asked Liu Gan . When she was charging the PDA, she couldn’t help sneaking a look at Liu Gan’s personal data, only to find it was someone else’s information .


“Yes, this PDA belongs to him . It is my fault that I didn’t do my duty to protect him . He was ambushed by a Variant Zombie…” Liu Gan frowned .


At the start, when Liu Gan met Jiang Jinyuan, he had full intentions of taking the PDA for himself . That evil thought subsided when Jiang Jinyuan helped him find the most important person in his life, Yin He . From that point forward, Liu Gan felt he owed a favor to Jiang Jinyuan . Unable to repay the favor, Liu Gan even promised to fulfill his last will . Even now, Liu Gan still hadn’t able to settle it .


“It contains his genetic information and all the memories prior to being transferred . It is stored in the form of data as backup . I have an idea to recreate a body, this way he could communicate his thoughts,” Su Nina said, testing Liu Gan’s response .


“Oh?” Liu Gan was shocked, as he looked at Su Nina . According to what she meant, Jiang JinYuan backed up his data in the PDA? A live person could store his own data and memory as backup? That was a bit too surreal, right?


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“In our laboratory, we were researching that . I’ve created a dozen bodies of myself, scattered throughout the deep sea . Standing in front of you is only one of the many bodies . So I’m not afraid of your threats, since it doesn’t mean much if you kill me . I only want to help you,” Su Nina was referring to the scene in the dreamland, where Liu Gan stabbed her .


When she was stabbed, it made her feel really upset . Later on, when Liu Gan helped kill Peng Xuetao when she was being harassed, it restored her feelings toward Liu Gan . She quickly forgave him .


“Okay, if you can revive him, I will owe you a favor,” Liu Gan immediately answered Su Nina .


“Well, what can this favor be used for? Can I exchange it for a kiss?” Su Nina giggled at Liu Gan .


“No . ” Liu Gan firmly shook his head .


“Ah… If that doesn’t work . I will still help you . It is merely because you are my favorite,” Su Nina replied, disheartened .


“Do you know me from somewhere before?” Liu Gan asked one more time . This wasn’t the first time she had hinted at this . There must be another reason why she was so bent on helping him .


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It was at this very moment that a sound came from the isolation chamber . It sounded like an alarm ringing . A member that was responsible for monitoring the dock quickly ran over to Su Nina .


“There is a problem with their airship! I need to go resolve it! Let me borrow the PDA!” Su Nina quickly rushed away . She had a very worried expression .


Yin He also rushed over with her dog, since she seemed to have sensed something was wrong .


“What did you do?” Liu Gan picked up Peng Xuetao from the floor and rushed over to the isolation chamber .


“I sent an SOS request to the mothership . It must be one of the protocols of the mothership . When it doesn’t have available personnel to send over or it can’t reach here, it will lead the airship to self-destruct . If we don’t leave this area now, we will all die!” Peng Xuetao heard the warning sirens from the airship and understood them .


“Are you able to resolve the issue?” Liu Gan walked over to Su Nina .


“Still in the process of figuring it out,” Su Nina replied . She was still unable to open the doors to the airship . Even Peng Xuetao’s fingerprint and retina scans wouldn’t open the door . Evidently, when the mothership controller received the distress signal, it reassumed control of the airship . It also erased Peng Xuetao’s authority on the vehicle . When the mothership’s network was hacked and the communication with the robotic dog was also lost, it initiated the self-destruct sequence .

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Su Nina wouldn’t be able to get in the airship . She hoped that using the PDA, she could remotely hack into the airship’s control system .


“Does he still have any use?” Liu Gan held up Peng Xuetao, as he asked Su Nina .


“The mothership decided to abandon him . He is useless to us now,” Su Nina replied to Liu Gan .


“Hey! Wait, you promised to not kill me…” Peng Xuetao realized that the situation he was in and tried to remind Liu Gan .


“My promises are only for people who are worthy . Too bad, you aren’t worth it . ” Liu Gan promptly punched Peng Xuetao’s head until it became mush .


Disappointingly, there were no black mist appearing, but there was a reaction from Liu Gan’s ring… It was similar to the time when he received ownership of the dagger, and felt similar to that of his watch . He could retract and store certain equipment into his wristwatch, like an inventory .


Liu Gan pulled the ring out from his wristwatch and put it on his finger . Now that the ring was bound to him, he had full control . When he focused on the ring, he could access a small dimensional storage space . This dimensional storage space was not a set location, it could be manipulated with his thought power and float around his body . When it was in front of him, he noticed something was inside it already . He also found something small to put into the dimensional space and stored it there .

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