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The Trembling World - Chapter 36

Published at 25th of April 2016 07:44:23 PM

Chapter 36

Chapter 36: Identity card

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The sudden turn of events left the remaining four scumbags bewildered and shocked . The moment they had realized what transpired, they were frantically scrambling for their weapon and attempting to surround Liu Gan; to which Liu Gan reacted by raising the approximately 80kg Yellow checkered-shirt’s body over his head and vigorously tossing him towards two of the scumbags . After that, he rushed in front of the other two .

One of the two that Liu Gan was rushing towards raised the machete that he was carrying and hacked down forcefully at Liu Gan as soon as he was within reach . With swift agility, Liu Gan shifted his body sideways and beautifully dodged the machete . With one of his hands clenched into a fist, Liu Gan punched at the machete-wielding scumbag’s chest, easily blasting a bloody hole in his chest . The machete-wielding scum weakly crumbled to the ground, never to move ever again .
[TN: I shit you not, it says a hole]

The other pile of human-shaped dirt was filled with terror, appalled as he peered at his former ally whose face was touching the floor and had long since stopped moving . Thinking to himself, “F*ck, is he even human? A punch of his blew up a hole in his comrade’s chest…”

Liu Gan removed the machete from the dead scumbag’s hand and unhesitatingly hacked at the neck of the scumbag who was still in shock . With no resistance at all, the scumbag, now on the floor, was killed instantly .

The other two who were knocked down by the flying yellow checkered-shirt man Liu Gan had tossed earlier, were slowly getting up . As they were crushed by the heavy yellow checkered-shirt man, they were still in a daze as they stood up . The force of impact was as if a minicar ran into them . Hence, they met their maker shortly after, due to the inability to put up any resistance against Liu Gan who rushed towards them and hacked them to death .

Pan Hua, who was following behind, was thoroughly appalled at the scene and had stopped moving for a moment . After which he hurriedly rush towards LuLu, cutting loose the ropes that bound her wrists and legs . After which, with an embarrassed expression, spoke a few words to her .

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LuLu continued to sit on the floor and sluggishly stared at Liu Gan . The slaughtering of those waste-of-space nobodies happened to fast that LuLu was still trying to make out what really happened .

“Boss, I am in the wrong . I should not have suspected you . I almost made the matter worse . I already knew that you were a good guy, you would definitely not harm LuLu . ” Pan Hua walked towards Liu Gan and apologized sincerely .

Liu Gan coldly looked at Pan Hua and did not reply him . He turned around, picked up his backpack and went forward to search the bodies of the dead good-for-nothings .

Both Pan Hua and LuLu were too weak, especially LuLu . She was so timid that during her job as a sentry for the team, she could not even notify Liu Gan that something had happened in time . This type of stupidity was not tolerable at all . After what happened this morning, Liu Gan decided not to let them remain by his side .

To continue in this post apocalyptic world, a team with strong-willed and trustworthy members was the key to survival . Especially after a long and arduous day, if there weren’t any trustworthy teammate, sleeping was also considered very dangerous . No matter if it were zombies, other players or lucky survivors of The Trembling World, there were many latent dangers which forced people to remain guarded .

Even if there weren’t any suitable team member, Liu Gan couldn’t haphazardly let anymore random people form a team with him as it would only lead to a faster death for himself .

LuLu who finally gathered her wits, went over to the shivering naked lady and released her from the ropes . After that she supported her and lead her back into the hardware shop . LuLu then came out and walked towards the minimart as she recalled that the lady’s clothes were there .

Pan Hua gazed at Liu Gan who was raiding the corpses, hesitated for a moment, before picking up a machete and hurried to the side of LuLu who was trudging over to the minimart .

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The loots gathered from the five scumbags were pretty good . Other than the two grenades that Yellow-checkered shirt had, Liu Gan managed to find a few packs of bread and bottles of drinks . There were even disinfectants and plasters; looks like they managed to plunder a drugstore .

Liu Gan also managed to find three cards on the Yellow checkered-shirt guy . The cards looked seemingly like some kind of identity cards and on them was the San Xing Corporation logo . Liu Gan cannot but furrowed his brow as he pondered the reason as to why the scumbags have these identity cards .

The photo on the identity card did not match any of the men . Liu Gan then walked into the pawn shop and compared the photos with the naked lady . Seeing that one of the photos was a perfect match, Liu Gan realized that the identity card would most probably belong to the naked lady .

Liu Gan walked over to the corpses and retrieved a shirt from one of them . He then walked to the naked lady and covered her with the shirt .

“Are you one of the workers from San Xing Corporation?” Liu Gan asked the lady .

The lady did not reply Liu Gan and looked at him with immense fear while her whole body trembled uncontrollably .

“Is your name… ZhangYu?” Liu Gan used the identity card to compare and asked .

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The lady remained silent, she did not acknowledge with even a nod or shake of her head .

“What is the cause of this apocalyptic world? Are the zombies a product of your experiments?” Liu Gan inquired .

ZhangYu shook her head with visible strain, the fear on her face had gotten even more intense .

“Do you know about the video game [The Trembling World]?” Liu Gan asked ZhangYu again .

When ZhangYu heard the words “The Trembling Word”, she had a distracted gaze, but continued to remain silent . She was already at her limit; traumatized and numbed at everything said or done to her .

“I did not and will not cause you any harm . I was the one who rescued you from that group of scum . I would like to ask whether you know about this game? If you do, why are we players trapped in the game?” Liu Gan asked ZhangYu in a gentler and warmer tone .

ZhangYu shook her head and her facial expression displayed some confusion, as though she did not understand what Liu Gan was talking about .

Looking at her, Liu Gan was reminded of the time when he was trapped on the billboard where met the female crewmember from the helicopter . At that point in time, he had a lot of questions he wanted to ask her . However their conversation was totally incoherent and he could not understand what she was saying .

Now he managed to meet another San Xing Corporation worker but wasn’t able to find out anything from her .

“What are the uses of these identity cards?” Liu Gan placed the three cards in front of ZhangYu . Previously when he was playing games, there would always be items that could be obtained and would trigger conversations or give information about some specific quest . He was hoping that by doing that he would be able to obtain some facts from her .

ZhangYu did not shake her head this time, however she continued to keep her mouth shut and refused to speak . She continued to look at Liu Gan fearfully and her trembling got worse .

Liu Gan furrowed his eyebrows and figured that this lady had been traumatized to her limits by the group of scumbags . She was not replying no matter what he asked her . No matter how he continued asking her, it would probably make her even more fearful and make the matter worse .

Pan Hua and LuLu walked into the hardware shop . LuLu managed to find the clothes of ZhangYu near the entrance of the minimart . She squatted beside ZhangYu, trying to help her wear her shirt back .

Liu Gan stood up and went outside the hardware shop, observing their surroundings .

“Boss! I found a weird looking bottle outside the minimart . There is a San Xing Corporation logo on it . ” Pan Hua walked towards Liu Gan and handed it over to him .

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