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The Trembling World - Chapter 368

Published at 12th of June 2018 06:09:06 PM

Chapter 368

Chapter 368 – Superiority

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TL: xDh20, LifeisaJourney

It was a rather well-known fact in the heart of these players within the Beginner Village that, they held their Elder Leader in high regard . They treated his existence as if he were a god . So, they felt that if Elder Leader wanted to do something, it could be done . They were expecting a quick match against the intruder .

Liu Gan was equally excited . Ever since he entered the Trembling World, he had never faced a really challenging opponent . Even though Su Nina was strong, her strength was her mental abilities . Every other player he had faced was finished off within one or two strikes .

If the opposing player didn’t have any [Mist Armor], then they would be finished off with one strike . If they had [Mist Armor], then it would take two strikes . There were never any thoughts of surrendering . Even with the seemingly unbeatable Yin He by his side, when it came to dueling other players, he never ordered her to help .

To Liu Gan, this chance of fighting against a self-proclaimed level 14 player was worth the risk . No matter what level his opponent was, he would have a good chance to stretch out his muscles . Training his PK skills against a good training dummy was something Liu Gan wanted to do for a while . Even if Lee DingXiang wasn’t the reason, Liu Gan would’ve wanted to spar with Qiu Zi regardless .

Qiu Zi saw that Liu Gan didn’t have any weapons on him, so he didn’t feel the need to use any weapons . Even though Liu Gan had a follower accompanying him, Qiu Zi didn’t feel threatened . So if Qiu Zi picked up a weapon against the weaponless Liu Gan, then in front of other people he would lose face .

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“Okay, you can have the first move . ”

Right as the battle about to begin, Qiu Zi hand motioned for Liu Gan to initiate . This many eyes watching his every move, it would be bad for him if he did something that ruined his image .

“You were the one who wanted to challenge me, so you should be the one to make the first move . ” Liu Gan crossed his arms while he cockily provoked Qiu Zi .

Qiu Zi got even more aggravated listening to the provocation . To him, it was much cooler to be the second to strike . His opponent didn’t want to give him that opportunity . If both players kept urging each other to start, they would not get anywhere . This could be a strategy of the enemy!

“Then, you need to be careful!”

Qiu Zi rushed over and in a flash, he appeared next to Liu Gan . With a open palm, he chopped down at Liu Gan .

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The crowd gasped . Even though most of the Elders in the plaza had enhanced sight, they could only see Qiu Zi’s afterimage, not keep up with his movement .

What speed! People in the audience were trying to imagine what it would be like if they were in Liu Gan’s shoes . Against this swift attack, they didn’t feel like they could react fast enough to block it .

Qiu Zi didn’t even ask about Liu Gan for his level, but through this swift attack, he could come up with an estimate based on the reaction and outcome . Not only was Qiu Zi thinking about this, but the audience felt the same way . They could easily figure out if Liu Gan was all talk .

Liu Gan easily sidestepped to avoid Qiu Zi’s attack . A spark of relief flashed in his eyes… this Qiu Zi was capable . The attack just now was even faster than his own . The flash dash followed by a sword hand chop was a sign of high level offensive ability activation .

Liu Gan noticed Qiu Zi’s bluff . Qiu Zi was definitely not level 14 . Nevertheless, Qiu Zi could prove to be a capable opponent . A fitting high-level player, worthy of his respect .

“You can avoid my ability . Seems like you do have some skill . You should be at least level 10, right?” Qiu Zi suddenly asked after Liu Gan dodged his skill .

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“Sorry, I am already level 18,” Liu Gan replied . Since Qiu Zi lied first, Liu Gan didn’t see the need to be truthful .

“Oh? Level 18? Even if you are level 100, you aren’t my opponent! I can kill you easily if I wanted to!” Qiu Zi coldly replied .

“What? You can try!” Liu Gan shot back . Even though Liu Gan didn’t attack, he was trying his best to generate fury .

This [Crescent Blade] ability was the best . However, fury must be generated through anger or from damage converted into fury . This type of fury would slowly decrease if it wasn’t used . So, if Liu Gan started fighting, he would find things that he could use to trigger his anger to self-aggravate .

“I won’t kill you . I will beat you so you can fulfill your promise to kneel here for three days and three nights . A man’s worth is his word . Just don’t forget what you had promised to do!” Qiu Zi was triggered by Liu Gan’s choice of words, so he felt the need to speak up and get the last word .

“With just your skillset, you want to attack me? Even your grandpa is no match for me!” Liu Gan suddenly cursed out Qiu Zi . This increased Liu Gan’s fury counter . The feeling of looking for something triggering was quite strange .

LuLu had reached the platform side, and she stared up at Liu Gan . She thought she understood him . Aside from the incidents when he called her degrading names, he would also curse frequently . From today’s incident so far, it seemed like something had changed!

“Receive my attack! Let’s see where you can hide!” Qiu Zi charged forward with another attack . This time both his hands had an electric glow and discharge as he attacked Liu Gan .

“Go die!” Liu Gan threw out an uppercut . The fist had a hint of golden glow, a sign of [Crescent Blade] activation . Liu Gan activated his skill right as Qiu Zi was charging forward .

Qiu Zi had momentum from his move, so he couldn’t avoid the attack . [Crescent Blade] landed right on his body . Qiu Zi’s [Mist Armor] shattered twenty percent . In return, Qiu Zi’s [Lightning Palm] landed on Liu Gan’s arm . However, Liu Gan’s [Mist Armor] didn’t suffer any damage at all .

Liu Gan’s first awoken ability was [Mist Armor] . So naturally, his [Mist Armor] was different from other level 6 players . His [Mist Armor] was at least several dozen times more dense than regular players . His [Mist Armor] had high defensive capabilities . Even though he was level 10, his [Mist Armor] was better than any level 14 player .

Aside from that his alloy limbs were used to block the enemy attack, so Liu Gan didn’t suffer any injuries . Since there was no damage done, Liu Gan’s [Mist Armor] didn’t decrease in durability . Only when his head and body parts got injured would his [Mist Armor] lose durability .

Once [Mist Armor] was damaged, its recovery speed would also slow down . If [Mist Armor] was completely destroyed, then it would take one whole day before it could be reinstated . So when level 6 players battled against one another, they would both have primitive [Mist Armor]; it was critical to get the first move to shatter the enemy [Mist Armor] . The first successful strike would gain superiority over the other .

When Liu Gan and Qiu Zi exchanged blows, the electric discharge rubbing on the alloy limbs produced sparks that lit up the stage . The audience continued clapping and cheering at the spectacular fight . To them, it seemed like the fighters were evenly matched . But, in reality, only Qiu Zi suffered damage to his [Mist Armor], while Liu Gan was unscathed .

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