The Trembling World - Chapter 37

Published at 25th of April 2016 07:44:23 PM

Chapter 37

Chapter 37: Frantically rushing

Liu Gan extended his hand and took the bottle from Pan Hua . The small bottle was made of metal . After looking at the San Xing Corporation logo, he gave the bottle a shake to see if there was anything inside . He could feel waves pushing against the inner walls of the bottle, denoting that there was probably some kind of liquid held within . Liu Gan flipped the bottle and saw that there was a small word “Incubator” written on the base of the bottle . However, a description of what the bottle was incubating wasn’t present .

“Incubator? Maybe it is some disease or virus? Boss you must take caution when you open the bottle,” Pan Hua hurriedly cautioned Liu Gan after he saw the word . The purpose of handing over this bottle, which he found, was to fawn over Liu Gan . It would be big trouble if the bottle ended up causing him harm .

Liu Gan figured that the lady named ZhangYu would know what is contained in the bottle . Hence he turned around and made his way back into the hardware shop . However at that moment, a shriek coming from the hardware shop .

Liu Gan and Pan Hua immediately rushed into the shop…

There was a freshly cut wound along ZhangYu’s throat, fresh blood was spurting out of the wound, dying the ground crimson red . She looked like she was still conscious and there was a piece of metal blade found on the ground beside her where her hand laid . This ZhangYu must have searched for this metal blade from the hardware shop when Liu Gan and gang weren’t paying attention to her .

“What does this bottle contain? What is it for?” Liu Gan rushed towards ZhangYu and applied pressure to the wound and pressed on her carotid artery hoping that the blood will stop .

ZhangYu glanced at the bottle, opened her mouth and muttered something that was not audible . A short while after, her eyes became lifeless and devoid of any response .

[Feldy: Wth, the new characters died so fast… Might as well don’t give them any names . ]

ZhangYu and her boyfriend LiHui had left the safety of their apartment in search of food at the break of dawn . They discovered that zombies were less reactive during the morning sunrise, but they weren’t killed by zombies . They were ambushed by 5 scumbags, who killed her boyfriend LiHui and now she committed suicide . Unable to handle the humiliation, fear, and the pain of losing her only loved one so she chose to escape .

LuLu was on the ground crying, trembling in fear . Once again she witness death before her very eyes .

Liu Gan searched through ZhangYu’s clothes, but he didn’t find anything . The 5 scumbags probably searched her thoroughly before him .

“This is all my fault, she is dead because of me…” LuLu started crying even louder .

“This isn’t your fault…” Pan Hua got on the ground beside LuLu trying his best to comfort her .

“What happened this morning?” Liu Gan walked over to question LuLu .

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“At the break of dawn…” LuLu forming words while hiccuping as she sobbed .

“If I woke you guys up earlier, maybe you could have saved her and her boyfriend . It was because I was too gutless and useless!” LuLu finally showing her deepest regret on making a poor decision .

Liu Gan didn’t say anything, he turned and walked out of the hardware store . He gathered all the supplies and put them together before stuffing them in his backpack; because of the scumbags, he now had a few extra backpacks .

“Boss, what do we do now?” Pan Hua asked about the the corpses on the floor .

“Right now, there is no us . We will go our separate ways . You and LuLu are on your own,” Liu Gan stated coldly .

“Don’t be like that… It is me who misunderstood you…” Pan Hua got on his knees to beg Liu Gan . Everything that occurred this morning, is due to the cruelty of The Trembling World . The moment Liu Gan leaves, with him and LuLu’s ability, they will be doomed . They won’t be able to face off any enemies that were stronger than them .

“It is not that I won’t help you two, but mainly because your personalities aren’t suitable for this game . Resisting it will only bring more misery . Why not think of a way to escape, maybe you can leave the game early,” Liu Gan replied to Pan Hua .

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At this moment, a zombie that seemed to have smelt the fresh corpses in front of the hardware shop wandered from afar and finally turned a corner to see Liu Gan and Pan Hua together . It got really excited and let loose a howl that sounded like a hungry animal .

Pan Hua got scared and took a few steps back . Liu Gan just stood still, only until the zombie moved very close to him, did he dropped his backpack and retreat rapidly . Raising only one hand, he twisted his body in one fluid motion while chopping off the zombie’s head from the neck . The zombie’s head flew up high in the sky as the headless body took few more steps before falling forward in front of Pan Hua .

“Boss, I know we are a burden to you and I don’t have any rights to request anything from you . I only ask that you bring us away from this area… Then afterwards, I won’t bother you again…” Pan Hua with a face of dread walking to Liu Gan .

The day started getting bright . The 5 scumbag’s body reeked of fresh blood and this strong smell was sure to attract more zombies . If Liu Gan left them there, they would surely get surrounded and die miserably .

Not too far off from an alleyway transmitted a smothered sound, much like a hand grenade explosion .

“Then you guys have to keep up . ” Liu Gan nodded to Pan Hua’s request .

“Now that people have died, we have to rush before more zombies gather . If we don’t leave now, he won’t wait for us,” Pan Hua rushed into the hardware store to tell LuLu .

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LuLu’s face was pale white, but still got up to follow Pan Hua out of the store . At this moment, Liu Gan was already outside killing another three zombies that closed in on their location . As it got brighter, this place was obviously no longer safe .
Pan hua moved forward to help Liu Gan carry another backpack full of supplies, proceeding to follow closely behind Liu Gan towards a nearby alley . LuLu tried her best to catch up to them .

Liu Gan and the group didn’t walk too far, before they suddenly heard a noise coming from afar accompanied by the sound of messy footsteps and cries for help . Liu Gan signaled for Pan Hua and LuLu to keep silent with a hand gesture, before quickly climbing up to the roof of a two-storey building nearby . Upon reaching the top, he peered in the direction of the noise .

In the distance, were three males drenched in blood, screaming for help while running for their dear lives . Behind them were dozens of zombies that looked like a train chasing after them .

Liu Gan bounced off the outer wall of the building twice and landed on the ground . He hurriedly pushed Pan Hua and LuLu into a dark alley and instructed them to hide themselves behind the rubbish bins and the junk that was piled in one corner . After they were hidden, Liu Gan climbed up the rooftop of the two storey building again and looked towards the zombie train .

While Liu Gan was trying to hide his presence on the rooftop, the three males leading the zombie train reached a street close to where they were .

The speed of the three males who were sprinting were considered pretty fast, therefore, the zombies were not able to catch up to them . The three males continued to shout and holler the whole way, subsequently dashing past the hiding place of our concealed trio .