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The Trembling World - Chapter 70

Published at 8th of June 2016 06:48:56 AM

Chapter 70

Chapter 70: Backup power source

Liu Gan felt that something wasn’t right, so he rushed towards the window and used his legs as leverage against the windowsill to pull on the rope with both of his hands . He was trying his best to pull Jiang JinYuan up toward him .

Right when the zombie clawed at Jiang JinYuan, Liu Gan’s tug boosted Jiang JinYuan up half a meter, and Jiang JinYuan narrowly avoided infection .

Jiang JinYuan also mounted both his leg along the building’s exterior, so the zombies wouldn’t scratch his legs . However, there was a very stubborn middle-aged female zombie that kept jumping upward and reaching for his bum . She was able to claw off a large piece of cloth, and Jiang JinYuan was almost infected .

Once again, the middle-aged female zombie tried jumping and clawing at Jiang JinYuan, but Liu Gan mustered up enough strength to pull up Jiang JinYuan another half meter . By the time Jiang JinYuan reached the top, his clothes were soaked through . This was his first life-threatening situation . If it wasn’t for Liu Gan pulling him upward with brute force, then Jiang JinYuan would have ended up within the claws of those zombies . His demise would’ve been horrifying .

These zombies couldn’t reach Jiang JinYuan by jumping, so they could only watch frustratedly from below . Unwilling to move on, they focused their glares at Jiang JinYuan . Just in case Jiang JinYuan couldn’t hold on or Liu Gan let go, then they would have a great feast if Jiang JinYuan crashed into them .

Jiang JinYuan once again tried to climb upwards, only to find out that he was so nervous from before that he didn’t have any extra strength left . He simply couldn’t pull himself up . Since Jiang JinYuan couldn’t climb up himself, Liu Gan could only continue pulling Jiang JinYuan bit by bit using brute force . The moment Jiang JinYuan finally climbed through the window, both of them were exhausted . They sat with their backs to the wall of the window to recharge their strength .

“You wore pink colored boxers . ” Liu Gan asked curiously while eyeing the gaping hole in Jiang JinYuan’s pants that was ripped open by the female zombie .

“Yes, I don’t enjoy wearing boxers bought from a shopping mall . This is hand-sewn by my wife, and at that time, she could only purchase this color of cloth . ” The boxers’ color was supposed to remain hidden, no one would be able to see it unless it was ripped . This was an embarrassment .

“You have a good wife . ” Liu Gan said to Jiang JinYuan and gave him a thumbs up .

“Yes, she is very virtuous person . ” Jiang JinYuan couldn’t help but smile as he said that . Liu Gan was so cold with him this whole time, so this type of casual conversation between them wasn’t something Jiang JinYuan was used to .

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As they were conversing, a flash of white light from lightning cast a shadow through the window, which was followed by deafening thunder that sounded like a bombardment nearby . Jiang JinYuan got startled and trembled from the surprise . Closely following the thunder were large droplets of rain water that splashed against the window panel, creating a rustling noise that was carried by the gust of wind .

“Luckily, we made it into the building before it started raining outside . The rain turned into a torrential downpour after the sudden scare from flash of lightning . ” Jiang JinYuan said after retreating a few steps away from the window . He rejoiced from the recent turn of events, as he said to Liu Gan . If the both of them were still outside, they would definitely become soaked from head to toe .

“If you stay here after awhile, you will get used to the rain from the thunderstorm . ” Liu Gan replied to Jiang JinYuan .

“Does this place have thunderstorms frequently?” Jiang JinYuan asked Liu Gan .

“I’m not sure if it’s often, but it rained yesterday . It will also rain again today . It was almost around the same time too . ” Liu Gan looked out as the raindrops started falling more rapidly . It reminded Liu Gan of the very day he was trapped upon the billboard .

Especially since the lightning was active for at least half an hour, it was a moment that Liu Gan would never forget for as long as he lived .

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Accompanying the thunderous sounds were flashes of lightning and a torrential downpour . The sky quickly darkened . The ray of light in the building also started to fade away at dusk . Jiang JinYuan was able to calm down a bit after entering the building through the window . But as the darkness overtook the faint light, he became nervous . He didn’t have much time to regain his composure ever since the zombies tried to turn him .
[The Trembling World] was slowly but surely becoming more and more frightening to him . If it wasn’t for Liu Gan, he would’ve died a few times over and been unable to move further on .

Liu Gan looked at the time and let Jiang JinYuan use the PDA to sweep the surroundings . After probing the building surroundings, he found it hard to distinguish the the dense clusters of zombies . Jiang JinYuan played with the PDA for a bit, and he chose the setting that showed the floor plan of the zombies on their floor . Now, the PDA screen cleared up a lot more, and they could clearly tell the placement of the zombies on their floor .

Even if the probing instrument could scan every ten minutes, the zombie’s location could suddenly change within these ten minutes . Still, the instrument was better than relying on Liu Gan’s senses . As of this moment, every zombie on the second floor could be seen on the PDA . As long as they could avoid the crowded gatherings in certain areas, they could naturally bypass them . This small amount of zombies posed no threat to Liu Gan .

If they left this floor to another floor, they could use the newly scanned data to analyze . If it would help them compare the amount of zombies between the new data and old data, then it is worth analyzing .

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“You said the high-technology gear and stat-improving drugs were around here . So where would they stash the items in this place?” Liu Gan asked Jiang JinYuan in a whisper, as they reached the staircase .

“We should first restore the building’s electrical system and then plug the PDA into the building’s operating system to download the majority of the building plan . This way it would be much easier to scout for the high-technology gear and stat-improving drugs . ” Jiang JinYuan replied to Liu Gan . Even though he said that, his alternate motive for restoring the building’s power was to use the communication system in addition to helping Liu Gan find the goods .

Once the communication system was restored, Jiang JinYuan could take advantage of it and communicate with the main city’s laboratory . Perhaps they could send out an airplane or ship to take him to the main city’s laboratory, so he could complete his mission . That way, his daughter and wife could receive the company’s benefits .

“You feel like you can reinstate this building’s electrical system? The city’s electric power plant has already stopped operating . ” Liu Gan looked at Jiang JinYuan strangely .

“San Xing Corporation’s laboratory definitely has a backup electrical power source . I can download the information from this terminal . ” Jiang JinYuan looked around and replied to Liu Gan .

“Where does the building’s backup electrical power source come from, and how do we start the backup power source?” Liu Gan asked as he questioned its credibility .

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