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The Trembling World - Chapter 78

Published at 7th of July 2016 05:14:28 AM

Chapter 78

Chapter 78: Controlled

The woman was almost always on the offensive and rarely blocked . Her attacking motion was extremely quick, and it looked well-practiced . Liu Gan was struggling to handle the mixture of real and feint blows together . Moreover, she didn’t even look particularly tired . Even if Liu Gan struck with his short axe repeatedly, she didn’t have any injuries . Also, even after Liu Gan sent her flying with a kick or throw, she immediately got up from the ground to continue fighting .


A few minutes later, Liu Gan was dripping with sweat under these kinds of concentrated attacks and couldn’t support himself any longer . The woman’s sleeve blades struck his body many times, and fortunately, his ‘Mist Armor’ protected him from any critical injuries .

If they were to continue fighting like this, she would eventually break open his ‘Mist Armor . ’ At that time, Liu Gan would worry for his life . This woman’s reinforced muscles and steel bones made her completely unafraid of dying and contained no weaknesses to exploit .

Liu Gan was beaten to an even sorrier state, and he even considered retreating to the warehouse room above the ladder . However, the woman had already long before anticipated Liu Gan’s intent . In advance, she had climbed like a monkey to the top of the ladder and forcibly pressured Liu Gan back down to the underground cavern while brandishing her double-edged blades .

“Pretty lady, can we sit down and have a nice chat? Can you not be so aggressive and bloodthirsty? It isn’t ladylike!” Liu Gan had no other choice but to run in circles around the magnetic energy array in the underground cavern .

The woman did not respond to Liu Gan’s words but was blindly in pursuit of killing him . She did not stop even for a moment . Liu Gan used an extremely difficult parkour movement to move all over the place . However, she could also keep up and pursue closely behind him . He was simply incapable of breaking free .

“Did I provoke you somehow? Are you crazy? Why are you trying to kill me nonstop?” Liu Gan began cursing up a storm .

“Didn’t you want to tie me up or dislocate my joints?” The woman finally said a few words in response to Liu Gan .

“!@#$…” Liu Gan was at a loss for words . He had indeed said these things, but the woman appeared to be in hibernation mode . He had prepared to do these things in order to guard against the unexpected, but he didn’t expect her to hear him .

This woman wasn’t joking around . She continued to attack murderously, and her movements became even more severe .

Liu Gan looked left and right for an opportunity to escape and rushed toward the wall where he left his backpack . He reached out with his hand to search his backpack for the handle of the sledgehammer . When the woman once again closed in on him to less than two meters, he suddenly smashed the woman’s body with a spinning hammer attack repeatedly .

The woman was sent flying from the hammer smash, and she hit the wall more than ten meters away before falling down . For the first time after falling to the ground, she felt dizzy . She staggered for a few steps after getting up before she could steady her body . Afterwards she immediately dashed quickly heading towards Liu Gan’s direction .

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“Apparently, she isn’t without weak points! You dare attack; I’ll hammer you again! I’ll see if I can hammer you to death!” Immediately, Liu Gan confidently and tightly held the sledgehammer with both hands .

Jiang JinYuan didn’t know when he had fallen from the platform onto the ground floor . He rushed forward scrambling in front of Liu Gan, and a gun was in his hands . Just as the woman rushed closer to him a few meters from outside, he suddenly pulled the trigger . A brilliant flash of blue light appeared as the woman’s body produced a burst of sound like an electrical current, and she appeared to have been hit by a normal bullet . Her momentum carried her forward a few steps, and she fell powerlessly in front of Liu Gan and Jiang JinYuan .

“An electromagnetic gun . I just found it inside a workstation . The specific frequency of the attack is extremely effective against an uncontrolled biochemical robot . ” Jiang JinYuan explained to Liu Gan, and afterwards he walked over with his PDA crouching beside the woman .

[TL: WOW, Jiang JinYuan saved Liu Gan?]

“A biochemical robot? So this laboratory precisely researches intelligent biochemistry?” Liu Gan abandoned the sledgehammer and picked up the fire axe in his hands .

“Yes . ” Jiang JinYuan confirmed while he searched the woman’s hair with his hands . He found a few strands that were thicker than normal hair . Actually, these were a certain kind of data cables . After pulling off the protective cover on top of the PDA, he connected these cables to the PDA .

“What are you doing?” Liu Gan asked Jiang JinYuan .

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“I just checked . There is information on this kind of biochemical robot inside the database of the PDA, and there is corresponding control software, too . A connection cable is just in the middle of her hair, so after I properly form a connection, I can try to modify her procedures . Then, she would consider us as friendly targets and not attack us any longer . ” Jiang JinYuan explained what he had done previously to Liu Gan .

“Are you sure she’s a robot? Can you modify her procedures? I feel there isn’t much difference between her and a real person . She was just as vengeful . ” Liu Gan warned Jiang JinYuan a little .

“The PDA’s program has already obtained a piece of her data . She is precisely this laboratory’s intelligent biochemical product . She looks very much like a real person, and the naked eye can barely tell any difference between her and a real person . Yet in reality, her body is very different from ours . She has an alloy skeleton, and nanorobots take care of her whole body: muscles, blood vessels, and nervous system . So if you were to fight her, you would be at a disadvantage . Luckily, she can be controlled . ” Jiang JinYuan explained this to Liu Gan .

“Are you sure we can fully control her?” Liu Gan still looked unconvinced . Just a moment ago, it was precisely Jiang JinYuan who had unintentionally woken the woman up, which had caught him by surprise .

“Don’t worry . Right now, she’s already under my control, and connecting to her system was very successful . I’m currently rewriting her procedures right now, so she will listen to and obey our instructions like protecting us . When I am done rewriting her procedures, she won’t attack us anymore . ” Jiang JinYuan explained some more to Liu Gan while he manipulated the PDA quickly .

Liu Gan fell silent . He observed Jiang JinYuan’s work, and he saw the PDA’s screen filled with procedures of all kinds that he didn’t understand at all .

“She is still an unfinished product… . ” After some time had passed, Jiang JinYuan frowned .

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“What do you mean?” Liu Gan asked Jiang JinYuan .

“Exactly that…she is still an unfinished product . She is still a few perecent from being a complete model, and a few questions remain without solutions . Yet this world already entered the apocalypse, and this laboratory was also destroyed . ” Jiang JinYuan explained to Liu Gan in more detail .

“Then do you think she is still in control right now?” Liu Gan started thinking about dislocating her joints again .

“We’ve already finished the most important part, and the remaining problems shouldn’t be much of an issue . I have a program inside my PDA that can be used to replace hers, and this will offset the defects in her program . Don’t be so anxious and let me experiment first… . . ” Jiang JinYuan continued to type on the PDA’s screen . He intended for this woman to be his bodyguard . A robotic bodyguard followed orders, so she would definitely be more trustworthy than Liu Gan . With her he really wouldn’t be afraid of Liu Gan’s oppressive treatment .

After thirty minutes had passed, Jiang JinYuan was still there incessantly typing… .

Unwittingly, another half hour passed again… .

“How much longer do you need?” Liu Gan yawned . His face already looked somewhat impatient . Although he did not understand these procedures, he still faintly sensed Jiang JinYuan’s alternative intention for restoring the function of the biochemical robot .

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