The Twins in Naruto - Chapter 24

Published at 12th of January 2019 10:05:23 PM

Chapter 24

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Sasuke sighed as the moment he waited for finally came . He was even more excited than Naruto about this part of the exam, but why?Because in the rule of this new exam there wasn't any rules that prevented you from killing the other students, which was normal since everything could happen and it would be way too stupid to punish a student for that when he was gonna kill even more people months later . The ninja world was cruel and this part of the exam was gonna scar every students for life . No one knew how bloody it was gonna get, but the cruel smirks on the two geniuses faces were a good indication .

"Everyone, this part of the exam was already explained so i don't think i need to explain the rules once more, but i have something to tell you before it starts . You are currently 120 students participating, at the end most of you will be either dead or just eliminated from the exam, i hope that you all know that once you enter the forest . . . . It will be a war, a bloody one . "Said Iruka with a cold expression as all the students gulped .

Iruka sighed and let the students enter the forest, many wanted to give up but in the end it was their only chances to reach their goals . This exam was special compared to the others because two jonin had become sensei and everyone wanted to be on their teams . Those two sensei were of course the twins, and everyone knew that being in their teams would obviously be better than any others teams .

The stress was evident on the students faces as they entered the deadly forest . Some tried to play though but they quickly cowered in fear when they saw Sasuke and Naruto .

The two of them went in front of everyone and used their entire power to make the students tremble .

"It would be better if all of you remember this . In the forest, everything can happen . . . "Said Sasuke .

"If you think you can become a ninja without having blood on your hands then you're all sadly mistaken . . . . "Naruto continued and they both ended .

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"We won't have any mercy during this part of the exam . With how dangerous the world has become we can't afford to be weak . We will be strong only by painting this forest with your blood . Try everything you can but . . . In the end you'll all die . "Said both Sasuke and Naruto while they walked in the forest, leaving a crowd of stunned students, who were wondering if it wasn't better to wait for the next exam .

"Naruto, in the forest we aren't a team anymore . "Said Sasuke with a blank face . Naruto looked at him and Fist bumbed him .

"We will see who will get out of this forest, Sasuke . "Said Naruto who knew all too well that there was only a little chance that both of them would leave this forest alive . They were friends of course, but they grew up around people who taught them that mercy wasn't something they could afford .

If they met in the forest it will only result in a fight to death .

During the first two days many students were killed by the two boys, who lurked in the shadows like predators . The other students decided to form one group and fight Naruto and Sasuke, but in the end it wasn't really the best idea they could have . It was actually pretty stupid because they made one giant group of preys while the predators were just a few meters away from them .

"S-Shikamaru, are y-you sure it's g-gonna work?"Asked Ino who hugged Shikamaru as she was too afraid to let go . The entire forest was a prison for them but they understood it too late . Two monsters were searching for them, with the only desire of slaughtering them all . A monster with deadly spinning eyes and a monster with fox eyes and bloody claws .


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They heard the roar of the second monster and immediately went into a defensive formation . The strongest were at the front while the weakest were supporting them from behind . A byakugan was glowing in the darkness of the forest as it tried to locate the monster fox . The low growling that could be heard around them were clearly making them panic and it showed in their faces .

"Everyone calm down!We can't beat those two fuckers if we are all acting like little bitches!"Shouted Kiba but he was suddenly tackled by Choji who put his hands on his mouth to prevent him from talking .


Kiba looked around and saw that Ino and Hinata were scanning their surrounding while Shikamaru and shino used their shadows and bugs to protect the students . He barely had the time to move that a claw appeared from the darkness and grabbed him .

"ARGHHH!!!"Screamed Kiba but his scream changed into the sound of a throat being slit . Choji became pale and ran towards Shikamaru .


"CHOJI RUN!!"Shouted Hinata who saw the fox rushing at Choji, his red eyes glowing with murderous intent as his tails began to trash around .


Shikamaru knew that Choji wasn't gonna make it so he told the others to directly attack Naruto, he was still grateful that Naruto was controlling the power of Kyuubi, if not than they wouldn't even have a chance to survive . The Hokage had authorized Naruto to train with Kyuubi's power since everyone in the council had accepted, they knew that the Akatsuki wanted Naruto so he obviously needed to train and become more powerful .


Shikamaru turned around in time to see Ino being teared apart by Sasuke who smirked as he licked his fingers .

"It's time for you all to know the power of the SHARINGAN!!!"

He lunged at them as he formed two chidori with his hands . His speed being too great Shikamaru ordered Hinata to block him while he and Shino attacked Naruto .

"FUCK!!"Shouted a student who snapped and attacked Naruto with a kunai in his hand . Naruto reacted on instinct and ripped his arm, making the student fall on his butt while screaming .

'NO NO NO!!THEY ARE LOSING THEIR CALMS!!'Shikamaru wanted to reassure them but he didn't really had the time to do that, so he made a difficult decision .


Shino tried to stop him but he was stabbed by a chidori and beheaded by Naruto claws . Shikamaru fleed without even looking back and ran until he could only hear a distant explosion .