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Chapter 763: Blast once more!

Fu Lyanna was still fundamentally a mage type contestant .

That determined her weaker life force . When facing physical long-range shooters or close blade-type combatants, the Metals Professor could still wrap herself with a metallic shield to reduce physical damages . In that manner, she could trade damage for damage, which normally resulted in her having the last laugh .

Her damage reduction ability was a little similar to Sheyan's innate 'Stronghold' . Firstly, it enhanced defense substantially and even reduced incoming damage, but of course, its precedence rate couldn't be compared to 'Stronghold' and was only effective against physical damages . Without a doubt, a physical damage dealer would be in for a headache upon encountering her .

However, Zi's attack was based on force damage! It was equivalent to a form of element attack, which rendered the Metals Professor's metallic shield utterly useless .

The 'Spirit Marshcrow' released a shrilling squawk that pierced into Fu Lyanna's ears . Concurrently, the vicious grip of the Sith demon claw tightened around her neck .

An unprecedented searing pain and weakness instantly transmitted throughout the Metals Professor's body .

It wasn't only physical agony, but an unexplainable anguish and embarrassment that stemmed from the heart .

It was as though words she spewed to the Skull Party members previously had formed into an invisible palm, that was relentlessly slapping her face .

Anguish borne of the heart was a manifold times miserable than of the body .

In this situation, she emitted a shrilling scream as her metallic wings waved frantically . The degree of humiliation prevented her from relenting as she staked it all to exchange life for life!

Then, the two gigantic metallic wings flapped to the front and suddenly twisted into a distorted long blade, before piercing menacingly towards Zi .

However, regardless of the Metals Professor's utmost efforts, the sharp tip of her metallic wings fell half a meter short of Zi .

It failed to inch further as its incisive tip released a chilling glint right before Zi's throat . Just a little more, and it could indulge on the delicious blood of its foe . Alas, half a meter was equivalent to a heavenly moat!

Zi lazily pointed up her crescent dagger again, as a 'Force Collision Wall' whizzed out and slammed viciously against Fu Lyanna; knocking her flying as she sunk into near-death state .

Simultaneously, the demonic Sith grip of 'Force Suffocation' constricted fatally once again .

"NO!!!!!" Fu Lyanna's shrilling yell reverberated throughout the entire passageway .

All of sudden, a vivid illusion appeared on the Metals Professor's body and replaced her in receiving that final blow . That illusion instantly shattered into smithereens like a porcelain, where a silver spiralling equipment surged out towards Zi .

By now, the primary body of Fu Lyanna had vanished into thin air as she directly returned to the realm .

Fu Lyanna employed a rank 'S' item called 'Scapegoat Charm' . Naturally, it represented a scapegoat illusion perishing for the user, but simultaneously incurring an immense penalty of dropping a random wielded equipment .

As it turns out, during the battle against Skull party previously, the Metals Professor had already utilized an 'Honorary Medicine', and therefore, the cooldown was still refreshing . Thus, she was bluntly defeated just like that .

Nevertheless, her sacrifice wasn't in vain .

In this instant, Sable had already arrived before Zi as he gritted his teeth and beheaded down ferociously .

Under normal circumstances, Sable should've reached Zi three seconds ago . Instead, he encountered a ridiculous fit of coughing for two seconds . In addition to his chaotic thoughts delaying him for another second, he wasted three precious seconds .

Meanwhile, as Fu Lyanna was being bombarded by Zi, two other agility close combatants of Glory Party had stealthily entered the battlefield .

As Growth-Hunters themselves, their movement speed was naturally frightening . At the instance where Sable was slashing forth, the foremost swift assassin had already covered 60 plus meters and was now merely 30 meters away from Zi!

Regardless of how valiant a mage type contestant Zi was, one could imagine that once the assassin reaches her, she would surely be cut down .

Zi tilted her head slightly as Sable's vertebrae saber chopped down onto her shoulder . Dark red blood spilled out onto her snowy skin and created an enchanting scene of melancholy; like snow falling on a red sea, causing despair all around .

Following that, green radiance sparkled out from her mask and gloves again . In a blink of an eye, the image of a massively mysterifying tribal mask materialized before her . Once again, the 'Massive Ndipaya Augustmask' was activated!

At this moment, Judas exclaimed abnormally .

"Set equipment! I got it . She is wielding a top grade set equipment, possibly drop loots of an Awakener difficulty world . No wonder she's unstoppable!"

While Judas was exclaiming, an incomparably strong sense of fear had already welled up in Sable's heart . . . … . he had only seen an Awakener difficulty equipment once!

The shocking thing to all was . . . "Zi is actually wearing a set of that grade???"

Sable's fighting will was initially subpar after his strength had fallen substantially . Right now, he felt irresistible cowardness creeping into his heart .

His saber slashed down with the muscle memory of a hundred battles but his hand had turned limp .

Fortunately, a split second later, the agile assassin behind had vanished into thin air, and a second later, emerged in front of Zi . A piercing glow radiated out from the assassin's hands!

This was the signature ability of that agility Growth-Hunter .

Firstly, burst in with lighting speed; shuttling through 50 meters in an instance and directly arriving before the enemy .

Next, activating a powerful controlling ability, 'Blind Conveyor', which plundered the vision of the enemy instantly . Only after two seconds, can the enemy regain her vision .

Upon blinding Zi, the other agility Growth-Hunter had sprinted 5 meters within Zi!

Within mere seconds, the Zi who initially occupied the advantage, had fallen into a close combat aspect in the midst of three formidable Growth-Hunters . Moreover, she was in a state of blindness!

This aspect couldn't be described as nasty, to Judas and Finarsih, they felt that this was it .

A helpless end!

All of a sudden, a spinning glass flask was abruptly tossed over .

Actually, before the agile assassin had blinded Zi, the glass flask was already spinning in flight .

When the three aggressors was about to strike Zi unanimously, the flask shattered on the ground and released an invisible shockwave; stunning them for 1 . 5 seconds as a chartreuse colored poison fog permeated up .


Sheyan had been hiding behind the scenes . Although he was laying low, it didn't mean he wasn't around! He was like a venomous snake in the dark, bringing a fatal and venomous bite once he surfaced .

Honestly speaking, regardless of Sable or the two agility contestants, they possessed methods of eliminating that 1 . 5 seconds stun .

Of course, the cost of eliminating was pretty immense, and for them, they would only be stunned for 1 . 5 seconds with maximum health; what could this woman do? Could she eradicate them within 1 . 5 seconds? Absolutely impossible!

Thus, they forgot the thought of eliminating that 1 . 5 seconds stun .

When the 1 . 5 seconds stun occurred, Zi's lips curled into a chilling smirk .

One of her six rhombus mana crystal shattered, transforming into starry mana fragments that replenished her body . Following that, she pointed her finger towards the ceiling .

Instantaneously, a boundless attractive force emerged from all directions, before forming eight 'Force Walls' that crashed down around her . The 'Force Walls' formed into a semi-dome structure that enveloped her sternly without letting even a gust of wind in .

A second later, eight impressively thick 'Force Walls' collided out with astonishing pace .

The two agility Growth-Hunters and Sable were simultaneously struck by a 'massive speeding truck', as they flew backwards for ten plus meters, before crashing onto the ground . The three of them were high-offense-low-defense type, as their heads turned dizzy with a badly battered face .

Force Alternate-Shuddering Walls!

Then, the most peculiar event occurred, one that not even Zi was expecting .

The area where the three contestants crashed down was originally concrete ground . Yet in a flash, they sank in as the ground transformed into a muddy and vile marsh .

A greyish mist drifted into the atmosphere .

Reeds, duckweeds and all sorts of vegetation rapidly sprung up from the marsh, as they swished gently amidst the muddy waters . A dull reddish color rippled in the water that appeared like dense masses of duckweed, or regiments of blood that would never disperse .

Even layers of decaying moss, dog excrement, toxic fungus and others coated both walls .

A foul rotting stench pervaded the air!

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