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Chapter 765: The last resort

Two grand MTs acting to take down one individual!

What kind of scenario was that?

Don't talk about Zi, even the bosses, Skull and Zeus, hadn't witnessed such a situation before!

For her to hold on till now, Zi had undoubtedly relied on this naturally advantageous terrain, to exhibit an unparalleled terror never seen before . If not for this terrain, even if all her equipments were green set, it would be impossible to defy the dreadful might of two parties combined .

Only, for an MT with superb defenses, the scenario they feared the least was also such a narrowed battle .

Their innate calling was to absorb damages . They had no need to fear her valiant offenses . As long as they could push to her front, she would have to flee this narrow passageway which would undoubtedly lead to their eventual victory .

Due to this terrain, Skull and Zeus unanimously only brought along one subordinate . After activating their MT abilities, they proceeded with rather slow movement; probably half that of the normal contestant . Such a movement speed decline possessed a rather powerful precedence, and seemingly nothing could raise it .

Because of that, every step of Skull and Zeus left an exceedingly deep impression on anyone present . Entrenching at every step while advancing gradually, going steadily but striking hard .

Every step exhibited a fortitude that nothing in this world could hinder them .

Resolute, firm and substantial!

Those were the impressions released by Zeus and Skull .

After awakening the 'Passionless Dragonforce Bloodline', Zi experienced a huge change .

Her legs hovered 10 centimeters above the ground and her crescent dagger was stored . She now held a pair of silver rapiers, while her egyptian robe had changed into a black skintight robe that demonstrated her curves . Her figure that was worthy of pride was vividly and thoroughly portrayed . A cool, elegant and magnificent aura swirled around her fluttering long hair .

After transforming, her basic abilities remained present yet with a distinctive upgrade . For example, a 'Force Collision Wall' evolved into 'Dragonforce Sith Breath', and her 'Force Needle Explosion' was transformed into 'Dragonforce Grip' .

Meanwhile, Zeus brought along a strength type Growth-Hunter like Sable, while Skull brought along a marksman type Growth-Hunter . Especially with Skull's protection, the marksman could freely fire and deliver troubles to Zi .

Facing two grand MTs storming in, Zi naturally wouldn't resign herself to extinction as she commenced her probing assault .

Her twin rapiers danced along silver shimmers as she sliced out an 'x' in mid-air . Instantaneously, an enormous 'x' mark appeared some distance before Zeus, as though space had been cleaved apart . A darkness churned turbulently within the fissure of that 'x' mark .

A second later, the 'x' thoroughly shattered and produced a phantasmic massive dragon head . Then, an indescribably surge of black dragonbreath blasted out from amidst the dragon's mouth!

Dragonforce Sith Breath!

Skull and Zeus immediately raised their shields .

Both their shields glittered with a striking silver, which clearly indicated the silver storyline grade . Instead, the silver glitters were quickly struck and devoured by the raging billows of the black dragonbreath . Still, the two shields impressively withstood the dragonbreath and reduced much damages .

When the dragonbreath concluded, perhaps they had been burnt badly or perhaps not, nevertheless, they were merely forced half a meter backward from the 'Dragonforce Sith Breath' . Moreover, they steadily guarded the individuals behind them,

Consecutively, the marksman Growth-Hunter seized the opportunity to shoot at Zi's heart!

Fortunately, Zi's agility wasn't that low . She quickly darted away as the deadly bullets scraped past her chest .

She was about to counterattack but suddenly felt heat at her chest . Boom! The cloth at her chest suddenly combusted, prompting her to quickly quench the flames with her hands . This incident revealed a portion of her snowy white breasts and most of her black bra . Zi quicky took cover behind the wall .

Although Zeus and Skull's advancing speed wasn't impressive, the distance to Zi wasn't far as well being merely a hundred meters . Without a doubt, a minute would suffice to reach her!

Furthermore, Zi's 'Dragonforce Sith Breath' couldn't repel them back which pretty much guaranteed them breaching soon .

Under the incessant suppression of that marksman, Zi suffered a few bullets as she quickly darted behind the walls . This caused the aggressors to increase in confidence, as they believed victory was right before their eyes .

Soon enough, Zeus and Skull reached the middle of the tunnel, which was the exactly the fringe of the Ndipaya Marshland .

In this vile swamp, their speed swiftly dipped . If others travelled through here, they only sunk till their knee . In contrast, Skull and Zeus sunk till their thighs .

All of a sudden, Skull bent his back and begun coughing violently . In this instant, Zi's eyes sparkled as she darted out once again .

Although she suffered three bullets and one of them an explosive strike, she once again unleashed her 'Dragonforce Sith Breath' . Zeus quickly raised his shield to block . Instead, the coughing Skull couldn't guard in time .

Not only did the billowing black dragonbreath roast his face ashen, Skull took it head on and was blown backwards by the immense force .

Pssh!! He landed pathetically and 10 meters away onto the marshland .

The individual behind Skull was even more unfortunate . When Skull was blown backwards, he received the ending blast of the dragonbreath!

This marksman Growth-Hunter was pretty formidable and dealt with Zi viciously . Yet now, would the grudgeful and unforgiving Zi abandon this golden opportunity?

His eyes flickered ominously as she slashed out with twin rapiers!

A sudden regiment of flames ignited in the space before the marksman . Strangely, a dull dense blackness lingered around the periphery of those flames . The flames danced up like an unjust ghost screaming for justice!

Within a split second, the flames congealed into a buzzing black fireball that struck ruthlessly against the marksman . When the fireball struck, few other tiny pearls of fire scattered before striking once more!

This was the evolved ability of her 'Force Starthorns' – 'Dragonforce Grieving Eclipse'!

Repeated pearls of fire smacked the marksman into the air .

After equipping the 'Ndipaya set', Zi's might had undergone a shocking upgrade . Right now, after transforming, she may not be able to deal with a perverse MT, but she could definitely ravage a marksman with low survivability fatally!

Although that Growth-Hunter was protected by Skull's metal armour, he still suffered a few more assaults from Zi!

This Growth-Hunter marksman had previously used his 'Honorary Medicine' when duelling Aziz, and it was still cooling down . His eyes beamed with insane fluster as he was struck into near-death state .

Witnessing his predecessors being ruptured apart Zi, his heart jolted with panic as he decisively activated a precious realm returning object and vanished into thin air .

His heart bled bitterly, still, nobody could tell if he would regret this battle decision .

Don't talk about the realm returning object he lost . More crucially, all his benefits gained in this Jurassic Park World were utterly wiped out . As for his adventures in this world, he had actually reaped a dark-gold grade weapon!

Spectating the fading marksman, Zi sighed regretfully . She thought she could gain three more achievement points and an equipment drawing chance .

Yet the next moment when she glanced at Zeus, her lips curled into a sneer . The cooldown of her 'Dragonforce Sith Breath' was only eight seconds .

Roughly 10 seconds later, Zeus, who had advanced another ten plus meters, started coughing violently for no reason .

His heart instantly constricted in fear of something . A second later, Zi's 'Dragonforce Sith Breath' arrived on schedule and struck him flying several meters away .

Thus, the aspect fell into a deadlock . Never before in their lives, had Zeus and Skull felt so pathetic . More crucially, as MTs, they couldn't protect their men behind; such was this unforgettable humiliation!

Of course, the triggering rate of Sheyan's 'Bronchitis' ability wasn't that invincible as to flare up hundred percent of the time, within every 15 seconds . Sadly, after venturing deeper into the marshland, the two MTs also had to face the speed declining effect of his 'Curse-mix' .

Thus, the two MTs became two tortoises . They strived their utmost to advance a dozen plus meter, but would frequently be blown back while coughing violently .

Furthermore, the longer they dwelled in the marshland, the sooner they discovered its vile consequences .

This was the exact replica of the Kijuju Marshland! A crumbling destination that even Sheyan and Reef had paid dearly at . Moreover, this was the special ability of Zi's set equipment; although they were MTs, how could they escape the marvellous gifts of the vile marshland?

Watching from behind, Finarsih's countenance turned incomparably solemn as he mused .

"Must we really employ out last resort? Once we employ it, victory is a hundred percent guaranteed . However, the price I must pay will not be small!"

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