The Ultimate Evolution - Chapter 793

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Chapter 793: The crux of the matter

Sheyan nodded to Reef's words and replied .

"Good analysis but not quite there yet . "

Reef asked curiously .

"What else can you infer?"

Sheyan plucked a violet hyacinth and too a deep breath, allowing the unique and refreshing fragrance to diffused into his lungs . He then answered .

"Without a doubt, Melody's speech projected Glorfindel and Elrond as horrible individuals, am I right?"

Reef nodded .

"Yes . "

"This shows that they didn't expect Melody to do so . Otherwise, a slight misconduct and they would've prevented her from ascending to the stage!"

Sheyan replied straightforwardly .

"We can deduce two clues from this . First, our silly Melody has become rather shrewd, else she wouldn't be able to masquerade her act seamlessly and deceive the masses, drawing the two old undyings into contention . "

"Secondly, Glorfindel and Elrond must've been slightly negligent in the past . Although they treated Melody with utmost strictness, they were overconfident in believing she is well within their clutches . Thus, Melody had no chance to bring light of this matter to anyone, and could only seize the opportunity of Legolas's proposal to voice her frustration successfully . "

Reef responded .

"Actually, sister Melody's painstaking plans is also for your sake . At present, she isn't aware of your presence in this world and have no strength to resist Glorfindel and Elrond . Hence, she created such a scene before the entire assembly of Middle-earth . Her oath of not entering the Undying Lands is undoubtedly for this message to be transmitted throughout Middle-earth . . . . in hopes and trust of you coming back! She must have pondered earnestly over this matter . "

Sheyan nodded and replied seriously .

"I know, a pity the information we have is too little . Otherwise, we should be able to dig out some pivotal truths behind the scenes . The elves of Rivendell abruptly migrating to the Rivendell . . . this alone is a major event worthy of record in the annals of history . A scene that didn't appear in the original storyline, yet why now? I'm afraid we've modified the storyline in accordance to the maturity of Melody, there must be some other underlying elements beneath all these . Also . . . "

Reef urged .

"Also what?"

Sheyan paused briefly and continued .

"Not sure why, but Legolas's proposal gives me a very queer feeling . Oh, have you seen idol drama on Mango TV(a chinese broadcast platform)?"

"What's that?" Reef asked curiously .

"Forget it . You watch Desperate Housewives?" Sheyan shrugged his shoulders .

"Of course . " Reef nodded .

Sheyan could calmly contemplate over Legolas and finally touched a doubtful point . He squinted his eyes and exclaimed .

"From the looks of it, it is likely Legolas's appearance in Rivendell is not so simple . Indeed! It must be that!"

Sheyan sounded rather agitated .

"The crux of the matter likely pertains to Legolas! This is nonetheless just a mere conjecture but we shouldn't tarry over here . Let's seek out some clues to justify my thinking . Fortunately, because of Melody, the elves of Rivendell wouldn't be leaving so quickly even if they wish to . Let's get to business . "

"Oh hoho, I really didn't expect a pauper like you could defeat the prince . . . . "

"You know nothing . In the face of my 1 hour 38 minutes, all enemies are but paper tigers!"

"You sure? I think 1 . 38 seconds sounds more reasonable . "

"Screw off!"

Rivendell was a city with strict exterior but loose interior . After successfully infiltrating the place, Sheyan naturally found a place to change his attire and no longer cosplayed as a caravan porter .

Fortunately, this wasn't altering the flesh and cost a minute amount of utility points .

As the saying goes, one's demeanor determines one's wealth . After modifying his look, he could pretty much access even important districts of Rivendell unimpeded . Still, he wasted quite some time to locate the little Segimli .

Due to the recent influx of guests in Rivendell, many taverns and entertainment hubs were opened for long hours . Naturally, these places were brimming with envoys from different regions and not crude professions like a porter .

It seemed like the young dwarf's background was rather extraordinary . Moreover, the dwarves preferred congregating amongst their own kind . Hence, Sheyan soon acquired information on dwarf populated taverns . Fortunately, dwarves were easy to spot else Sheyan would have to search till his legs broke .

When he finally found Segimli, Segimli was seated and dealing with a wonderfully decorated fruit wine . Yet when he found out about the tempting array of dazzling fruits employed to create the fruit wine, he didn't know whether to laugh or cry .

Apples, grapes, chestnuts, pears, and pineapples .

They were all edible but to combine all into wine . . . . . heavens!

Sheyan scooped a glass of fruit wine for a drink . It tasted a little like sprite with kiwi juice and left a rough aftertaste .

This fruit wine was brewed by the elves of Rivendell . It tasted sour and sweet but in modern context, its alcohol content was extremely low; incapable of satisfying the thirst of Segimli . Thus, the result was a large mess of empty mugs across the table .

Segimli was slightly drunk and didn't recognize Sheyan on first look . After some recollections and a brief while, he muttered .

"Mister Seaman? Your attire is truly nimble . "

All contestants would store convenient food in their party storage which didn't cost much utility points . This was also in case of being imprisoned where they could prevent themselves from starving to death .

Sheyan didn't dare to challenge the elf's preference and ordered more food . He opened a pack peanuts from his storage and started to chat with Segimli . Segimli was naturally intrigued by the peanuts and the wrapper, but Sheyan easily explained that it was prepared with magic . Only an innocent Segimli bought in to his nonsense .

While feasting, Sheyan sneakily steered the conversation towards the topic of Legolas . He eventually said .

"Mister Segimli, I remember that you constantly stick with Mister Wright's caravan eh . "

Segimli nodded .

"Yeah hic . "

Sheyan continued .

"Meaning you haven't visited Rivendell before?"

"Yeah hic . " Segimli answered hazily with a hiccup .

Sheyan then asked .

"That's very strange . Then how did you get to know of Prince Legolas' intention of proposing during the banquet?"

The young dwarf laughed heartily and waved his hand intoxicatedly .

"I obviously heard it from Mister Wright! He knows because he reached three days prior . "

"Then who did Mister Wright hear it from?" Sheyan urged .

Anyone else would surely start to suspect with Sheyan's persistent questioning . However, this was an adolescent dwarf who was semi-intoxicated . Thus, Sheyan could easily ask anything without inciting suspicion .

"Mister Wright . . . … . hic . . heard . . hic from an elf customer . He says he rembere . . hic, the elf offered a hefty deal and carried a longbow on his back . Hic . . . ah I know, Mister Wright remembered the elf because the longbow was forged with impure mithril . Like a pegasus' unfolded wings, the longbow was supremely beautiful… . hic . . . you know my friend, all successful merchants possess a miraculous . . hic . . . ability – the ability of remembering all precious or profitable objects . Mister Wright asked me how many platinum coins a bow like that would cost . . . hic… . so I . . hic… . remembered . "

Frankly speaking, Sheyan already obtained his desired answer . . . . . because he remembered seeing an elf with such a majestic longbow, like that of a pegasus' wings . That elf stood out amongst all other elves in terms of dressing or ornaments .

Indeed, he was one of Prince Legolas' personal guard .

A personal guard of the prince spreading rumors of his own prince proposing . That was indeed questionable .

At this moment, Reef transmitted some information through the party channel . Likewise, Reef had contacted some other members who were part of Wright's caravan . As Reef wasn't investigating any highly classified matter, his methods were not stealthy but he didn't expend much effort .

He found out that Prince Legolas had already arrived in Rivendell half a month back . Upon arriving, he developed a great passion for Melody but the two hadn't met before .

Nevertheless, the prince won the public's approval in Rivendell due to his dashing appearance, enchanting eloquence, and refined elegance . Most of the Rivendell elves accepted his story of 'love at first sight' . Moreover, it became one of the largest gossip in town .

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