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Chapter 43

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Early Sunday morning, Kim woke up with body ache as she slept on the couch with Carl last night . They were still cuddled up and Carl was also still asleep . Kim gazed at him warmly, unconsciously, her hands reached for his face . Tracing his face, she took notice of his features, every perfection, every flaw . From his full brows, to his closed eyes and straight eyelashes, to his high nose, he looked relaxed and peaceful as he slept . There was no stubble on his face and it was very smooth . Soon her eyes settled on his lips, she began tracing the contours of his lips as she gulped . Carl was woken by her fingers, as his eyes fluttered up, her eyes widened . She was both embarassed and shocked . Quickly she removed her hands, pulling aside the duvet, she got up .

Carl watched her in silence as she left him stunned . He didn't know what to say, he couldn't bring himself to say anything, he only smiled . After she left for the bedroom, he strolled into the kitchen . He made coffee and french toast as Kim showered . Soon Kim returned, she sat on the table in the kitchen area as Carl busied himself .

"Here . " Carl said, handing her the food . She quietly took it and began eating . "What do you want to do today?" They asked in unison . They both smiled at each other . "Let's just go out, wherever the wind takes us . " Kim spoke up . Carl laughed, "That sounds romantic . " Kim could only blush as she lowered her head .

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"Whatever you say . " Carl said smiling . He really enjoyed her every reaction . He liked seeing her blush in embarrassment, knowing he's the cause . Apart from her eyes, he liked the fact that she didn't try to push him away or hide her feelings . He liked the fact that he could elicit different reactions from her . He grew more confident and decided he only had to wait a while to solidify her feelings before he made any move . While Carl was thinking about ways to make Kim fall for him, Kim was staring at him . She kept wondering what his lips would taste like .

After his shower, they packed for a little picnic . Kim and Carl drove around the city, occasionally they would make a stop to see different things . They walked into different shops together . Finally, he drove to a big field in a park, they got out of the car . There were few couples who had the same idea and some families too . The field was spacious and green, it had a very nice, fresh smell . Spreading a blanket on the grass, they both sat down .

"How's school?" Carl asked Kim, opening the basket . "It's nice . . my classmates are nice too . " Kim simply replied, crossing her legs . She didn't know how to sit, she wasn't comfortable in the positions she had earlier tried since she was wearing a short skirt . She felt stupid for wearing a short skirt to a picnic, but she was already here . Carl noticed her every action but there was no blanket or jacket he could give to her .

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"Come here . " He said, gesturing with his hands . Kim obediently went to him . Patting the spot between his legs, he gestured for her to sit . Though her face was bright red, she complied . Now she could rest her back on him, but she couldn't move, she was frozen so she sat upright . He chuckled, then he whispered by her ears, "Relax . " His action only made it worse as she blushed even more . She could feel his breath on her neck and she wasn't comfortable . She couldn't understand why he was so calm when they were sitting so intimately . Her mind began wondering if he liked her or not, she forgot about how they were sat .

His hands snaked around her stomach as he pulled her closer, after which he remained like that without doing anything more . Kim felt comforted by his hands she wanted to snuggle more . She finally relaxed her tensed shoulders as she rested on him .

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"Tell me about your classmates then . " Carl spoke up . Kim stretched her hands and picked up an apple from the basket . "There's nothing much to tell, I'm not really close to anyone . "

"I see . Then about your friends . " Kim simply nodded, taking a bite from the apple . "There's Nicole, my roommate, you've met her already . Then there's Isabella and Sean, they're both my classmates . " At this point, Carl only registered "Sean," 'a boy,' he thought . As Kim had his back to him, she couldn't see his face but his hands unconsciously thightened around her .

"What about Sean?" He asked in a breathy voice, trying to hide the displeasure he felt . "There's nothing about him, apparently his father owns a huge law firm in the country . He's quite humble though . " She said in a lazy manner .

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"Is that all?" Carl asked . Kim turned slightly, facing him . "What else do you what to hear . "

Carl chuckled, "If he interests you . " He said staring into her eyes . His eyes were hopeful and expectant . "No, he doesn't . " Kim replied waving her hands . "Good girl . " Carl said giggling . When he asked that questioned he was tensed and he held his breath . Her reply made him let out deep breaths as he relaxed .

Because of the proximity, Kim noticed his actions and giggled . 'It means he likes me . ' She thought . Carl rested his head on her shoulders, hugging her in the process . He felt he should stake his claim before she slips out of his hands, but at the same time he wanted to be patient . Then remained in this position for a while before Carl pulled the basket closer . Kim wanted his hands to remain on her but she couldn't ask, so she sat quietly, eating what he gave her . They continued their small talk before Carl drove her back to school .

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