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Published at 6th of August 2019 07:42:47 PM

Chapter 150

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Ronnie took a sip of his coffee before continuing to speak, "As for what I'd do if her memories would return, I must tell you, even before we got married, my wife was very sure that nothing of her past would change our present love or relationship . . Hence, she chose me with all her heart…"

Virat's expression turned complicated with each sentence Ronnie uttered .

"Likewise, she wanted to study since her singing and dancing instincts were still wide awake . So, I got her enrolled her at a University too . Right now, she's even handling our company affairs very well . So, basically what I want to say is, everything she's doing in her life right now, is her choice . "

Ronnie had mastered the art of diplomacy . He was used to concluding even the most complex deals with just his diplomatic talks . Even today, while he was talking to Virat, he never once lost his cool or let the love for his wife take over his rationality . He spoke to him very logically like as if he was actually talking to his wife's past love .

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Virat was dumbstruck for words . He so badly wanted to scream and shout that he was Maya's boyfriend . But, with Ronnie's logical explanation, he was left speechless .

"Finally, I want to sum it up with my wife's words like she'd said at the party . Though our meeting was accidental, it was destined to happen . It's just that the universe conspired in bringing us together in an unexpectedly dangerous way! Only so that she would leave behind the dark memories of her past, start everything afresh and lead a peaceful life in the future . . " Ronnie reiterated Jayne's words .

Virat thought, 'Which means . . which means… he knows about her past … in spite of which he has accepted her totally! How could this be possible! How could someone like him with class and status in the society accept a lowly girl with no memories of her past plus who was sexually harassed by her own brother? There must be something missing here . '

Virat didn't want to make it too obvious for Ronnie . When he finally found his voice to speak again, "I totally get it Mr Roy . " He forced a smile .

By then, Ronnie's driver came over, "Sir, please excuse me! Madam is waiting for you . She didn't want to disturb you guys . I just came over to convey . "

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"Oh! I'm so sorry Mr Virat Mishra . My wife is waiting for me . Come over, I'll introduce you to my wife…" Ronnie invited .

Virat wanted to deny his invitation . But, it was after such a long wait that he was finally getting to talk to his "Maya . " Thus, he didn't want to miss this chance . . He agreed .

Ronnie paid for them and both equally handsome, eye-catching individuals walked out of the cafe .

Jayne was checking on some fashion magazines in the lobby area until Ronnie would arrive .

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"Honey… . " Ronnie's loving voice left an equally loving smile on Jayne's face .

She kept the magazine aside and launched herself towards the man she loved so much .

Ronnie let her hug him while he kissed the top of her head . "I'm sorry for being late baby . Look, we've a guest this evening…" Ronnie pointed towards Virat .

Virat who was standing at the door of the company was finding it very hard to control himself . In their years of relationship, she'd never even hugged him, let alone being kissed . But this time, she ran into her husband's arms . That's when it hit how badly he'd failed to love her .

When Jayne turned to look at him, he plastered a smile on his face . "Hello, M-M-Mrs Ma-Ma-Jayne Roy . . "

Jayne greeted him with a 'namaste'

Ronnie then said, "Jayne, this is Mr Virat Mishra, the one who rescued you at the party the other day . "

Jayne's eyes sparkled . She went forward, "Oh Thank you so much Mr Virat Mishra . Your name sounds Indian?"

Virat let out a bitter laughter . He'd never imagined that a day would come when he would have to introduce himself to Maya… .

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