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Published at 6th of August 2019 07:42:19 PM

Chapter 179

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Virat narrowed his eyes and followed her line of sight . His eyes darkened at the way she was caressing her belly lovingly . He began getting anxious at her actions .

'We both care for your happiness Virat…

'We' . . .

'We' . .

Sanvi's words were still ringing in his ears .

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Slowly, realisation dawned on him as terror overtook his face . The corners of his mouth twitched involuntarily . His face now started turning white as chalk…

Even then, he was the one who spoke first , "Hey . . Hey . . Hey Sanvi!" He let out a mirthless laughter and waved his hands in dismissal .

He stepped forward and held her shoulders . "Sanvi, please relax . . Come sit down . . "  It was more like he was telling himself to calm down first .

He made her sit on the couch and knelt in front of her . He took her hand in his and began speaking again looking into her eyes in all seriousness, "Sanvi, I understand this situation is driving us nuts . But, don't scare me like this . I love Maya… . You're just my girlfriend's best friend who has now become my best friend too… . Don't confuse the two relationships . " Virat was so flabbergasted that he spoke nonsense .

"Stop it Virat! Will you?" Sanvi's eyes were bloodshot at the moment .

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Virat couldn't look into her eyes anymore . He looked away and stood up . He raked his hands in his hair . "No Sanvi!" He threw his hands in the air . "Let me tell you, I plan on revealing everything to that Ronnie Roy and Maya some day . I can't let go of my love so easily . I want her back . Now, please you don't try to separate the two of us . She's just forgotten our times . I'm sure she'll regain her memories and come back to me . " He continued with his nonsense .

Sanvi's face turned complicated listening to what he'd planned on doing . She didn't know how to construe his intentions . But at the moment, since she'd already begun this conversation, she thought she might as well seek an end to this issue tonight .

"Virat, listen to me first…Come here…"She gestured him to sit on the couch opposite to her .

Virat sat on the couch leaning his back . He folded his hands in his lap .

Sanvi now began explaining, "Virat, honestly speaking, it's you who used me as your emotional backup . . . . when you needed someone by your side… when your Maya went missing . . it's after that we moved ahead and got physical too . . what do you think of me? I'm human too… with the feelings and emotions…" She sobbed .

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Virat looked down at his feet .

She wiped her eyes with the ends of her sleeves, "The first time we made out was on New Year's day, when we had gone in search of Maya to G city . The resultant of that night is that I'm pregnant with your child . "

Virat's memories went back to that day . He faintly remembered what happened after they came back to the room, he was drunk . There were all possibilities for him to have made out with her due to his emotional insecurity and due to all the incidents of that night . But, he blatantly refused to own up to Sanvi .

"That's enough Sanvi! That's enough bullshit! It's impossible!" Virat roared as he stood up from the couch . He frantically rummaged through his pockets to find the cigarette pack and lighter . When he found it, he pulled out a cigarette and lit it up . He drew in a long puff of it .

"Fine! Even if we didn't do it that night, aren't we doing it now? You think I'm someone who you can toy around as you please… physically and emotionally…If not then, I'm pregnant because we're doing it now . . . " Sanvi snapped at him . Her tears were still rolling down her cheeks .

Virat was at a loss for words . He couldn't answer her now . They never once used any protective measures . There were all possibilities for Sanvi to get pregnant .

Sanvi explained again, "At first, even I didn't pay much attention to this . It was only a few days ago when I missed my period that I realised this . My periods were unusually late this time . Accompanied with that, I'm losing my appetite and feel like throwing up often . "

"That's when I got my doubts . I booked an appointment with a gynaecologist last Friday when your were out too . " Sanvi disclosed .

Virat remembered he was at Maya's company last Friday .

Sanvi elaborated on the details of her visit to the gynaecologist, "The doctor finally confirmed I was pregnant after performing all the tests . "

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