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Published at 6th of August 2019 07:42:15 PM

Chapter 183

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"Emma!" Katherine Bradford acknowledged . She held her hands . "Hey Emma! Where's Ella? Why haven't you met me off late?

It looked like Katherine Bradford had totally forgotten that incident where the Dalton sisters were stuck in the room and she didn't rescue them even though she could .

Even Emma feigned ignorance and spoke to her like nothing ever happened . "Kate! My dearest! You look so pale . . . what's wrong?" She asked worried .

"It's all because of this b**** Jayne Roy! If not for her, my life was smooth-sailing . From when she came into my life, she has taken everything what was rightfully mine… Look at the way she's bewitched the crowd Emma including my Adam! Arghhh! She vented out her fury to Emma . She huffed and puffed, stomping her feet .

Even though Emma's fury roared through her mind, she nevertheless swallowed down her fury and tried to soothe down Katherine's anger . "Kate, it's okay! Anyway you'll beat her for sure in Thursday's competition… Why are you worrying for nothing!"

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Jayne's performance ended . Without a doubt, the crowd nearly went mad by her performance . She gracefully bowed to them amidst a thunderous round of applause which didn't seem to stop anytime soon .

Jayne then walked to the backstage . She was greeted by Virat and Sanvi . They congratulated her for her performance . All the three of them exited together .


Very soon it was Thursday . The day of the competition between Jayne and Katherine Bradford was happening today .

Like Jayne had told earlier, she was to do a 'jugalbandi' (A/N: Heads on performance between the two participants . The best performer between the two would be declared the winner . ) with Katherine Bradford who had the liberty to choose the song, theme, style of the dance .

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Jayne had already decided to perform an Indian dance style like the previous time . She would dance alongside Katherine Bradford .

Jayne walked on to the stage from one side wearing a heavily styled red saree with a golden blouse which again was embroidered with precious stones and swarovski crystals . The saree accentuated her finely defined curves which would add to her dance moves .

Her hair was carefully braided and tied up in a bun . She also wore gold and silver jewellery on her head, arms, hands, fingers, waist ,feet, and the small ankle bells also called as ghungroos, that help in dancing many complex patterns .

On the other side of the stage, Katherine Bradford walked onto the stage in a hip hop outfit . She had worn a retro styled spandex pants with a crop top . She had worn a headband with a poufy look . Her bright colored high top sneakers attracted all the attention .

All together while one looked classy with her hip hop look, the other looked traditional yet mind blowing in her ethnic looks . The entire crowd couldn't wait for the two beautiful dancers to begin their performances . They knew that though it was a performance between the two of them, they surely would have a great time irrespective of who'd win . Hence, the entire crowd was cheering and clapping for both the girls .

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As the girls were ready on the stage, the music began playing in the background . It was Vogue from Madonna's soundtrack album, 'I'm breathless . '

Naturally, since Katherine Bradford had practised for her performance, she began at once . Jayne took an extra bit to get into the groove .

The stage was divided into two halves . Jayne performed on one side while Katherine Bradford performed on the other . So, it was a treat for the crowd . The crowd never stopped applauding the girls .

Just as they were countering each other with various moves, at one point, Katherine Bradford lost her footing and slipped on to the dance floor . She didn't make an effort to get up and continue her dance .

The crowd shouted an "Oh!"

Jayne didn't stop dancing, but very artfully swirled towards Katherine Bradford and in a very sweet gesture helped her up .

This act seemed so natural on Jayne's part like she was showing her basic human concern towards a fellow human being . She displayed an excellent spirit of humanity over the competition .

The crowd now unconsciously cheered only for Jayne .

At the end of it, it was Katherine Bradford who couldn't complete her dance performance for which she had practised so much . But Jayne who came in totally unprepared, went ahead completed her part of the performance to a Western song with Indian dance steps .

She only caught up with the music beats and nothing more . That's the reason her performance never ceased to enthrall the crowd yet again .

The winner of the competition was very much clear . It was Jayne Roy . But then, for the kind of person Katherine Bradford was, she wasn't ready to give up so easily .

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