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Chapter 188

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Katherine Bradford had an appointment at the spa followed by a haircare and skincare routine . She wanted to look the best at her party tonight . At least she didn't want Jayne Roy to steal the show yet again with her looks at her own party .

She had specially ordered a red, off-shoulder, tassel dress with a high cut . Her entire dress had nude inserts giving out a sexual appeal . Since it was backless, she curled all her hair and let it flow to the left side of her shoulder .

The makeup artist complemented Katherine Bradford's makeup with her red dress . She used a bright red lipstick along with hot, smoky eyes . She didn't have a single accessory on . The deep plunging neckline on her large breasts looked very seductive .

By the time she came back to her villa, it was already evening . Adam Clive was sitting on the couch flipping some magazine with a wine glass in his hands . He looked dashing in his navy blue suit .

As soon as Katherine Bradford saw the handsome man in her house, she exclaimed, "Adam!"

Adam Clive looked up casually . He gave a lopsided grin and held his hand out for her to sit on his lap .

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Katherine Bradford strutted towards him . She deliberately swayed her hips with her chest out and eyes on him . She very well knew how to tantalise him .

She held her hand out which he immediately took in and pulled her towards him . She gasped and sat down on Adam Clive's thigh making him groan . He hugged her from behind, trailing kisses all over her exposed back and neckline right up to her cleavage .

Adam Clive was so excited by now, that he wanted to have her right there . His hands ran further south . Since her dress had a high cut, he got access from her thighs tight upto her waist .

Sensing what would happen next, Katherine Bradford tried to appease him, "Darling, let's do it later after the party…" 
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But, Adam Clive wasn't in a position to hold back . He flipped her onto the couch and began doing her right there .

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Katherine Bradford grasped the couch to balance herself and began moaning .

At that time, the doorbell rang . .

But Adam Clive didn't let her go immediately .

Katherine Bradford begged him . "Adam, after so much of careful planning, I don't want to lose it here . It must probably be Jayne . Let me go…"

But, Adam Clive pounded himself harder and finally let go of her when both of them reached their climax .

Katherine Bradford was breathless by then . She fell on the couch to catch her breath . She smoothed down her skirt and made sure her hair was perfect .

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Adam Clive buttoned his pants and went upstairs to Katherine Bradford's room with his wine glass, lighting a cigarette .

Katherine Bradford then rushed towards the door and opened it . It was Emma Dalton and a couple of her other classmates .

"Hey Kate! You look lovely!" Emma Dalton exclaimed .

Katherine Bradford was already flushed due to their previous activity . She invited them to come inside . "Hey come on in girls!"

The other girls walked in while Emma Dalton pulled Katherine Bradford by her sleeve, "What took you so long Kate? You look so flushed as well! Is Adam here by any chance?" Emma Dalton began teasing her with a wink .

"Emma! Let's get going!" She asked her to come over with a laughter . They walked outside where the caterers were busy preparing food . Katherine Bradford asked them to begin serving the food .

The girls settled down at the in-house party area and began chatting merrily .

The party atmosphere slowly started setting in… The waiters started serving food, beginning with starters . A bartender took over the bar counter . The DJ began playing music . The lighting of the party area changed according to the tune of the music .

Katherine Bradford kept glancing at the entrance . The most important person for tonight was yet to arrive . It was almost seven but Jayne hadn't arrived yet . She began getting anxious as everybody else started coming in except Jayne .


Jayne unexpectedly had to meet the director of the commercial . So, she left to the company in the afternoon . By the time she finished her discussions, Jayne was a bit hungry . She checked her watch and it was almost 8 PM .

"It's already 8PM! No wonder I'm feeling this hungry!" She rubbed her tummy .

She began packing her bag to leave when she suddenly remembered, "Oh shit! Katherine Bradford's party! I'm late! Plus, I'm still in my formal wear… It'll take time for me to change and then head to the party! What do I do? Do I really have to go?" Jayne bit her lips pondering on whether she should attend the party or not .