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Chapter 41

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They traveled for some distance after which the limousine came in front of a huge gate . The security personnel immediately opened the gate after which the limousine made its way through the raised curve path with rows of trees on either side swaying to the autumn night which further led to the colossal mansion . Finally it stopped at the entrance guarded by huge wooden doors which was left open now .

Daniel announced, "Boss, Madam we're here . "

Jayne who was still recovering from her previous shocks, got into another surprise mode . 'Looks like it's a series of shocks tonight . It's better I get used to it than suffer from mini heart attacks at every stage . ' She prepared herself mentally .

Daniel got down first and held the door open for Ronnie to get down . Later he was about to go to Jayne's side when his boss interrupted him by motioning him to wait . Later, Ronnie himself walked over to the other side and held out the door for her .

Jayne was still lost in her thoughts . Ronnie slightly rubbed her shoulder and said, "Jayne, we're here . Come let's go," and he held out his hand for her .

Jayne now snapped out of her thoughts and took his hands in embarrassment . She was slightly flustered . She gracefully walked beside him to the mansion .

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A water fountain welcomed them first which was decorated by different colored lights . The soft gushing of the water resonated with the silence of the chilly autumn winter night reflecting Jayne's moods .

A Butler was waiting for them at the entrance of the large, intricately carved wooden door . He said, "Welcome home Sir, Madam," and led them inside .

Jayne's jaw dropped after she got inside . It was more like a mini palace . . money was spent like filth to every single corner of the house . Each wall, door, window or even an empty space bloated an aristocratic extravagance .

The lighting was aptly chosen, with the right amount of brightness at delicate angels which accentuated the interiors which were mostly honey coloured . The wooden doors were large, noble and highly . The windows were draped with beige and honey coloured curtains to compliment the walls .

They first came up to the drawing room which had plush sized couches beige and honey coloured . They next passed by the dining area to a large staircase hallway leading to the upper floors .

Ronnie led her to the stairs and on the first floor they found another huge hallway leading to a room . He opened the door . Jayne who was already lost in the grandeur of the mansion simply followed him .

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This room was huge and spacious . It was warm and white walled decorated with paintings . There was a huge window from which the nightlights of the city were glistening . A small platform was made near the window in such a way that one could cosy up with a book and get lost . At the corner was a door which led to the bathroom and dressing area . In the middle of the room was a large king sized bed . There was another door to the study .

Ronnie made Jayne to sit on the bed and said, "Wifey, welcome home . . to your home . Thanks for trusting me and coming along till here . From now on, it's my responsibility to take care of you . For now you can stay here . As for your clothes, nothing has been arranged yet . Freshen up and come we'll have dinner . You can come back and wear mine for the night . "

"Wear mine for the night . Wear mine for the night . Wear mine for the night . " The last words kept ringing in Jayne's ears and she couldn't help but blush deep red . She lowered her head in order to avoid Ronnie's gaze .

Ronnie chuckled at her reaction and said, "Freshen up soon and come downstairs for dinner soon Jayne . " With that he left her and went outside the room to his .

As soon as Ronnie left Jayne let out a huge sigh . She dashed to the washroom and splashed lots of cold water on her face . She looked at herself in the mirror . This was probably the first ever time she looked at herself since she woke up . She froze on seeing her own self . She couldn't recognise her own self .

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She carefully examined herself by moving her fingers over her heart shaped face with high cheekbones . The first thing which caught her attention was the bandage over her forehead . She then looked into her eyes, she had chocolate brown eyes with thick eyelashes . Her eyebrows were delicately arched . Moving south she saw her nose which was thin and pointed with a nose ring pierced on the left side . She bit her soft, lush lips . She was fair-skinned girl, quite tall . Her hair was sleek, smooth and long but unkempt .

By now her eyes flooded with tears . Maybe due to the overwhelming emotions she let go off all her welled up feelings at one go . She felt slightly better after that . She washed her face once again and dried herself before going downstairs to the dining area .

Ronnie was already there waiting for her to come . He saw her coming towards the dining area . Ronnie held out a chair for Jayne . She sat down with her head lowered . Then, he ordered the butlers, " Begin serving . "

The dinner consisted of a wide and exquisite spread of dishes which occupied almost the entire table . It consisted of roasted meat, cabbage and potato with Yorkshire pudding, Turkey, cranberry sauce and gravy, bangers and mash, Spaghetti Bolognese . There was also a portion of fish and chips .

Jayne didn't know what to eat and what not to eat . But looking at the sumptuous spread before her, her stomach began to growl . She began devouring the dishes without looking at what anybody would think of her .

Ronnie was pleased to see her eating to her heart's content . A wave of warm affection passed from his eyes . He lovingly said, "Feel at home Jayne, I already told you . So, eat well . As much as you want . "

Finally it was time to have desserts . Here again, there were many varieties to choose from . Custard, Apple pie, Arctic roll, Raspberry ripple . Jayne didn't know any of the dishes . She was only busy devouring them one after the other . Finally when she was full she had a depressed look on her face .

Ronnie frowned, "What's wrong?

Jayne depressingly said, " I'm full . But I haven't tasted so many dishes yet especially that . " She pointed at the chocolate cheesecake .

Ronnie let out a laugh and said, "It's okay Jayne . They'll prepare anything and everything you want to eat at anytime of the day . " He lovingly patted her head .

On hearing Ronnie her eyes immediately sparkled . She chuckled and said, "Okay!"

Ronnie said, "Fine, it's bedtime Jayne . Let's head upstairs . You can shower and rest for the night . The rest we'll talk tomorrow . "

They headed upstairs and both went to their respective rooms . Jayne showered and wore Ronnie's clothes and slept .

Back in the dining hall, the butlers who were used to seeing their Master always eating alone . He avoided inviting people home . His loving smile and gaze didn't miss the attention of the butlers leaving them all dumbstruck . They all realised that this must be their Future Madam for sure .