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Published at 6th of August 2019 07:44:04 PM

Chapter 72

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"Maya!" Virat ran towards the stage .

Worried Sanvi followed him .

On approaching the familiar woman who had her back towards him, Virat who was breathless by now tapped her shoulder and called her out, "Maya?"

The familiar woman turned around with a look of bewilderment, "Sorry?"

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"I'm sorry Ma'am! I mistook you as my girlfriend . " Virat apologised while lowering his head .

"Girlfriend? Men these days, always find ways to flirt with women . Such cheap people!" That woman went wide eyed, her expression darkened . Clearly, it could be seen that her irritation crackled .

Before she could further misunderstand Virat, Sanvi interrupted and pulled Virat aside and said to the woman, "Ma'am, no no! It isn't what you think . Anyway, I apologise on behalf of him . He's a little drunk . He mistook me as you . It's me . I'm his girlfriend . " Sanvi tried to pacify her .

That woman glanced at the ceiling and blew out her cheeks and left from there .

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"Virattt! Have you gone crazy? What's wrong with you? If it wasn't for me, that woman would have ended up slapping you by now!" she pulled him away to where they were sitting .

"Leave me Sanvi! Leave me alone! I know she's not here . I simply kept up my hopes to meet her here . How could she do this to me Sanvi?" Tears filled his eyes and he couldn't resist himself at all .

Sanvi couldn't see him cry . She took his hand and headed towards the calmer side of the beach .

"Virat, listen to me . Calm down yourself . Without hopes, life is absolutely nothing . Of course, the basic reason for our survival is hope . But along with hope, you also need to have patience . You believe in your love . So I'm sure wherever on earth she is, she'll be missing you now too . " Sanvi tried to console him .

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"It's all a lie Sanvi . Don't try to pacify me with these lies . I know it all . She has left me already . She will never ever come back to me . Just say it out Sanvi! Please do something, I need my Maya . " He felt empty inside him . Tears continuously rolled down his eyes .

Sanvi went forward and hugged Virat . "It's okay Virat . Everything's going to be okay . I'm sure she'll come back to us . Let's wait a little longer . " Sanvi patted his back continuously .

Since Virat felt like he had a shoulder to lean on after a long time, he totally forgot that it was Sanvi that was hugging him and hugged her back tightly and wailed out all his pent up grief .

Sanvi straightened on being hugged by Virat in such a manner . But she didn't resist him . Instead, continued to allow him to let him hug her .

Her comforting brought in much relief to Virat . He felt very tired and exhausted due to the complex emotions going through him at the moment .

Sanvi realised that he was getting tired . So they both sat by the shore . The waves of the beach washed their feet and it felt therapeutic . The sounds of the party could be heard from afar . Virat leaned his head on Sanvi's shoulders .


"Ah!" Jayne who was sleeping in the noon suddenly woke up with a loud sound .

Ronnie who was working next to her on the bed looked at her panic-stricken face . "What's wrong baby? You'd a bad dream?" He pulled her into his embrace and lovingly patted her sweat filled body .

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