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Published at 6th of August 2019 07:43:56 PM

Chapter 80

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With a sigh Ronnie got back to reading . He flipped over to the next page .


Dear Nadia,

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From when daddy left us, it seems like our happiness has been lost forever . Today, I went out to play with my neighbourhood friends . But their mommys suddenly came and asked them not to play with me from now on . They told that I'm a bad influence and that I shouldn't play with them .

I immediately ran back home and told mommy about it . She came and enquired them as to what was wrong in hanging around with me? They told I was a bad influence to their children and that mommy and I shouldn't stay in this house . They started abusing and humiliating us in all bad words . It hurts to write them down here too .

I didn't understand how I became a bad influence to their children all of a sudden . Those aunties would send their children to me to learn dance . And since I study well, they would even send them so that I help them in studies . They always praised me for my good manners .

But now suddenly they all have changed . Mommy was crying a lot . I'd never seen my mommy cry before . But nowadays, I hardly see her smile . She keeps crying in secret always . I hate to see mommy cry so much . Wish I could do something to make her smile .

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At that time, Amar uncle came home . When he saw everything that happened with us in the garden, he began scolding those aunties . He finally warned them strictly . Nobody is supposed to hurt my sister or her daughter .

When we started walking back to our house, one aunty said, these people are so shameless . They are spoiling the sacred relationship between a brother and a sister .

Another aunty joined her . Exactly, at the outset they tell brother sister relationship but inside God knows what they do . Didn't her husband leave her and go for the same reason?

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Now they're acting all innocent . Such people shouldn't stay with respected, well cultured families like ours . One more aunty said .

Amar uncle got very angry . He shouted . Enough! They all stopped talking and went back to their homes .

Mommy asked me to go to my room and play . But, she was weeping so much . I hate those aunties for hurting my mommy . I hate them all! Wish I could do something for them to stop speaking like that .

Dear God, please send daddy soon . It's only he who can bring back our happiness .


A fresh swell of rage rose through Ronnie at the society for hurting Maya . That little girl and her mother were punished emotionally every single day for no mistake of theirs .

Ronnie wished he could turn back time and go to that point and slap those women in the face . 'Well-cultured, respected families? Shows the hypocrisy of your face! My Maya and her mother had to face the brunt of this opinionated society . They never got a chance to explain themselves, to her father nor this prejudiced society!' Ronnie was almost choking on his rage .

'Well, no! Why should they even explain to such hypocrites! I can imagine how hurt Maya's mother must've been then . ' Ronnie felt his heart ache for her .

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