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Published at 6th of August 2019 07:43:38 PM

Chapter 98

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Warning! Matured content!

Jayne finally opened her eyes to look at her man . She once again turned red like a tomato since Ronnie was already looking at her seductively .

Jayne wanted to cover her face . But her hands were wrapped around Ronnie's shoulders and she didn't want to break their 'oh-so-wonderful' contact . She simply turned her head to her left trying to hide her blush .

Their room had an attached courtyard which was so placed that both the snow-covered mountain and the lake over-looking the mountain could be seen from this glass covered courtyard .

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Jayne could see the snow flakes falling all over . She was immediately astounded by the wonderful sight . She admired it's beauty in the arms of the man she loved .

Ronnie followed along her line of sight and realised what she was looking at . He got up and scooped up Jayne, covered her with the comforter and walked to the courtyard .

By now Jayne was getting used to Ronnie picking her up always especially when she would least expect him to . She happily adjusted herself in his arms, wrapped her hands around his neck and kissed his lips, chin, nose, eyes . . .

Ronnie, "Are you trying to seduce me honey? Don't you worry . Our next round will be right there . " He pointed to a bonfire in the courtyard . There were mattresses on all the four sides of the bonfire .

Jayne stopped kissing and buried her face in Ronnie's neck .

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"Now that you've stopped kissing, we'll go for another round . " Jayne heard Ronnie's seductive voice .

"Baby, I was just kissing your neck . Here…" She licked and bit his neck .

"Ah baby!" Ronnie groaned and placed her on the bed . "My wife is sure very clever . Either ways, we'll definitely go for an extra round . "

Before giving her a chance to refute, Ronnie sealed her lips with his sending Jayne into another world while he buried their entwined bodies beneath the comforter .

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Before she knew it, she was kissing him back with the same fervour and urgency like she could never get enough of him .

Ronnie trailed kisses along her neck further south to both her breasts . He licked, teased and kissed one while wrapping the other with his warm hand .

He continued trailing kissed further south and stopped at her navel . He licked and teased it sending those electric waves all over again . He continued to move further south… .

This time he didn't use his hand, rather he used his tongue . Jayne groaned with ecstasy the moment his tongue touched her . She groaned . "Ah Ron-!" Before she could complete, Ronnie began eating her inside out .

Once again Jayne, arched her back, frozen mid-air finally releasing all her love juice to her love . Yet again, wild tremors travelled all through her body transporting her into another world .

Before Jayne could snap back, Ronnie began eating her all over again . Jayne thought she'd literally have a breakdown due to the pleasure waves circulating all over her body .

Ronnie thrust himself deep inside Jayne once again . This time neither of them spoke . They silently basked in the ecstacy of their love making .

Jayne kissed Ronnie's head as he was lying on top of her silently listening to her heartbeat which was now harmoniously beating .

Ronnie got up and sat . He pulled Jayne towards him who lazily leaned herself in his arms . He wrapped the comforter around their bodies . They quietly looked at the last rays of the sun of the crimson sky accompanied with snowflakes .

"I wish we could freeze this moment right here hubby . As long as you are by my side, I don't need anything else…Ronnie, I love you!" she tilted her head and kissed his lips while Ronnie hugged her naked body closer to his and kissed back even more vigorously… . .

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