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Chapter 234: 234

Chapter 234: An Unworldly and Handsome Man Appears (2)

The moment Zi Shang appeared, Gong Xifan guessed that he was the expert who’d made waves in Medicine Refinery City .

He stepped forward and flashed Ye Jiuge a small smile . “This must be the guard sent by Great Master Yun . Ye Zi, isn’t it?”

“Yes . ” Ye Jiuge nodded helplessly .

“I heard that Brother Ye Zi singlehandedly defeated the highly-skilled Sorcerers at Medicine Refinery City . Having met you today, I can understand why,” Gong Xifan praised .

“I heard that the team led by Great Master Gong consists of the elite of the various large and famous sects . Having seen the team today, I think much is left to be desired,” Zi Shang drawled with disdain .

Gong Xifan’s brow furrowed . He turned to Ye Jiuge, silently asking her to control her guard .

“Don’t create a fuss, Ye Zi . ” Ye Jiuge’s admonishment did not sound too threatening . It was obvious that Zi Shang intended to create trouble today .

As a fake Master, how could she control him?

“Eldest Miss, these people are losers . Let’s not waste our time here,” Zi Shang continued, making the situation worse .

“Please be mindful of your words, Brother Ye Zi . ” Gong Xifan’s voice turned chilly .

Although he wished to have the expert on their side, Zi Shang’s indifference and disrespect did not sit well with him . But he couldn’t ignore Zi Shang either .

“Don’t be too cocky, brat! If you are so capable, let’s battle it out!” Wang Haoqiang hollered angrily .

The rest of the Spiritual Practitioners started calling out, “Beat him to death!”

“Just your little group?” Zi Shang’s red lips curved into a teasing and condescending smile . “If you wish for a battle, don’t take turns . Come at me all at once!”

“You are such an arrogant brat! Do you think we can’t harm you?” Wang Haoqiang did not hold back his anger and immediately spat back . “Let’s all go at him together and make him fear our prowess!”

“Defeat him!” Qiao Shaohua took the lead in responding to Wang Haoqiang’s call .

The rest of the Spiritual Practitioners went with the flow and surrounded Zi Shang .

The Spiritual Practitioners who’d made it onto the team were not incompetent . They had their moments of pride and arrogance, but they also knew when to wait for the right moment to strike .

They had all heard about the battle at Medicine Refinery City . A person who was able to defeat and kill highly-skilled Sorcerers would not be easy to beat . In a one-on-one, they would not have had much chance of victory . But if they attacked as a group, their chances were assured .

The only ones who did not join in were Nangong Li, Baili Moyun, and the few female Spiritual Practitioners, like Yue Lingjun .

“Third Uncle?” Gong Honglei looked worriedly at Ye Jiuge and Zi Shang, who were standing in the middle of the group .

“Since Brother Ye Zi is so excited for a battle, then we should accompany him until he’s had his fill!” Gong Xifan said flatly as if the scene in front of him were just a game .

Ye Zi had trampled upon his face so roughly just now . This was also an opportune time to test Ye Zi’s strength using Wang Haoqiang and the others .

“Please allow me to borrow your spiritual weapon for a moment, Eldest Miss,” Zi Shang pretended to be respectful to Ye Jiuge .

So fake! Keep up your act!

Ye Jiuge flushed as she unwound the Lightning Snake Magical Whip from her waist and handed it over to Zi Shang slowly . Then, she retreated to one side .

Zi Shang flicked the whip once, facing Wang Haoqiang and the rest . “Come!”

“Charge!” Wang Haoqiang took the lead, holding a sickle-like spiritual weapon .

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He waved it lightly, and crescent wind knife blades shot out from the blade .

Qiao Shaohua’s spiritual weapon was a medicinal pestle . It emitted green light, and numerous vines shot up from the ground, trapping Zi Shang in place .

Seeing that Zi Shang was trapped, the rest of the Spiritual Practitioners were overjoyed . They did not care about working with one another and ordered their spiritual weapons to strike Zi Shang .

In an instant, multi-colored spiritual lights arched in Zi Shang’s direction .

Yue Lingjun watched the spectacle nervously from the side .

As frustrating as Zi Shang’s words might be, she was still reluctant to see such a handsome and dashing man be defeated .

The spiritual lights exploded, then dispersed .

Zi Shang, who should have ended up defeated and sorry, was nowhere to be found .

“Where did he go?” Wang Haoqiang looked around .

“Over there!” Qiao Shaohua’s eyes were sharp . He had already found Zi Shang by Ye Jiuge’s side .

“What are you doing here?” Ye Jiuge looked at Zi Shang warily .

Surely his demonic powers were enough? He couldn’t possibly intend to drag her into the mess?

“Inviting you to watch a show,” Zi Shang offered a casual and lazy smile, but the dominance he projected was palpable .

He did not move, but the Lightning Snake Magical Whip in his hands suddenly emitted a glaring light . It transformed into a giant python and surged toward the Spiritual Practitioners .

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“Beat it to death!” Wang Haoqiang screamed, leading the attack against the Lightning Snake Magical Whip .

Qiao Shaohua and the rest of the Spiritual Practitioners followed his lead, attacking from behind Wang Haoqiang .

The brightly glowing Lightning Snake Magical Whip was suspended high in the air, and there was nowhere to escape . After being hit with numerous spiritual lights, it immediately dispersed .

“Tch . I thought that he would be more powerful . We overestimated his powers,” Wang Haoqiang boasted .

The Spiritual weapon was a Spiritual Practitioner’s lifeline . Destroying a Spiritual Practitioner’s weapon was akin to destroying their life .

But Qiao Shaohua did not lower his guard . His eyes were trained on Zi Shang’s every move . Watching as Zi Shang formed his fingers into a weird-looking spell, he shouted out quickly, “Be careful!”

The Lightning Snake Magical Whip exploded again . This time, it shot uncountable silvery lights at every Spiritual Practitioner present .

The explosion was too fast for the Spiritual Practitioners to react . By the time they moved, the light had already pierced their bodies, and moans and screams could be heard .

“You’re mad . ” Wang Haoqiang reacted fastest . In that instant, he fended off two rays of light but had still been hit by the lights . Numerous injuries appeared on his face and body .

Qiao Shaohua was in the worst shape . His face had been injured by many of the light rays, and his face was bleeding badly . It was quite horrific .

“Stop it, quick!” Yue Lingjun started screaming .

Gong Xifan acted swiftly, and he channeled Spiritual Power to attack the Lightning Snake Magical Whip with a thumb-sized Spiritual light .

At that moment, Zi Shang merely waved his hand .

With whirlwind speed, the Lightning Snake Magical Whip flew into his hand and reverted into the form of a whip .

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“Brother Ye Zi, it was only a spar . Why did you have to harm them so much?” Gong Xifan’s expression was dark as he looked at Zi Shang .

Even though he frowned upon Wang Haoqiang and the others’ actions, but he’d also lost face when they were defeated so easily and terribly .

“These are merely superficial wounds . If they were unable to withstand such small injuries, then they should refrain from going to Bloodcloud Peak to their deaths,” Zi Shang provoked .

Gong Xifan did not have a comeback .

Zi Shang handed the Lightning Snake Magical Whip to Ye Jiuge and shook his head . “Merely a bunch of losers, yet they have the nerve to look down on others . It’s ridiculous . ”

Ye Jiuge was taken aback . Was this guy taking revenge on her behalf?

“Senior Ye Zi, our cultivation might not be on a level with yours . But I do not think we should be labeled as losers!” Gong Honglei called out in dissatisfaction .

“I wasn’t referring to you, but them . ” Zi Shang jerked his finger and pointed in the direction of Wang Haoqiang, Qiao Shaohua, and the rest of the Spiritual Practitioners who had attacked him .

Wang Haoqiang, Qiao Shaohua, and the others were angry but did not dare defend themselves .

If they were still unable to see the gap between their abilities and Zi Shang’s, they should retire from being Spiritual Practitioners .

“Great Master Gong, I still have some errands to run, so I’ll be taking my leave!” Given the awkwardness of the situation, Ye Jiuge did not dare to stay any longer .

Gong Xifan did not try to retain her and sent them on their way .