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Published at 14th of June 2020 05:20:10 AM

Chapter 235

Chapter 235: Xiao Fen Hong Evolves

Ye Jiuge was a little melancholic when she returned home . Seeing Zi Shang’s lazy expression, she couldn’t stop herself from prodding his chest in anger . “You’ve strained our relations with the Spiritual Practitioner Alliance . How am I going to work with Gong Xifan and the rest?”

Although it felt good watching Zi Shang teach those a**es who had only grand ambitions and no real abilities a lesson, he still needed to think about their priorities .

“Besides Baili Moyun and Nangong Li, the rest are losers . If your hopes rely on them, you may as well pray that the Bloodthirsty Patriarch surrenders . ” Zi Shang shrugged carelessly with an innocent expression .

“Alright, I get it . No matter what, you always have a comeback . ” Ye Jiuge did not have much faith in the abilities of Spiritual Practitioners like Wang Haoqiang .

“You forgot to ask about the name change . ” Zi Shang blinked .

“Forget it . I’ll deal with it myself . ” Changing her last name was a small matter . Now, it was more important to let Jun Yichen and Ye Yu know about their falling out with the Spiritual Practitioner Alliance .

Heeding Ye Jiuge’s call, Jun Yichen and Ye Yu quickly arrived . After hearing about their encounter and subsequent falling out with the Spiritual Practitioner Alliance, Jun Yichen said expressionlessly, “I never wanted to rely on those losers to begin with . ”

Ever since he’d absorbed the Bloodthirsty Patriarch’s blood essence and made it his, he had been confident that vengeance would be his . There was no need to involve other people in his thirst for revenge .

“Our goals are the same as the Spiritual Practitioner Alliance’s, and there was no need to fight with them . The more allies we have, the better . ” Ye Yu’s attitude was more conservative .

“That’s right . Therefore, I am thinking about sending someone to stay with Gong Xifan’s group . The rest will follow me to Bloodcloud Peak . ” Ye Jiuge agreed with Ye Yu .

No matter how lousy and useless the Spiritual Practitioners were, they should still make full use of them .

“Don’t look at me . I’m not going,” Jun Yichen rejected without hesitation .

Ye Yu was also quick to voice his preference, “Eldest Miss, I would like to travel with you . ”

Ye Jiuge felt a little awkward hearing their rejection . They couldn’t possibly send Zi Shang to the Spiritual Practitioner Alliance!

“There is no need to be so troublesome . Didn’t you leave three Legendary Venomous Insects there? If there are any movements, summon them back to ask,” Jun Yichen said carelessly .

“With your Life’s Origin Parasite?” Ye Jiuge’s eyes brightened .

“Besides my Life’s Origin Parasite, your Queen Parasite can also summon them . ”

After rearing so many batches of Legendary Venomous Insects, Jun Yichen had only managed to hatch one Queen Parasite . The lure of the Queen Parasite was hinted at by its name . Its call was even more powerful and effective than the forceful summons of Jun Yichen’s Life’s Origin Parasite .

“If you had not mentioned it, I would have forgotten about it . ” Ye Jiuge had an epiphany .

Reaching into a drawer, she took out a Spiritual Beast sack, which she’d made herself .

The sack had three compartments . The left one housed the Treasure-hunting Scorpion couple, the pink Queen Parasite occupied the middle, and on the right, the Black Fat Rat hibernated .

Ye Jiuge took out the pink Legendary Venomous Insect . Beneath its fat body, it had already begun cocooning . Only its small, round head was visible .

The moment it saw Ye Jiuge, it stretched its neck long and started chirping, sounding just like a chick wanting to be fed .

“Master, I’m hungry! So hungry!”

“Sorry, I forgot about you,” Ye Jiuge apologized as she crumbled a Cherry Pill and fed it to the parasite .

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The pink Legendary Venomous Insect showed its happiness as it ate over 20 Cherry Pills before reluctantly turning into a pink cocoon because its belly had bulged so much .

“It’s already started evolved so quickly!” A glint of surprise flashed in Jun Yichen’s eyes .

“Is that good or bad?” Ye Jiuge had never reared a Legendary Venomous Insect before . She was unable to tell if this hasty advancement was good or bad .

“A good thing, of course . The Queen Parasite was hard to cultivate because its development is very slow . They also have a high death rate when they are young . Generally, Queen Parasites advance in abilities after at least five years of cultivation .

“But your Queen Parasite is already advancing in ability after only half a month . It must be because you feed it well . ” Jun Yichen shot an accusing look at Ye Jiuge .

It was as if he were accusing Ye Jiuge of secretly feeding the good stuff to her Queen Parasite without the others knowing .

“As you have seen, I only fed it some Cherry Pills . ” Ye Jiuge displayed a face of innocence .

She had already guessed that the Queen Parasite’s advancement had to do with Black Fat Rat .

Previously, the Treasure-hunting Scorpion had felt that the sack was too small, and it had wanted to search for a more comfortable spot with its mate . But the female scorpion had said that she was comfortable in the sack . Even its injuries were mostly healed .

The sack was made from ordinary cotton cloth . There was nothing special about it . The only unique factor was the hibernating Black Fat Rat . But Jun Yichen did not need to know about that .

The pureblooded parasite child’s life goal was to make the Blood-clad Miao tribe powerful again . If he knew that Black Fat Rat could enhance the Legendary Venomous Insects’ advancement, he would most likely do anything to obtain it .

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“Humph! You must have done something . ” Although Jun Yichen was not satisfied, he only grumbled a little but did not probe further .

To him, Ye Jiuge was the best Alchemist in the world . It was no surprise that she would be able to produce superior pills .

The Queen Parasite was her Legendary Venomous Insect . It wasn’t a shock that she gave it the very best .

“How long will the Queen Parasite’s advancement take?” Ye Jiuge asked as she placed the pink cocoon back into the sack .

“It’s hard to tell . It varies by situation . ” Jun Yichen did not dare to offer a conclusion about a Legendary Venomous Insect being cultivated by Ye Jiuge .

“In that case, we will have to rely on you to summon the three Legendary Venomous Insects . But when you do it, be careful no one notices,” Ye Jiuge ordered .

It was a little unethical to secretly control other peoples’ Legendary Venomous Insects . If Baili Moyun and the others knew about it, the three Legendary Venomous Insects would probably be abandoned without question .

“Do I look like an idiot?” Jun Yichen also knew that the Legendary Venomous Insects they had sold should not be summoned carelessly .

Unless there were no other choice, he would not summon these insects .

“You guys hurry up with your preparations . We will leave in three days,” Ye Jiuge announced .

“Alright . ” Ye Yu and Jun Yichen nodded . They had been looking forward to this day .

Meanwhile, on Bloodcloud Peak, the Bloodthirsty Patriarch called for Shou Hou and threw him a letter . “Look at this . ”

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“Yes,” Shou Hou opened the letter carefully, scanning its contents .

The letter meticulously recorded the Spiritual Practitioner Alliance’s every move . It included the names of the team members, their sects, departure timing, and an inventory of pills and Legendary Venomous Insects, which Ye Jiuge had sent over .

There was even a name written in red—Ye Zi .

This man, Ye Zi, had killed Xiong Yunhu, who had swallowed a Blood Pearl, with just one move . His skill was unknown . With him around, they had to take care .

The Bloodthirsty Patriarch’s eyes were half-open as he casually asked, “What did you think?”

“Gong Xifan’s cultivation level was high . Also, they have Ye Zi . It will be hard to deal with them!” Shou Hou replied with caution .

The Spiritual Practitioner Alliance would not just be ‘hard to deal with . ’ They would have a hard time fending off their attacks!

Initially, Shou Hou had trusted in the security of their protective formation . Even if the Spiritual Practitioner Alliance came, they would not return alive .

Who knew that their enemies were so knowledgeable about their protective formation? They’d even prepared pills and Legendary Venomous Insects to counter it!

If the protective formation were broken, they would most likely be defeated .

Luckily, Shou Hou had already started planning how to escape with Ye Yunzhi should the protective formation break . After all, the Bloodthirsty Sect was centered around the Bloodthirsty Patriarch’s strength . His disciples were not a loyal bunch, and no one would trade their lives for the Patriarch .




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