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Published at 14th of June 2020 05:20:08 AM

Chapter 236

Chapter 236: The Yin Corpse Sect’s Elder

“Naturally, I have a way to deal with these things, so you do not need to worry . Instruct the men to take care of the protective formation . If anything goes wrong, don’t blame me for sacrificing all of you for my cultivation . ” The Bloodthirsty Patriarch’s eyes widened . They flashed like lightning, as though he could read minds .

Shuddering, Shou Hou hurriedly replied, “Patriarch, please rest assured . I will ensure that the protective formation is taken care of . ”

“Do your job well, and I won’t mistreat you . ” The Bloodthirsty Patriarch nodded . After a moment, he asked, “What has Su Junqing been up to recently?”

“Su Junqing has been very active in the sect lately, and he has made new friends everywhere . He has a large amount of blood essence on him, and he has managed to secure connections with higher status people . ”

“He is really generous, isn’t he?” The Bloodthirsty Patriarch’s withered face revealed a strange smile .

“I have also brought his gift to you . Patriarch, please take a look at it . ” Shou Hou took out a glass bottle the size of a palm and respectfully presented it to the Bloodthirsty Patriarch .

The bottle was filled with a viscous red solution—the essence formed from human blood .

“Since he is so considerate, feel free to accept it!” The Bloodthirsty Patriarch gestured with his hands . He did not take a fancy to this offering because he felt that it was beneath him .

“Yes . ” With a flattering smile, Shou Hou stashed the glass bottle .

“How has Blood Slave Number Thirteen been serving him?” the Bloodthirsty Patriarch asked .

“This…I don’t know what to say . Although Su Junqing treats Blood Slave Number Thirteen well, he seems restrained around her . I don’t understand what is going on . ” Shou Hou’s interactions with Ye Yunzhi were very discreet, and he pretended as though he knew nothing about her grievances with Su Junqing .

The Bloodthirsty Patriarch would never expect Shou Hou to be so daring as to covet his Blood Slaves, so he did not notice anything strange . He only instructed, “Watch Su Junqing carefully . That’s all . You may go!”

“Yes!” Shou Hou bowed and left .

The Bloodthirsty Patriarch pondered deeply for a moment, sitting on a large chair . Then, he hit the chair’s handle and turned it .

A dark passageway immediately appeared below the chair .

The Bloodthirsty Patriarch followed the gloomy passageway, walking until he reached the end .

There was a red platform half the height of a man with a spotless white skull on top .

The top of the skull had been torn open and was faintly stained with blood . It seemed that it was frequently used .

The Bloodthirsty Patriarch bit open the skin of his finger and squeezed a drop of blood onto the top of the skull .

In the eye sockets, two flames immediately flickered . A beam of light flashed out and shone onto the opposite wall .

In the light, there appeared an image of a young boy in black robes . He looked to be approximately five or six years old .

Although he had a cute appearance, his phoenix eyes made him look arrogant . He was seated on a red chair three times bigger than him, and the scene was comical .

“Greetings to you, Elder Qiu . ” The Bloodthirsty Patriarch bowed respectfully to the boy .

“What matter do you have?” the boy asked impatiently .

“Elder Qiu, the Spiritual Practitioner Alliance has unexpectedly found out that the Bloodthirsty Sect is cultivating Blood Lotus Flowers . They have sent a taskforce to snatch them from us . I fear this will delay you, so I decided to report it to you . ”

The Bloodthirsty Patriarch did not confess that he was facing an attack because he had tried to plot against Medicine Refinery City’s lord . Instead, he pushed all the blame onto the Spiritual Practitioner Alliance .

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“F*ck! How dare those people from the Spiritual Practitioner Alliance covet my Blood Lotus Flower! Let them all go to hell!” The boy was infuriated . He slapped his seat forcefully, looking as though he hated the fact that he could not immediately rush out and deal with the taskforce from the Spiritual Practitioner Alliance himself .

“Recently, something has gone wrong with my cultivation . With the Spiritual Practitioner Alliance bearing down on us menacingly, I fear that I will be unable to fend them off . I have no choice but to request your help,” said the Bloodthirsty Patriarch, scowling miserably .

He was trying to coax Qiu Sen .

Although he had been unable to complete his Spiritual Retreat as he would have liked, this had only impacted him a little . He had no problems fending off the Spiritual Practitioner Alliance .

However, like a wily old fox, he naturally sought helpers to assist him with such chores .

“No worries . I will send someone over to help immediately . I will eliminate every member of the Spiritual Practitioner Alliance in one stroke and use them as fertilizer for my Blood Lotus Flowers,” the boy roared arrogantly .

“Then, I shall patiently await the Envoy . ” The Bloodthirsty Patriarch looked as though he was beside himself with emotions and moved to tears .

“Just wait patiently . The Envoy will arrive in two days, at most . ” The boy gestured with his hands, and the image disappeared immediately .

The Bloodthirsty Patriarch finally straightened his back . There was a satisfied expression on his face .

With the Yin Corpse Sect’s help, no matter how sufficient their preparations, the Spiritual Practitioner Alliance’s taskforce was courting death .

Meanwhile, in the Yin Corpse Sect, more than a thousand miles away…

After Qiu Sen had stopped transmitting his image to the Bloodthirsty Patriarch, he used the Communication Talisman to make another call . “Youyue, come here . ”

A moment later, a nonchalant voice came from outside Qiu Sen’s cave room: “Elder, did you ask for me?”

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“That’s right . Come in!” Qiu Sen replied .

The stone door opened, and a fragrance drifted in .

Then, a tender-skinned and beautiful woman walked in . She was Qiu Sen’s Chief Disciple, Si Youyue .

She had bright eyes like clear autumn waters . They seemed capable of reading a person’s mind .

She wore a traditional chest jacket skirt in dark red . Her clothes revealed much of her snow-white skin, making her look charming .

Because of his method, Qiu Sen had a young boy’s appearance . However, he admired the woman’s looks like a grown-up . He liked this tender-skinned and beautiful Chief Disciple of his very much .

“Greetings to you, Elder . What instructions do you have for me?” As Si Youyue leaned over to bow, her cleavage deepened . It could dazzle any man .

“Go to the Bloodcloud Peak and bring back the Blood Lotus Flowers that grow there . While you’re at it, get rid of the Bloodthirsty Patriarch,” Qiu Sen instructed her calmly .

He showed no signs of his previous rage . Instead, he was frighteningly calm .

“Bloodcloud Peak is so far away!” Si Youyue looked annoyed as her gaze landed on Qiu Sen . Pouting, she added, “If I am doing this for you, and there’s nothing in it for me, I won’t accept the task!”

“Apart from the three Blood Lotus Flowers, everything else at Bloodcloud Peak belongs to you . ” Qiu Sen waved his hand generously .

“Many thanks to you, Elder!” Si Youyue immediately revealed a soothing, obedient smile .

The Bloodthirsty Patriarch had been operating in the Lei Kingdom for a long time, and he must have accumulated quite a lot of wealth . She would not lose out if she were to head there .

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“I will send a Demonic Corpse to accompany you . ”, Qiu Sen made finger gestures as he cast a spell .

Behind him, a tall man noiselessly appeared . His curly black hair draped over his shoulders . His handsome face was as pale as a corpse, and his empty eyes emitted a terrifying aura .

However, his ears were the strangest thing of all .

They were shaggy like a wolf’s .

“Elder, you dote on me the most . ” Seeing the Demonic Corpse, Si Youyue was even more satisfied with her mission . This gesture was the equivalent of handing her treasures for free .

“Take care to clean up the mess . Don’t leave any evidence behind . ” Qiu Sen took out a token sculpted from the bones of the dead and threw it at Si Youyue .

This token controlled the Demonic Corpse, and Si Youyue hurriedly caught it .

Respectfully, she said, “Elder, rest assured . I will complete the mission . ”

“Alright . You may go!” Qiu Sen casually gestured with his hands .

Si Youyue took the Demonic Corpse with her and left .




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