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Published at 14th of June 2020 05:20:05 AM

Chapter 238: 238

Chapter 238: Su Junqing’s Invincible Golden Spear Technique

Su Junqing smiled shyly, as though he were a virgin with no knowledge of love and sex . He knew in his heart that Si Youyue, an evil and demonic woman who had slaughtered countless men, loved men who looked young and inexperienced but were bold and fierce in bed . Although he had successfully attracted Si Youyue’s attention, everything depended on his performance that night .

Si Youyue was itching from Su Junqing’s teasing, and she was not in the mood to deal with the Bloodthirsty Patriarch .

At the banquet, after she’d drunk a few cups of wine, Si Youyue excused herself, claiming that she was tired from the journey . She took Su Junqing along with her and went to rest .

Watching Si Youyue and Su Junqing’s retreating figures, the Bloodthirsty Patriarch’s expression darkened .

He ordered the Blood Slaves and the other disciples to leave and requested that Shou Hou stay .

“You will need to work a bit harder tonight . Watch Su Junqing closely . Once they are done, find an opportunity, and kill him . ” The Bloodthirsty Patriarch did not dare oppose Si Youyue directly, but he believed that, as long as he could get rid of Su Junqing secretly, Si Youyue would not fall out with him .

“I understand . ” Shou Hou hurriedly nodded .

He was initially worried that the Patriarch would let Su Junqing off, and he was relieved by the Patriarch’s words .

“Be careful . Don’t let Si Youyue discover you . ” Bloodthirsty Patriarch warned again .

Although Shou Hou’s Invisibility was powerful, there was no guarantee that there would not be any accidents .

“I understand . ” Shou Hou bowed and left the Parlor . He used a secret passageway then arrived noiselessly at the cave room, which had been prepared for Si Youyue .

He heard a burst of faint panting .

It had only been a short time since they’d left, but Si Youyue was already going at it with Su Junqing .

Su Junqing had dared to seduce Si Youyue because he was confident of his abilities in bed .

While practicing Mental Manipulation, he had also learned a unique technique named the ‘Invincible Golden Spear Technique . ’ With this technique, he could take on ten women in a night, and his Yang Core would not leak . He had no fear of being sucked dry .

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Su Junqing gave it all that he had . He examined every single inch of Si Youyue’s body . Initially, Si Youyue had treated Su Junqing as entertainment . She had not expected his technique to be so outstanding .

His mouth and lips were nimble, and his hands were large and scorching hot . He made Si Youyue crazy and delirious, and she felt as though her entire body were on fire . She was unable to stop even though she wanted to…

Squatting in the secret room, Shou Hou listened attentively to the voices and moans coming from the cave room . These sounds, which could make a normal person’s blood vessels burst, had no impact on him .

In his mind, he was thinking of how to kill Su Junqing .

Shou Hou waited quietly on the spot, but he had not expected Su Junqing to be so powerful and fierce in bed . He showed no signs of weariness, even after an entire night .

Furthermore, he had a variety of moves that made Si Youyue hover between life and death . Finally, with a hoarse voice, she screamed, “My Lord, please spare me!”

Given Si Youyue’s status, Su Junqing was only worthy of carrying her shoes . Shou Hou could not believe that she was addressing Su Junqing as ‘my Lord . ’

Although they were only words said in bed, from her sweet and unctuous voice, it was clear that Sun Junqing’s technique had conquered her .

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It was not going well . If Si Youyue wanted to keep Su Junqing, it was likely that she would bring him with her back to the Yin Corpse Sect .

Sure enough, when Si Youyue was delirious, Su Junqing seized the opportunity and began to coax her using all kinds of sweet speech and honeyed words . He begged her to bring him with her back to the Yin Corpse Sect .

“My darling, you need not worry . I will bring you back . ” Si Youyue’s eyes were charming as she pinched Su Junqing’s exposed chest fiercely .

While he had been pleasuring her, she had tormented Su Junqing continuously . Su Junqing was a capable man, and the injuries were nothing – so long as he could achieve his goal .

He began to talk sorrowfully about his situation in the Bloodthirsty Sect . Finally, he sighed and said, “The Bloodthirsty Patriarch intends to kill me . Even you might not be able to protect me here . ”

Si Youyue’s beautiful face turned fiendish as she yelled, “He wouldn’t dare!”

Su Junqing was a rare and extraordinarily handsome man . She would not allow anyone to touch him before she tired of him .

“He is more daring than you think . ” Su Junqing bit Si Youyue’s earlobes as his hands continued to roam her body .

Si Youyue had to admit that Su Junqing was right . The Bloodthirsty Patriarch was indeed daring .

Elder Qiu Sen had instructed him to gather blood to cultivate the Blood Lotus Flowers, but he’d used his position to put together a group of disciples to go around killing and fighting for his benefit . He had even drawn the attention of the Spiritual Practitioner Alliance, which was trying to chase him down .

The Bloodthirsty Patriarch had thought that his actions were a secret . However, Elder Qiu Sen had observed his every move .

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Since Elder Qiu Sen had already ordered her to eradicate Bloodcloud Peak, everyone had to die . In that case, it wasn’t suitable for her darling to stay, as she could injure him unintentionally in a fight .

Si Youyue immediately made her decision . She reached out her hand, and the Magical Bottomless Bag, which was on the ground, flew up to her .

She took out a black token and said to Su Junqing, “Since that is the case, you can go to the Yin Corpse Sect straightaway . Use this token, and you can become a Secondary Disciple . Once I am done here, I will come and find you . ”

“Okay . ” Although Su Junqing was ecstatic, his expression remained calm .

He placed the token at the head of the bed, casually . Then, with a flip of his body, he pressed against Si Youyue . Immediately, another round of absurdness ensued .

Hiding in the secret room, Shou Hou felt as though his heart had gone cold . He could not believe that Su Junqing had successfully secured a connection with Si Youyue and received a token allowing him to enter the Yin Corpse Sect .

Shou Hou thought: How can such a crazy, cruel beast be so lucky?

Is it because he is handsome and good in bed? This Si Youyue is a wretched sl*t if Su Junqing so easily conquers her . Sooner or later, Su Junqing will be the cause of her death .

All kinds of hatred and frustration arose in Shou Hou’s heart, but he knew that he couldn’t kill Su Junqing right now .

Seeing that Su Junqing had reached heaven in a single bound, Ye Yunzhi was in a most dangerous position . Shou Hou had to think of a way to save her…

Su Junqing’s cave room was not far away from the secret room .

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A single candle burned on a simple, crude stone table . It had already left a thick layer of wax on the table’s surface .

Feeling ill at ease, Ye Yunzhi paced up and down . From time to time, she looked toward the large door .

Su Junqing had not returned that night, and she did not know if anything had happened .

Of course, she was not worried about Su Junqing’s safety . She feared that Su Junqing had deviated from her plan .

Ever since she had been bestowed on Su Junqing by the Patriarch, she had been instigating him to act against their leader .

She could tell that Su Junqing was indeed thinking of doing something .

She had been patiently waiting for the day where Su Junqing would destroy himself .

However, last night, Su Junqing had left without a single word . She did not know what he had gone to do, and this made her uneasy .

Just as Ye Yunzhi’s heart was burning with anxiety, the door to the cave room finally opened .




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