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Chapter 239: Chapter 239 - Ye Yunzhi Despairs

Chapter 239: Ye Yunzhi Despairs

“Su Junqing, you…” Ye Yunzhi thought that Su Junqing had returned . She did not expect Shou Hou to be standing outside the cave room .

Looking at Shou Hou, who seemed anxious, she asked in surprise, “Brother Shou Hou, what are you doing here?”

“Quick, follow me . I will explain later . ” Shou Hou rushed forward, wanting to bring Ye Yunzhi with him .

Ye Yunzhi frowned and moved away from him . “Where are you taking me?” she asked .

“Su Junqing has secured a connection with Si Youyue, the Yin Corpse Sect’s Envoy . Soon, he will become a disciple of their sect . ” Shou Hou spoke urgently as he told her briefly about what had happened .

Ye Yunzhi’s beautiful, tender face immediately paled .

Her body trembled, and she took a few steps back . Even as her lower back crashed into the table, she seemed not to notice .

She thought: Why is this happening? How is this possible? I have endured humiliation and racked my brain for ways to send him to hell . Yet, he’s deftly stepped into heaven, leaving me behind to struggle in the swamp . I am not willing to accept this . I am unwilling to accept it!

“Yunzhi, Su Junqing has no respect for the Bloodthirsty Patriarch anymore . I fear that he will act against you . Quick, leave this place!” Shou Hou could not think of a way to protect Ye Yunzhi, and he could only help to send her away .

“Where can I go?” Ye Yunzhi gave a sad smile .

The Bloodthirsty Patriarch had planted a Blood Soul Flower inside her and would know immediately if she left Bloodcloud Peak . She would die a worse death should be recaptured .

“I have a way to seal the Blood Soul Flower temporarily . Since the team from the Spiritual Practitioner Alliance is heading here, you can go to them . They will not make things difficult for you . ” This was the exit strategy that Shou Hou had thought up for Ye Yunzhi .

Ye Yunzhi was a Blood Slave, not a Sorcerer, and she was one of the pitiful victims harmed by the Bloodthirsty Sect . Since the Spiritual Practitioner Alliance was renowned for its righteousness, they would not make things difficult for a poor lady .

“What about you?” Ye Yunzhi looked up at Shou Hou .

By saving her, he was betraying the Bloodthirsty Patriarch . Furthermore, as a Sorcerer, the Spiritual Practitioner Alliance would not believe anything he said . Shou Hou would only be faced with death if he were to go to them .

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“You do not need to worry about me . Of course, I have a plan to escape . The only thing you need to do is to survive . ” Shou Hou grinned . “You must live on . ”

His grin was whole-hearted and different from his usual flattering, fake smiles . It made his slightly ugly face look much more pleasant .

“What plan can you possibly have?” Ye Yunzhi mumbled .

She had been at the Bloodcloud Peak for a very long time . Naturally, she knew the extent of Shou Hou’s abilities . He was using his life to save hers .

Ye Yunzhi knew that Shou Hou cared for her, but she never realized that Shou Hou cared for her so much that he was willing to die for her .

She thought about how she had been making use of Shou Hou’s feelings for her survival . Suddenly, Ye Yunzhi felt embarrassed .

Love was a powerful thing, and she could not afford to play with it .

Furthermore, she knew how formidable the Bloodthirsty Patriarch was . Even if Shou Hou sacrificed himself to save her, there was no way that he could assure her escape .

Since that was the case, she could not possibly implicate him and let him die with her!

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Thinking about this, the rims of Ye Yunzhi’s eyes reddened . With an agonized expression, she said, “Brother Shou Hou, you don’t have to treat me so well . I have been taking advantage of you . I am not a good person…”

Shou Hou suddenly interrupted her, “You have no one to rely on here . If you didn’t take advantage of others, how could you possibly have survived?

“Alright . That’s enough . The Patriarch’s thoughts are focused on Si Youyue for now, and he won’t have time to care about us . Let’s go as quickly as possible!” Shou Hou urged Ye Yunzhi . He did not waver in his decision .

Ye Yunzhi stared dazedly at Shou Hou . Then, nodding, she said, “Alright,” then stood up .

Shou Hou immediately went to open the door, but he suddenly felt a sharp pain in his neck .

His eyes rolled back as he fell unconscious to the floor with a thud .

A Spiritual Light flickered in Ye Yunzhi’s hands as she quickly sealed Shou Hou’s major acupuncture points . Then, she muttered, “Brother Shou Hou, I am so sorry . ”

She stealthily sent Shou Hou away before returning to the room .

Then, she collected a basin of water and carefully freshened herself up . She fashioned her long jet-black hair into a ‘spiritual snake’-style topknot . This was the hairstyle that Su Junqing liked most .

Calmly, she sat beside the table and waited for Su Junqing to return . She had to put an end to things between them .

After approximately the time it took to drink a cup of tea, the door to the cave room opened again .

A depleted Su Junqing stepped inside . He could see that Ye Yunzhi had been waiting for him by the table .

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In the candlelight, Ye Yunzhi’s tender and beautiful face looked incomparably gentle .

“You are back,” Ye Yunzhi called out softly as she walked toward Su Junqing .

Su Junqing was momentarily stunned . He recalled how, when they were newlyweds, she had always waited for him to return before going to sleep . Her affection swayed his stone-cold heart .

Su Junqing had indeed fallen in love with Ye Yunzhi when he was firat trying to seduce her . Otherwise, he wouldn’t have married her in the village or conceived a child with her . He had been hesitant to eradicate the Ye Clan . However, he’d had no other choice because he knew how powerful the Bloodthirsty Patriarch was .

Su Junqing thought: The fact remains that everything is the Bloodthirsty Patriarch’s fault . However, none of that matters anymore . I have already secured a connection with Si Youyue, and I will be able to enter the Yin Corpse Sect . In the future, once I have reached greater heights in my cultivation, I will cut off the Bloodthirsty Patriarch’s d*mned head and use it to beg for Ye Yunzhi’s forgiveness .

Su Junqing deflected all of the blame to the Bloodthirsty Patriarch . He still clung to the hope that one day, he would be able to make up with Ye Yunzhi .

He opened his arms, ready to hug Ye Yunzhi .

Suddenly, a sharp glare flitted across her eyes, and the Spiritual Power within her, which she had been accumulating for a long time, burst forth .

Her right hand glowed with a gray Spiritual Light .

Her short red nails elongated rapidly, and she stabbed at Su Junqing’s chest violently as though wielding five sharp knives .

After all, Ye Yunzhi had been born into an influential Assassin Clan . Her attack at such short range was impossible to parry .

Her red nails glowed with a faint gray light as they stabbed into Su Junqing’s chest .

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Ye Yunzhi was pleased, but she had not expected a ball of golden light to emerge from Su Junqing’s body suddenly . Her nails bounced off the ball of light .

Ye Yunzhi took a few steps back, and she only stopped after crashing into the table .

She stared in disbelief at Su Junqing, thinking, Diamond Protection Talisman! Was he on guard against me?

Su Junqing lowered his head and saw five holes in his chest . His expression turned sinister as he said fiercely, “Yunzhi, you are so heartless!”

If not for the Diamond Protection Talisman that Si Youyue had just given him, Ye Yunzhi’s plot would have succeeded .

“Go ahead and kill me if you want!” Ye Yunzhi said with a stupefied expression .

She had used up all of the Spiritual Power inside her body, and there was no way she could fight back .

“How could I bear to kill you?” With a sinister smile, Su Junqing walked over to her . Forcefully, he pinched Ye Yunzhi’s chin and tilted up her face to look at her properly .

Ye Yunzhi closed her eyes, not wanting to see Su Junqing’s arrogant and unbridled appearance .

Sorrowfully, she thought: This was all predetermined by fate! I was destined to be deceived and betrayed by Su Junqing, and I will never be able to beat him .

Su Junqing bit into Ye Yunzhi’s slender and fair neck . Then, as if to make a vow, he said viciously, “Don’t worry . Even if I am going to hell, I will bring you along with me . ”

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